Stomach exercises


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There are many different kinds of stomach exercises that are done by a person. The common ones are the stomach crunches. There are so many different ones known that the people who perform these exercises are able to prevent various kinds of diseases.

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Stomach exercises

  1. 1. Various Kinds Of Stomach exercisesThere are many differentkinds of stomach exercisesthat are done by a person.The common ones are thestomach crunches. Thereare so many different onesknown that the people whoperform these exercises areable to prevent variouskinds of diseases. Thecommon diseases that areprevented include the chronic diseases like diabetes and even increasedblood pressure. The reason for most of these diseases to occur is the lackof exercises and the increased levels of fat in the body. Stomachexercises will help to ensure that the fat is reduced and muscle fibreincreases in the abdomen. When the diseases are prevented by regularexercises, it helps in improving the health of the individual. So, it isimportant that the person tries to do as many different stomach exercisesas possible.There are different muscles in the abdomen and each of them has to bestrengthened to ensure that the person has good health. On the otherhand, the good health of the individual will be also attained by performing asingle stomach exercise that helps to ensure that the maximum number ofmuscles is worked up. This is the exercise in which the individual lies flaton the back and then lifts the upper body. When the upper body is lifted, ithelps to ensure that the upper abdominal muscles are all strengthened.Other than this, the person can also lift the legs and bend it at the knee.When this is done, the lower part of the abdominal muscles are alsocontracted and then strengthened. This will help to ensure that both the
  2. 2. upper as well as the lower abdominal muscles are strong. These are thebest stomach exercises that can be done.There are also many other variations of the exercise that has beenmentioned above. One of them is done by having the lower legs on a chairwhile the upper body is lifted up. This will help to again strengthen theupper abdominal muscles. This is not a complete exercise because of thefact that the lower stomach muscles are not exercised. Similarly, there aredifferent exercises that cater to various muscles, but the stomachexercises that will help to strengthen all the muscles in the abdomen arethe ones that have been mentioned here. When these stomach exercisesare done, it will help to ensure that the fat is reduced and good health isrestored.