Mums And Dads. Old People.


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Sometimes older people are not so lucky. Most have good lives, but some sadly do not - but they are all mums and dads!

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Mums And Dads. Old People.

  1. 1. As we grow up we learn to take control of our lives We become adults We create our own lives, our own destinies
  2. 2. But Home still matters to us The Mum and Dad who raised us…. … .who surprised us at Christmas, kissed our cuts and bruises, told us stories, and made our childhood into fun and something special
  3. 3. And many of us have our extended family too! Grand-mum or Grand-dad who gave us sweets, and took our side when Mum or Dad were being mean
  4. 4. Some parents and grand-parents were children or teenagers during the Second World War They knew rationing after the War, re-built the nation, and gave us the new exciting National Health Service Many knew Rock n Roll, and the Beatles, and Glam Rock In Ireland they knew the pain of emigration, and built the Celtic Tiger with their sweat
  5. 5. For some of us, Mum or Dad are now in their 70’s Grand-mum and Grand-dad are in their mid-80’s or 90’s We all live longer these days. And we expect a good life in our retirement. They call it the ‘twilight’ years.
  6. 6. Most Mums and Dads, Grand-mums and Grand-dads, have good ‘twilight’ years. Most Mums and Dads, Grand-mums and Grand-dads, are happy and well cared for.
  7. 7. Most.
  8. 8. It is estimated that up to 500,000 older people face abuse in the UK each year In Ireland the estimate is 20,000 people Each year 8000 people try to contact the elder abuse helpline They tell stories of physical assault, fraud and theft, threats and intimidation, neglect and sexual abuse
  9. 9. “ Visitors were encouraged to ring ahead when they came to see relatives at the home. It gave the staff time to hide the stench of urine and scrape faeces off the curtains Not that they would ever see the 89 year old man whose suppurating pressure sores had rotted the flesh right down to his bones. He was locked away upstairs, in too much pain to move and too much confusion to cry out. For the last four months of his life he saw no one except the proprietor, who attempted to clean his wounds by hacking at the skin around the sores with office scissors and ripping out his rotting flesh, wearing gloves he had used to scoop faeces off the sheets moments earlier”. In care
  10. 10. … . Her body was in a considerable state. There were injuries throughout her body, including grazes, black eyes, extensive bruising to the face and chest and there were recent cuts to her stomach and chest – the sort you might make with a razor blade.” At home “ This is a case of elder abuse. This lady had been repeatedly struck blows to her body, she’s been excessively gripped, she’s been burnt and she’s probably been cut with a sharp implement ….
  11. 11. Text ‘AEA’ to 84424 to make a £3 donation now Call the Helpline if you or a loved one need help with an elder abuse situation: UK 080 8808 8141; Ireland 1800 940 010 Send a cheque to: Action on Elder Abuse at Astral House, 1268 London Road, London SW16 4ER (You can also become a member or friend) (And if you want to make it a regular donation Text ‘ AEA_W’ for weekly, ‘ AEA_F’ for fortnightly or ‘ AEA_M’ for monthly contributions) Registered Charity No: 1048397 And please forward this presentation to five friends. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t. But if you do, something good could happen for all those Mums and Dads who need our support