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Drinks order form


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Drinks order form

  1. 1. Key for information* Mandatory Customer Information[] Required Customer Information (if applicable) Internal Mandatory Information from SIV Venue / Department & Head Office use onlyPlease return all forms to: Pre - Order drink formCustomer InformationName of club, charity, trading name etc *Company and or Charity Registration No. []Brief Description of Sale []Customer Address to be Used for InvoicingName of building / Unit number *Street & No of Building *Town / City *County *Country / Postcode *Customer Address to be Used for invoice delivery (if different toabove)Name of building / Unit number []Street & No of Building []Town / City []County []Country / Postcode []Web Site Address []VAT Registration No. []Customer Type *Accounts Dept Contact *E-Mail Address *
  2. 2. Accounts Dept Tel No. *Accounts Dept Fax No. *Sales Person Who Booked []E-Mail Address []Sales Dept Tel No. []Sales Dept Fax No. [] FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY BY SIV VENUES/DEPARTMENTS ATTACH MANDATORY WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION FOR VALIDATION & CREDIT CHECKSAuthorisation by ManagerExpected annual business (£)Payment Terms requestedAuthorisers SignatureAuthorisers Name Authorisation by Head Office FinanceCredit Limit AuthorisedPayment Terms AuthorisedBacking, validation & creditcheckedFinance signaturePrinted nameDateRaised ByRequestors Venue Ponds Forge ISCCredit Limit requested Do Not Leave BlankDate Input into SUN By Head Office FinanceChecked Proactis Customer List?Checked backing documents?Date Input to load listPrinted nameFinance SignatureNew SUN code