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Wiki spaces for educators presentation


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Wiki spaces for educators presentation

  1. 1. Wiki Spaces for Educators How to Get Started By Jacqueline Medina
  2. 2. Creating An User Account Please click on the Wiki shortcut that was placed on your desktop. You will be taken to the page below.
  3. 3. Create Your Username 1. Create an unique username. 2. Type in a password you will remember 3. Type in your school email address. 4. Click NO on question “Make a Wiki?”
  4. 4. Dashboard This is the main control center for a Wiki account.
  5. 5. Evaluating Wiki Sites We will each evaluate a Science, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts and an Elective Wiki. For each site evaluated we will note the site’s name and give one reason why this site would be useful in our classroom or a colleagues’ classroom.
  6. 6. Search Results
  7. 7. The Evaluation
  8. 8. When finished add your site names and comments to the 3M sheets around the room.
  9. 9. All Wiki Sites that are evaluated will be shared via email after the Professional Development
  10. 10. Questions?
  11. 11. References Bold, M. (2010) ET 506: Technology for Staff Development: Week 4: Polishing and Presenting the Curriculum. Slide 12. Retrieved from Wikispaces (2010) Wikis Without the Learning Curve. As found at:
  12. 12. Copyright 2010 by Jacqueline Medina. This material may be reproduced in whole or in part for the educational purposed provided that the author is credited.