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Why Brands Struggle to Care for the Connected Consumer

Consumers are now more connected and more demanding than ever before.

As highlighted in this presentation, 86% of surveyed consumers reported that they would be more satisfied if offered their channel of preference and half would move to a competitor that did offer their preferred channel. Meanwhile, brands increasingly realize the importance of engaging with consumers not only through 800 numbers but also through social, mobile, email, chat and self-service channels. However, the increasing complexity of dealing with so many customers across so many channels has presented brands with a wide variety of new obstacles.

In this presentation you will learn about the key challenges organizations face when attempting offer multichannel customer care.

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Why Brands Struggle to Care for the Connected Consumer

  1. 1. Why Brands Struggle to Care for the Connected Consumer Richard Dumas Director, Product & Solution Marketing
  2. 2. Your customers are connected They want to engage through their favorite channel
  3. 3. According to studies by the International Customer Management Institute 2014 Report: “The Normalization of Social Customer Service 2013 Report: “Extreme Engagement in the Multichannel Contact Center”
  4. 4. Consumers reported…
  5. 5. Would be more satisfied if offered their channel of preference %
  6. 6. Half would move to a competitor if offered their channel of preference
  7. 7. Have used Facebook for Customer Service%
  8. 8. Have used Twitter for Customer Service %
  9. 9. Businesses reported…
  10. 10. Of businesses think social is a necessary service channel %
  11. 11. Social customer care is critical
  12. 12. Thought mobile customer care would be a competitive differentiator %
  13. 13. Considered mobile to be a necessary channel for customer care %
  14. 14. 81% thought self-service was a competitive differentiator
  15. 15. Multichannel is here today
  16. 16. But there are challenges with most multichannel solutions
  17. 17. #1. Agents are overwhelmed  The sheer volume of incoming requests, especially from social posts and email can overload agent queues and result in slow response times.
  18. 18. #2. Can’t determine what requires a response  Many requests come from spam or other non-actionable traffic. Agents often have trouble filtering out items that don’t require a response.
  19. 19. #3. Can’t determine customer value, influence or sentiment  Many organizations face challenges when trying to understand how much social influence an author has or if the author is a highly valued existing customer. They may also want to prioritize responses based on whether the author is angry or dissatisfied but are unable to do so without manual review.
  20. 20. #4. Lack of effective multichannel agent tooling  Agents often have trouble understanding the complete context of conversations across multiple channels. They are often not sure who responded to what which can lead to agents stepping on each other toes.
  21. 21. #5. Can’t automatically route to the right agent  Many businesses lack the ability to automatically identify and route requests to the right agent. They then lack the ability to provide the agent with a company approved response that can be used to respond effectively.
  22. 22. #6. Difficulty monitoring & coaching across channels  One of the most important needs in any contact center is an efficient team of agents. In a multichannel environment, supervisors often struggle with monitoring and coaching agents as they interact with customers across multiple channels.
  23. 23. #7. Lack of cross channel reporting and analytics  Contact centers have a highly evolved process for managing service levels for phone-based interactions. Most want to extend these practices to new engagement channels but struggle due to lack proper reporting and analytics.
  24. 24. Now there’s a better, smarter solution
  25. 25. Five9 Summer Release 2014 The Simply Smart Cloud Contact Center
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