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Which social media networks should i use to promote my new business


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Nowadays there are many more options for Fitness Professionals in marketing a new business. The following are a few that you can incorporate in social media as soon as you finish reading this.

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Which social media networks should i use to promote my new business

  1. 1. E-Book Title Which social media networks should I use to promote my new business?
  2. 2. 2 FACEBOOK: Well this is a no- brainer…or is it? I’ve found that if you have a personal facebook page, you should add a “business” page, which is free. The reason to add another facebook page is that you don’t want potential clients to read or see anything from your personal page that may put you, and in turn, your business, in a bad light. So for both males and females, here are a few do’s and don’t’s to having a business facebook page: 1.Do – Announce your business on your personal facebook page. 2. Don’t – Close your personal facebook page in order to get more viewers on your business page. 3. Do – Ask people to “Like” your page or be “Fans”. 4. Do – Invite people to “Like” your facebook page from your personal facebook page. 5. Do – Make your business page inviting. Make sure that you include hours, location, your business bio, etc. 6. Don’t – Have provocative pictures on your business page. 7. Politics – Don’t get involved on your “business” page.
  3. 3. 3 LINKEDIN: LinkedIn is great but it is more for business networking with other fitness professionals and companies, than for marketing your business to potential clients. TWITTER: I love Twitter! You can tweet your classes, workshops, grand opening or anything else you’d like to. TUMBLR: Although I don’t use Tumblr as a whole, I do follow some people for great fitness information, inspirational stories as well as to get some great laughs. BLOGGING: Make sure you connect it to you website as well as connect it to your Twitter and Facebook pages. INSTAGRAM: Instagram is an awesome way to get yourself and your business noticed. PINTEREST: The best part about Pinterest is that you can “love” and “share” any pins you see.
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