David Hyner - How to Mastermind


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David Hyner - How to Mastermind

  1. 1. MASTERMINDING How to go about setting up your own mastermind groupMasterminding as an activity can be as informal or as formal asyou wish or need it to be.I have had success with both, but a good "halfway house" is bestfor most people.Look "into" people that you think are well connected, good networkers,honest, of integrity and positive in outlook (and just a bit barking madhelps too). DONT JUST GO ON REPUTATION - THAT IS ALL TOOOFTEN MISSLEADING AS YOU WELL KNOW.Look at your own goal and seek members that fit the areas of expertisethat you are lacking. For example, if you are a very ideas based person youmight value a detail or financial based member to help you understandareas that you are lacking in, and vice versa.When you have a good mix of industry sectors (you can alsomastermind with your own team) ask if they wish to be part of amastermind (MM) group.An MM outcome is to inspire, motivate and hold to account agroup of people working as a team or as individuals (on individualor group goals) to achieve more and be more effective, to havefun and to make friends.Choose how often you wish to meet and where.For ease I list here how I often use the model:no more than 6 in a group.3-6 is ideal, some have more but I find it gets messy with over 6 people.meet fortnightly or once a Month taking it in turns to host,administrate, seek venue and chair the meeting.half a day or a day in duration (4 hrs minimum)
  2. 2. take in turns to introduce yourselves (at first meeting).share (in turn) what has been happening to you recentlypersonally and in your business.share (in turn) what it is you want help (or your majorgoal/project) with this month to take you forward.keep quiet as the group offer their thoughts on how you can makefaster or more efficient progress.Allow the group to add value, comment and suggestions withoutyou or they being a "mood hoover".We find it helps if you perhaps meet over dinner, or even go for awalk - or both. We have even played squash and then met overlunch.Then when all have had their turn, each member commits toaction what they WILL do this Month and others hold you toaccount.emails and calls flow between members and a "positive" air of"badgering" and pushing takes place.No badgers should be harmed in any way during the "badgering"process !On average groups run for about a year before running theircourse of added value but life long associates are born out of eachgroup that I have, or do run.GO 4 it - …..and …….. mix with the right people David Hyner - Stretch Development Ltd www.davidhyner.com www.stretchdevelopment.com