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world congress news - Active Ageing

  1. 1. Don’t stop me now!Official newsletter of the8th World Congress on Active Ageing1st Edition “A celebration of diversity and inclusion in active ageing”Glasgow Caledonian University has teamed up with the exercise sciences, physical education, leisure andBHF National Centre for Physical Activity and Health recreation and the social and caring Loughborough University to stage the 8th ISAPA The 8th World Congress programme will be designedWorld Congress on Active Ageing. This Congress to celebrate the diversity of ageing and in particular,will attract a world-wide community of researchers, will focus upon the needs of the oldest and frailestpolicy makers and practitioners, and is the principal population, often excluded from both research andprofessional meeting in the world that strives to practice. This population group benefits immenselydisseminate information about the physical activity from inclusion in physical activity in terms of qualityneeds of older people. of life, social isolation and symptoms of long termThe Congress is an opportunity for the World conditions. The frail and those with long termCommunity of Active Aging to share the latest conditions find access to and inclusion in exerciseresearch findings in the area of ageing and physical opportunities more challenging. Uptake and adherenceactivity. It will also introduce leading edge methods is often poor and knowledge about the needs,on developing, implementing, and evaluating physical motivators and barriers to physical activity in patientactivity programs for older people. The event will be of populations is a growing area of interest.interest to those working in the biological, behaviouraland social sciences as well as the fields of medicine, We look forward to seeing you in Glasgow,physical and recreational therapy, health, sport and August 13th – 17th 2012From your hosts Dr Dawn Skelton and Bob Laventure:“Active Ageing” is now a world-wide interest and a growing need, but what is required to take Dr Dawn Skeltonthis forward and turn research and policy into practice? It needs more than words, it needs Reader, HealthQWest, School of Health andaction and commitment. Social CareAugust 2012 sees the Olympic Games coming to the UK, and a wonderful opportunity toleave a lasting legacy for sport and physical activity, but will this include older people?We are proud to invite you to participate in the 8th World Congress on Active Ageing inGlasgow, an event that will not only highlight the latest research evidence and best practiceacross the age-span, but also provide a spotlight on the needs of an often excluded butgrowing population world-wide, the oldest, old.This showcase event will provide a unique opportunity to bring together scientists and Bob Laventure BHFNC Consultant: Olderpractitioners, experts and enthusiasts. With your help we can work towards providing People, Physical Activityevidence based solutions to a global need to empower our older populations to get up and and Healthgo, be more active, more often and remain active throughout later life. We look forward towelcoming you to the City of Glasgow in 2012 and will do more than our best to make sureyou have both a professionally rewarding and socially engaging time.World Congress on Active Ageing: Glasgow 13th – 17th August 2012
  2. 2. The Congress VenueThe prestigious and award winning Scottish Exhibition Centre(SECC) is the venue for the 8th World Congress on ActiveAgeing. Adjacent to the city centre and next to the historicRiver Clyde, the SECC for a 2nd successive year has beenvoted as UK’s number 1 conference venue.The Congress ProgrammeCelebrating diversity and inclusion in active ageingThe 8th World Congress programme will cover 41/2 days and employa thematic approach which will highlight:• Active environments (natural, built, planning and technology)• effective of exercise, health and social care professionals in Training and safe programming• Motivation to take up and adhere to physical activity and exercise;• Measurement of physical activity and exercise outcomes.Suggested thematic days, mutually inclusive of the themesconsidered above include:• Working with those with neurological condition, falls and fractures• Working with those with cardiovascular and respiratory conditions• conditions those with arthritis and other musculoskeletal Working with• Working with those with dementia and cognitive impairment. Exchanging ideas and informationTo assist the exchange of ideas and information and to foster a community feeling throughout the event, theCongress will employ a range of communication activities including: keynote papers, symposia, round tables,free oral sessions, satellite meetings, posters and informal and special interest groups.A full supporting programme will include an exhibition and trade show, public participation and intergenerationalevents, social events and opportunities for delegates themselves to be physically active and to explore Scotland.The social programme will include the opportunity for the presentation of appropriate awards including the ISAPAAgeing and Physical Activity Lifetime Achievement Award and the Raymond Harris Memorial Award.The International Society for Aging and Physical Activity and the “Human Kinetics is pleased to support the 2012 World Congress onInternational Coalition for Aging and Physical Activity enthusiastically Active Aging,” says Angela DeMano, director of the Active Agingsupports the forthcoming 8th World Congress on Ageing and Physical Community Center. “The International Coalition for Aging and PhysicalActivity to be held in Glasgow, Scotland. This is one meeting that cannot Activity’s collaboration on initiatives like the Active Aging Communitybe overlooked by anyone with an interest in understanding the dynamics Center and the upcoming Congress mirror Rainer Martens’ mission inof active aging, from frailty to senior Olympians. founding Human Kinetics 35 years ago: helping people worldwide lead healthier, more active lives.”World Congress on Active Ageing: Glasgow 13th – 17th August 2012
  3. 3. The Lead Congress PartnersThe lead congress partners are Glasgow Caledonian University and the British Heart Foundation National Centrefor Physical Activity and Health at Loughborough University. They will work closely with a number of lead networksand charities for older people to produce a world class event. Glasgow Caledonian UniversityGlasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is Scotland’s fifth largest university in terms of student recruitment.Though its history dates back to 1875, Glasgow Caledonian was officially formed in 1993 with the merger ofGlasgow Polytechnic and The Queen’s College, Glasgow. The University has an excellent track record in healthresearch, including rehabilitation and healthy ageing and care of older people. Building on this researchfoundation, the newly established Institute of Health & Wellbeing aims to become a leading centre producingworld class research in health and health care. HealthQWest, an innovative research consortium, has twomain themes to its work: Improving Health and Wellbeing and Management of Long Term Conditions and itsmembers are drawn from five higher education institutions in the West of Scotland. British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and HealthEstablished in 2000, the British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health (BHFNC) atLoughborough University has a UK wide remit to promote health enhancing physical activity and in particular tosupport professionals in health, local government and the independent sectors.The National Centre also works in partnership with UK Government agencies and with other regional, national andinternational organisations, including Age Concern-Help the Aged, the National Coalition for Active Ageing, theEuropean Health Enhancing Physical Activity Network, the European Network on Ageing and Physical Activity andthe International Society for Aging and Physical Activity. The Centre’s older people programme provides supportto professionals through a range of services including resources, evidence based programmes and a regularprogramme of conferences and seminars, augmented by an information service. Case Study: Active Ageing in Action, Sheffield, UK120 participants at the 2008 Sheffield Care Home Games organised by Activity Sheffield in England challengeeach other in an annual festival of Active Ageing. The average age of the competitors was 85 years, the oldestcompetitor was 99 years!‘I’m really looking forward to the 2012 World Congress. It is very exciting to have an event like this on our doorstep,where we can showcase our work ‘just down the road’’Kelly Riley, Older Peoples Development Officer , Activity Sheffield UKWorld Congress on Active Ageing: Glasgow 13th – 17th August 2012
  4. 4. ©Steve Richardson ‘Brimming with style and culture, Scotland’s biggest city is a revelation’ Time Magazine “As Chair of Culture and Sport Glasgow and Vice Chair of the City’s Marketing Bureau, I am delighted that the 8th World Congress on Active Ageing is to be held in Glasgow. I know that the local organising committee is working very enthusiastically with the City to ensure that your Congress is successful, productive and informative and that your time in Glasgow is inspiring and enjoyable. Our City has progressed and developed hugely over the past three decades to reposition itself, after years of post-industrial trauma, as one of the most vibrant centres of style and culture in the UK. We aspire to be counted amongst the great cities of Europe and with our artistic and sporting heritage truly ascendant we are emerging as one of the country’s most successful conference centres. Glasgow is Commonwealth Games City 2014 and we aim to involve all our citizens – of every age in sport, culture and volunteering over the next few years. We know our Legacy will be a City which will be even Liz Cameron more dynamic – and certainly, inclusive.”Glasgow has been the UK City of culture, UK City of visual arts, UK City of Architecture and Design and is described by theLonely Planet Guide as ‘one of Britain’s largest, liveliest, and most interesting cities’. Glasgow also has the most cost-effectiveaccommodation in the UK (according to and is served by over 120 daily flights and is easily accessible by road and railfrom all over the UK. Delegates will be assured a warm welcome when they arrive in Glasgow – it has been voted the friendliest cityin the UK! Finally, Glasgow is the gateway to the Scottish Highlands, within half an hours drive you can be amongst some of the mostspectacular scenery in the UK. Register your interest To register your interest in the 8th World Congress on Active Ageing as a delegate, presenter, supporter or exhibitor, please visit www.wcaa2012.comThe World Congress is an opportunity for the world community to share The International Society for Aging and Physical Activity and thethe latest research findings in the area of aging and physical activity. International Coalition for Aging and Physical Activity enthusiasticallyIt introduces cutting edge methods on developing, implementing, supports the forthcoming 8th World Congress on Ageing and Physicaland evaluating physical activity programs for older adults. On behalf Activity to be held in Glasgow, Scotland. The local organizingof ICAPA, the International Coalition for Aging and Physical Activity committee is planning a rich and diverse scientific, educational andExecutive Committee, I would like to encourage all researchers, social program that will highlight ageing and physical activity researchpractitioners, older adults and the general public who are interested in from all over the world. This is one meeting that cannot be overlookedpromoting active and healthy lifestyles for adults to plan on attending by anyone with an interest in understanding the dynamics of activethe 8th World Congress in Glasgow, Scotland. aging, from frailty to senior Olympians.Professor Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, Department Head of Kinesiology, Gareth Jones, Assistant Professor, Human KineticsUniversity of IllinoisWorld Congress on Active Ageing: Glasgow 13th – 17th August 2012