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Les Mills Brochure


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  • Doctor's 2-Minute Ritual For Shocking Daily Belly Fat Loss! Watch This Video ▲▲▲
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  • Doctor's 2-Minute Ritual For Shocking Daily Belly Fat Loss! Watch This Video ▲▲▲
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Les Mills Brochure

  1. 1. What are the secrets ofthe world’s most successful FITNESS FACILITIES?
  3. 3. When we ask people what they want when they join a fitness facility,they say things like weight loss, toning up, getting fitter, improving theirhealth – things we can group under the heading of getting RESULTS.People are smart. They know they can get results by running aroundthe block or exercising in their living room...but they also know that theylack the motivation. They want a kick in the pants.WE ARE IN THE MOTIVATIONBUSINESS. WHETHER THEY KNOWIT OR NOT, THE MOST SUCCESSFULORGANIZATIONS ON THE PLANETDESIGN THEIR FITNESS FACILITIESTO MEET THIS NEED.
  4. 4. How can we tell we are doing a great job of motivating people? It’s simple. They attend more often.
  5. 5. Many operators focus solely on sales and profit. Sophisticated clubs and recreationcentres add membership numbers and retention statistics. But there is one numberthat has a more powerful effect on success than any of the others:Member attendance.Regular attendees renew their memberships, refer their friends and promote theirclubs at staggering rates when compared to members who seldom use their gyms.So what’s the secret to increasing attendance?Increasing motivation and results.Get more peoplethrough the door more often.
  6. 6. how can we manage motivation?Motivation is driven by what’s around us and it comes in many different forms. In your facility it’s the workout environment, the activities you offer, the social relationships between staff and members, your goal setting tools, the education you provide, your coaches. It’s even intangible things like your member culture, and how easy it is for members to sign up and feel like they belong. It’s not about the machines. It’s about becoming more than justa place where people come to pump iron and run on a treadmill. Leave that to the budget gyms that charge $10 a month.
  7. 7. How do the bestfacilities do it?• Design a high energy workout environment• Create a relationship-selling and new member-induction system• Recruit a team of great personal and small group trainers• Build a club-within-the-club system for sports and other activities• Develop a member education and social network communication systemFor the vast majority of fitnessfacilities, there is one simple methodthat stands out head and shouldersabove the others…
  8. 8. ...the GROUP EFFECT by far the most powerful weapon in your motivation arsenaL.One of the best ways to increase members’ motivation and attendance is to make exercise a social activitythat engages people in an assisted form of exercise. We call it THE GROUP EFFECT.• 90% of all exercisers report that they would prefer to work out in a group1• Members who attend Group Exercise average 3 visits per week to their club compared to IHRSA’s figure of 1.9 visits a week2• 60% of people rate Group Exercise as the #1 service they specifically look at when choosing a gym3• Small Group (4-6 people) and Team Training (8-16 people) are experiencing a surge in popularity and experts predict they will continue to grow41. Dr. James J. Annesi: Effects of Minimal Group Promotion on Cohesion and Exercise Adherence2. Nielsen (2010); IHRSA (2011)3. IHRSA study 20094. IHRSA’s Guide to Personal Training 2012
  9. 9. What about personal training? doesn’t thatachieve the same thing?Yes, absolutely. This is a wonderful innovation thathas revolutionised parts of our industry – and facility Attendee engagement by exercise type*operators love it because they can charge for it.However, the world’s best clubs only engage around10% of their attendees in personal training.Group Exercise, however, attracts and motivates themasses. It’s the best way to get more people throughthe door more often. Some of the world’s mostsuccessful facilities have over 50% of their attendeesparticipating in Group Exercise. 36%Plus, consumer needs are ever-evolving, and leading 50% Unassisted Unassisted Exercise Exercisefacility operators adapt their offerings to match. With Groupmore cost conscious consumers looking for efficient Exercisetraining that motivates them, the industry has seena clear trend towards team training.1 Small groupand team training is, therefore, the next growthopportunity. 10%Training1. IHRSA’s Guide to Personal Training 2012 4% Personal Small Group and Team Training* Global Best in Category based on Les Mills’ CLUBCOUNT® surveys
  10. 10. WITH A GREATGROUP EXERCISE PROGRAM your motivational weapons include: • The teacher • The music • The moves • The studio design • The energy of the crowd • The bonds created among members and instructors but only if you get them right...
  11. 11. Group Exercise atyour club: Weaponor Weakness?PErhaPs you alrEady havE a grEat grouPExErcisE offEring. hoW do you knoW? Do you count your attendances and benchmark • Do you lead a Group Exercise culture that them against other industry top performers? The attracts the best instructor talent and inspires average club has 300-400 Group Exercise attendances loyalty and community? per week, but successful Group Exercise clubs have • Do you benchmark your instructors against the 3,000-4,000 and the best clubs up to 10,000. world’s best and provide them with inspirational training and development solutions to grow What is your weekly Group Exercise attendance? their skills?• Can you guarantee your members and guests world- • Do your members regularly refer their friends class quality classes no matter when they come, and to classes? who is teaching? • Do many of your new clients join your facility• Do you offer the most popular music and moves – that because of your Group Exercise excellence? are carefully tested, legally licensed in all respects, get proven results, and are continually revitalised – in every one of your classes?
  12. 12. There are three primary waysLes Mills® can strengthenyour business World-leading fitness classes Program Performance (Quality Programs & Instructors) Management System Tracking Results based programs Expert systems and easy Goal setting assistance scientifically designed by world to use tools leading experts Regular review of performance Refreshed with new music and Launch/re-launch event system vs. targets choreography every 3 months Optimal experience for instructors and Planning and budgeting assistance participants guaranteed – extensive pre- Online access to a wealth of world-class launch trial of every release involving marketing resources to promote your thousands of participants over several months programs and events Access to global research on Group Exercise attendance and customer World-leading training system that will inspire behavior 3 times a year – with suggested upskill and retain instructors. Tested and actions to drive numbers up, benchmark refined with tens of thousands of instructors World-leading club performance facility, and identify new opportunities worldwide and coaching for growth
  13. 13. Member motivationMember retentionMembership acquisitionCreating healthierand happier communitiesQuality controlGuaranteed consistencyPeace of mindCost and operationaleffectivenessTime savingIndustry Leadershipstaff EngageMENTStaff LoyaltyNetworking
  14. 14. Why domEmbErs lovE classEs so much?Because these classes deliver exactly what members want – RESULTS ANDMOTIVATION!In a BODYPUMP® class, for instance, members perform 800 reps of standardweight training exercises. That’s three or four times the number of the averageunassisted gym workout.And it’s FUN! Choreographic formulas developed for these classes over decades,the world’s most popular music, and unique instructor training in coaching and stagetechniques combine to create an experience that members say they find addictive.
  15. 15. DOING ITYOURSELFThink very carefully about the resources required to create world-leading programs, training solutions, andmarketing resources that are successful long-term.Who will do all the work? How much do they expect to be paid? Are they capable of producing qualityclasses month after month, year after year? Who is going to sign off your classes from a safety and memberexperience perspective? How are you going to solve issues such as rights to music, training, updates, andquality assurance? How much is it going to cost to produce world-class marketing resources to promoteyour programs internally and externally?Doing all the work involved with developing your own programs, marketing, and training will cost youconsiderably more than partnering with LES MILLS®.We have over 1000 employees around the world, and invest over $150 million every year to develop the LESMILLS Group Exercise programs and deliver them to your instructors. We guarantee world-leading qualityand results to make your business stronger and your life easier.WOULD YOU BUILD YOUR OWN CARDIO EQUIPMENT? BELIEVE US, AFTER 32 YEARS IN THEBUSINESS WE KNOW THAT DEVELOPING A WORLD-CLASS GROUP EXERCISE SYSTEM IS AT LEASTAS HARD!
  16. 16. PartnEr With strEngth Is it a risk? If you had LES MILLS® programs might you be worried that your prospects wouldn’t be able to distinguish you from your competition? How will you differentiate your offering? Not by being worse. Only a D-grade business coach would advise Joe’s Sports Shoes to quit stocking Nike footwear to gain a competitive edge. Making Joe’s own brand running shoes might well set you apart – but for all the wrong reasons. You wouldn’t build your own treadmills just to be different. You choose the best you can afford from world- leading manufacturers. It’s the same with Group Exercise. Partnering with the best in the world builds strength.
  17. 17. WHICH PROGRAMPACKAGES ARE RIGHTFOR YOU?question 1 question 2Do you have “best in category” Are you interested in launching new program(s)programs for the activities either to primarily increase retention andmembers and prospects are strengthen your current positioning, or tomost interested in? differentiate your offer and attract new types of members?While each club community has avariety of programs, research shows • For retention and positioning strengthening: there are five basic genres driving go with program(s) naturally matching your club 75% of global Group Exercise positioning and main target marketsattendance • To differentiate your offer and target new • Strength and weights (21%) types of members: go with program(s) off your • Cycling (19%) natural positioning• Mind body (14%)• Dance (12%) • Whatever your primary goal, LES MILLS® • Martial arts (9%) can help you achieve it with our scientifically-based programs and proven Group Fitness Management System
  18. 18. ™BODYPUMP® is the original barbell class, CXWORX™ is a short, sharp workout, RPM® is an indoor-cycling workoutdesigned and scientifically proven to backed by core conditioning research where participants ride to the rhythmstrengthen the entire body. This 60-minute from Pennsylvania State University, of powerful music. The inspiring teamworkout challenges all major muscle that strengthens and tones the body. It coach leads the pack through hills, flats,groups by using the best weight-room hones in on the torso and sling muscles mountain peaks, time trials, and intervalexercises including squats, presses, that connect the upper and lower body. training. Participants sweat and burn tolifts, and curls. Great music, awesome It’s ideal for tightening the tummy and reach an endorphin high in 45 minutes.instructors, and individual choice of butt, improving functional strength andweights inspire participants to perform assisting in injury prevention. Due to its broad appeal, RPM attracts800 reps per class and get the results they big numbers across all time slots. Bestcame for, fast! Due to its broad appeal, CXWORX practice suggests scheduling it 9 to 14 attracts big numbers across all time times throughout the week to maximizeDue to its broad appeal, BODYPUMP slots. Best practice suggests scheduling attendance. Most clubs that haveattracts big numbers across all time slots. it at peak or shoulder times once or dedicated cycling studios offer 3 to 7Best practice suggests scheduling it a twice a day. Given the 30-minute format, classes a day.minimum of 7 to14 times across the week lunchtime classes are maximize attendance. Most clubs offer Did you know?at least 2 classes per day. Did you know? Many clubs charge a booking fee for CXWORX can be used as a fee-based, RPM that brings in thousands in ancillaryDid you know? small-group training program. Many revenue per week.BODYPUMP participants visit 4.3 times facilities are having success with thisper week on average versus the industry both in and out of the Group Exerciseaverage of less than twice a week for non- room.Group Exercise club visits.
  19. 19. BODYFLOW® is a yoga, tai chi, and pilates SH’BAM® classes provide the ultimateworkout that builds flexibility and strength, fun and sociable way to exercise incontrolled breathing, and concentration 45 minutes. Simple dance movesthrough stretches, moves, and poses to with chart-topping popular hits enablemusic. This creates a holistic workout that participants to shape up and let outbalances and harmonizes the body, leaving their inner star – even if they’re danceparticipants centered and calm. challenged!Due to its broad appeal, BODYFLOW SH’BAM attracts maximum numbersattracts big numbers across all time slots. during peak and shoulder times onIt’s very popular in the morning, at shoulder weekdays and weekends. Best practicetimes, and during weekends. Best practice suggests scheduling SH’BAM 5 to 7suggests scheduling BODYFLOW a times a week.minimum of 5 to 7 times through the week.
  20. 20. BODYCOMBAT® is a fiercely energetic BODYVIVE® is a fun, low-impact, BODYJAM® is a cardio workout offering ancardio workout inspired by martial whole-body workout that improves addictive fusion of the latest dance movesarts such as karate, boxing, tae kwon fitness and core strength, using body with the hottest new sounds, puttingdo, tai chi, and muay thai. Supported weight, BODYVIVE tubes, and balls for as much emphasis on having fun asby driving music and energizing extra resistance. Great music, group breaking a sweat. Funky instructors teachinstructors, participants strike, punch, interaction, and a skilled instructor inspire participants how to move with attitudekick, and kata their way through participants to get fit for life. through this 55-minute class.calories to superior cardio fitness. BODYVIVE attracts maximum numbers BODYJAM attracts maximum numbersBODYCOMBAT attracts maximum during peak and shoulder times on during peak and shoulder times onnumbers during peak and shoulder weekdays and weekends. Best practice weekdays and weekends. With atimes on weekdays and weekends. suggests scheduling BODYVIVE at least charismatic instructor and strongBest practice suggests scheduling 3 to 5 times a week. marketing it can also perform strongly offBODYCOMBAT at least 5 to 7 times peak. Best practice suggests schedulinga week. BODYJAM at least 3 to 7 times a week.
  21. 21. BODYSTEP® uses simple movements BODYATTACK® is a sports-inspired cardioon, over, and around a height-adjustable workout for building strength and stamina.step. Participants get huge motivation from High-energy interval training classespopular music and uplifting instructors. combine athletic aerobic movementsCardio blocks push fat-burning systems into with strength and stabilization exercises.high gear, followed by muscle-conditioning Dynamic instructors and powerful musictracks that shape and tone the body. motivate participants toward their fitnessBODYSTEP attracts maximum numbers goals.during peak and shoulder times, weekdaysand weekends, particularly mornings. Best BODYATTACK attracts maximumpractice suggests scheduling at least 3 to 5 numbers during peak and shoulder timestimes a week. on weekdays and anytime on weekends. Short format or low-impact options areBODYSTEP Athletic is another format successful for mornings and lunchtimes.offered as part of the BODYSTEP license. Best practice suggests schedulingThis variation to the program is perfect for BODYATTACK at least 3 to 5 timesmembers seeking a challenging, results- a week.focussed workout.
  22. 22. High-intensity interval training is the hottest thing to hit the fitnessindustry in years. It’s popular because it gets results – athletes know it, science proves it With LES MILLS GRIT™ Series we make it easy for your facility to offer world-leading, high- intensity interval training and to reap the rewards of fee-paid team training The LES MILLS GRIT Series features three 30-minute programs: • LES MILLS GRIT Strength - Builds strength and lean muscle • LES MILLS GRIT Plyo - Creates a powerful, agile, and athletic body • LES MILLS GRIT Cardio - Burns fat and rapidly improves athletic capability
  23. 23. With LES MILLS GRIT™ Series on your timetable you will: • Introduce a new category to your facility (or significantly strengthen any existing high-intensity interval training offering) • Offer the very latest innovations in fitness and drive amazing member results • Inspire new and younger members, effectively target men, and appeal to those who are short on time • Provide members with highly addictive exercise experiences, strong social bonds and a club within a club • Benefit from the option of adding secondary income from fee-paid team training • Create real variety and on-going member engagement with three unique programs, each updated quarterlyTAKE THINGS TO THE NEXT LEVEL
  24. 24. DRIVING PEOPLE INTO CLUBS THROUGHPOWERFUL CONSUMER MARKETINGLES MILLS® is committed to building our brand and growing demand for ourclasses. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Beachbody®, the world’s numberone provider of home workouts, to create at home versions of BODYPUMP®and BODYCOMBAT® (LES MILLS PUMP and LES MILLS COMBAT). We’veseen first-hand the power of brands who spend millions of dollars usinginfomercials to drive consumer awareness. Partnering with Beachbody willintroduce a nation-wide audience to the LES MILLS brand and give them ataste of our classes. This exposure will create momentum and help to drivemany more people into your club.
  25. 25. ClothingRangeLES MILLS® Clothing combines the best in cuttingedge functionality and technology with the latestfitness trends, delivering stylish lifestyle wear thattransitions effortlessly from the gym to the street.Regularly refreshed ranges feature program-inspiredpieces of performance wear, keeping memberslooking and feeling part of the LES MILLS Tribewhile doubling as fashionable consumer pieces.Created by top international sportswear designersusing the latest technical fabrics, our ranges aredesigned to enhance members’ workouts, andkeep them looking hot and feeling cool whiledoing it, with clothing that maximizes freedom andmovement whilst drawing moisture from the body.Sleek, dynamic and powerful, LES MILLS Clothingcollections deliver ultimate performance at the gymand beyond.
  26. 26. hoW a PartnErshiP With CREATES GROWTH Growth starts with the organization of a great launch of your programs, to excite the interest of existing Launch Event 2 members and create a buzz in yourATTENDANCE (optional)& MEMBERSHIP GROWTH club. Each quarter, LES MILLS® programs are refreshed with new music and new choreography. This gives you the perfect opportunity to Quarterly Relaunch Event 2 host an event in your club to re-launch > Member acquisition the program, and to grow retention through members’ motivation and membership sales through referrals. Quarterly Relaunch Event 1 > Member retention & acquisition Post launch, the quality of the programs and instructors – supported by world-class marketing – will help Launch Event 1 ensure regular member attendance at > Member retention classes.
  27. 27. launchsuPPort PlanSIMPLE. EXCITING. EFFECTIVE.From day one, you’ll be supported by a member of the LES MILLS® tribe who will assist youwith the process before, during, and after your first launch event to achieve these five outcomesand to ensure you see optimal results from your new program(s) on an on-going basis. 1 2 3 4 5 Setting clear Establishing Introducing your Selecting and Organising a great and measurable strong product new programs recruiting new launch event, goals for your knowledge for to your existing instructor talent marketing, and Group Exercise your membership timetable. Helping before the initial selling plan to department and consultants and you decide how training. create the best the launch of your front desk team. many classes you possible platform program(s). Making sure they should launch and for growth. know how to identifying where best leverage the to put them on programs with your timetable to your members create optimal and prospects. growth in attendance.
  28. 28. WORLD-LEADINGinstructor rEcruitmEnt and training solutions Whatever your goals and vision, you need a strong team to help you get there. The most important factor in the success of your programs is the quality of the instructors who teach them. Great instructors drive thousands of attendances each year. Partnering with LES MILLS® will help you: • Build a brand that attracts new talent • Quickly grow the skills and motivation of your team • Ensure team training is constantly up to date • Guarantee quality and consistency to your members and guests • Keep your team engaged and inspired
  30. 30. LES MILLS INSTRUCTOR ® TRAINING SYSTEMInstructors in the USA receive ACE & AFAA education credits on completing any LES MILLS® training module. National Presenter National and Trainer Trainer Bootcamp Advanced Advanced Training and Elite LES Ongoing Quarterly (AIM 1 and 2 MILLS Instructor Training modules) Certification 2-day initial training International LES Selection module (‘clearance MILLS Instructor process to teach’) Certification
  31. 31. instructors lovETHERE ARE 90,000 LES MILLS®-TRAINEDINSTRUCTORS ACROSS THE WORLD WHO AREPASSIONATE ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS – ANDMORE ARE IN TRAINING EVERY DAY.“I cannot say enough good things about LES “Everything is given to you. It’s alreadyMILLS and the tools they give you to be the best perfect and you know that it works which justyou can be.” – Don Murphy, USA Managing Partner takes so much stress away. I feel liberatedat Hudson Valley Gold’s Gym Organization & National and confident.” – Michelle Dean, Australia.Presenter BODYPUMP® and BODYCOMBAT® BODYPUMP, BODYJAM®, BODYCOMBAT & SH’BAM® Instructor“LES MILLS has allowed me to create some lifechanging fitness experiences for people.” - – “I teach a large BODYJAM class of 45+ peopleAmanda Scales, USA - BODYSTEP® Program each week and they love the choreographyCoach & BODYATTACK® National Trainer and I love bringing it to them so Thank You for bringing it to me.” – Jewel,“After having taught 62 BODYPUMP releases Canada. BODYJAM Instructor GoodLife Fitnessover the past 16 years I have to say that it just Clubskeeps getting better. Thanks.”– Karen Finucan, NSW Australia. BODYPUMPInstructor Fitness First
  32. 32. SMART TECHLES MILLS® is in a unique position to bring innovation to the equipment central toTHE GROUP EFFECT, drawing on our unparalleled knowledge of Group Exercise to deliverthe best possible results from every workout. Reducing transition times. Improving form. Andusing smart design to push the limits.Our revolutionary SMARTBAR™ weights system has been ergonomically designed to deliver the bestpossible results from strength workouts.In 2013, our brand new innovation completely reimagines the original step. SMARTSTEP™ boasts a multi-directional surface, enhanced stability and an optional incline feature. It’s scientifically designed to get themost out of even the toughest LES MILLS classes.Strong. Dynamic. Integrated. Smart.Register your interest at
  33. 33. ALLNEW THE WORLD’S BEST CLASSES. ANYTIME.NOW THERE’S AN EASY WAY TO INCREASE YOUR CAPACITY BYOFFERING EXTRA LES MILLS® CLASSES OUTSIDE PEAK TIMES.Transform your Group Exercise capability by giving your members moreof what they want, when they want it.Bundling robust technology with the powerful motivation of highdefinition action film, LES MILLS® VIRTUAL brings the world’s bestclasses and international instructors directly to your club. You choosethe class, you choose the time.Reliable, flexible, simple. The power of the group. In onesmall
  34. 34. World-class marketing and promotional solutionsEVERYTHING YOU NEED TO HOST AMAZING GROUPEXERCISE EVENTS THAT WILL ATTRACT NEW MEMBERSAND PROMOTE YOUR PROGRAMS.The LES MILLS® Group Fitness solution gives you free access to a huge collectionof valuable marketing and promotional resources. We are continually working onnew ways to help you inspire your members and prospects. Currently, we’redeveloping online tools which will allow you to customise material with your ownclub logos and messages.
  35. 35. Bottle StickersBrandCampaigns PostersPostersBannersWindow clingsBillboardsFloor decalsBathroom mirror/locker stickersBumper stickersClass passesEmail templatesWeb bannersSocial media assets
  36. 36. Promo Video Brochures Program Specific Material Program logos/Timetable logos Promotional videos Learn the moves videos Posters Banners Window clings Billboards Floor decals Bathroom mirror/locker stickers Bumper stickers Class passes Information brochures Pregnancy brochures Web banners Social media assets
  37. 37. Posters Social MediaQuarterlyMaterialSizzler videosPostersFloor decalsBathroom mirror/locker stickersBanners FacebookWindow clingsBillboardsT-shirtsEmail templatesWeb bannersSocial media assets
  38. 38. crunching thE numbErsIt’s always going to be a question of value, isn’t it? As a pure cost, you’ll pay theequivalent of a couple of pieces of equipment every year to have LES MILLS®programs in your club.However, depending on your pricing, you’ll have that back from a few extramemberships saved, renewed, or generated through the increased motivationand results your members and their friends will get from LES MILLS programs.Some facilities maximize the support tools provided with the programs andhave tripled their total revenues – fact! Consider the cost of not investing in LESMILLS programs? What’s the hidden cost of not improving your attendances?Less motivation and poorer results for your members, and fewer renewals andreferrals for you.IF YOU WANT MORE PEOPLE TO EXERCISE IN YOUR FACILITY MOREOFTEN, LES MILLS OFFERS THE TOTAL GROUP EXERCISE SOLUTIONAT A VERY LOW COST.
  40. 40. Over 45 years of experience in thefitness industry, in 15,000 clubsin 80 countries, has shown thatclubs that run Les Mills® GroupFitness have more motivatedmembers, who attend more often.Research shows that LES MILLS® licensed facilities have 500 moremembers per club than the global average1LES MILLS class participants visit twice as often as the average club member271.8% of LES MILLS participants say they intend to retain membership of their club in12 months’ time3Average Group Exercise attendance at LES MILLS licensed clubs is 33% of totalattendance versus an industry average of 10–20%190% of LES MILLS class participants are likely to recommend LES MILLSprograms to their friends and family3Sales, referrals, attendance and renewals - all right there.Visit for more information or to arrange a visit from one of ouragents.1. Scoreboard global survey 20112. Nielsen (2010); IHRSA (2011)3. Nielsen: Les Mills Consumer Survey (2010)