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Event release form


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Event release form

  1. 1. Event Release FormThis FIA Flame Conference consists of theoretical components with some practical elements. Allpractical elements are designed for fitness professionals. Individuals with any physical restriction,disability or predisposition to injury or sickness should not participate if their health or ability toexercise is at risk.This document is a release of claims. By ticking the box you acknowledge and agree to the following:1. You willingly participate in the event at your own risk.2. You take full responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal property that may arisedirectly or indirectly from your participation in the event.3. You will not seek to penalise, prosecute or claim compensation from the organisers, sponsors,presenters or participants at the event for injury, loss or damage.4. You will not in any way record or take photographs in any session without the prior writtenconsent of the FIA.5. The FIA or pre-authorised sponsors and partners may videotape, photograph or audiotape partof, or the entire event and it is possible that you will be filmed, photographed or recorded. By tickingthe box you acknowledge that these parties:a. May film, photography or record you during the eventb. Retain the right to use any such film, photographs or recordings.I have carefully read and understand all of the above. I understand that participation in the event issubject to my agreement to all of the above.