What you should know about golf clothing


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Golf is an entertaining sport, mostly associated with the wealthy in the society. According to the game's etiquette, one has to be presentable hence wearing the right clothing is mandatory.

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What you should know about golf clothing

  1. 1. http://www.funktiongolf.co.uk/mens-golf-clothing-21-c.aspWhat You Should Know About GolfClothingGolf is an entertaining sport, mostly associated with thewealthy in the society. This sport is largely linked with theworld of business because a number of business deals areclosed during this sport. However, according to the gamesetiquette, one has to be presentable hence wearing the rightclothing is mandatory. This game was originally seen as agentlemens affair but today, women and children are becomingmore and more active at it. This has led to diversification ofgolf clothing and you can choose from the many brands, sizes,styles and materials available.Buy collared shirts for the game. You will be required to weara shirt with a collar in many golf course dress codes.Although button down shirts and tennis shirts are alsoacceptable, most players prefer a cotton polo shirt.When looking for pants, slacks are the most commonly accepted.Some clubs also allow shorts but they are normally notpreferred for men. You should avoid purchasing jeans,sweatpants and gym shorts as they are not accepted for thissport. It is important to check with your club to know what isallowed before making your purchase.Shoes are also an important part of golf apparel. Sneakers andsandals are not allowed in this game. You should ensure thatthe shoe you purchase is comfortable and offers the requiredsupport. To be safe, avoid anything with metal spikes as theyare banned by many courses. However, if you like shoes withspikes, you can get those with rubber or plastic ones, whetherfixed or detachable.Hats are also an essential part of this apparel. Mostly, hatsare worn by golfers to protect them from sun. To lookpresentable in the game, it is advisable to wear some sort ofhead gear whatever the weather. Other clothing includesjackets, sweatshirts and sweater, depending on the weather.
  2. 2. It is important to know what is acceptable by your course whenpurchasing these attires. However, comfort and quality shouldalways be on top of your list when making your purchase. Buyclothes that are made of high quality and absorbent materialsso that you can be comfortable in the game. Moreover, yourattire should be well fitting.Cost is also an important consideration when buying golfclothes. Decide on the most important things and buy themfirst if your budget is tight. You can get fair deals bycomparing prices by various dealers in your area. http://www.funktiongolf.co.uk/mens-golf-clothing-21-c.asp