Outcome Measurements


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Cary Wing, EdD and Fitmarc's Director of Business Development for Medical Fitness, examines the importance of tracking outcomes such as individual and program effectiveness through the use of technology.

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Outcome Measurements

  1. 1. Outcome Measurements Cary Wing, EdD – [email_address] Medical Fitness Consultant and Expert for Fitmarc 1 Overview : An outcome follows an action and is a result, or consequence, of that action. In the fitness industry, outcomes measure the results of an individual’s participation in exercise or wellness programs. Tracking outcomes should be included in every facility’s scope of services to identify individual and program effectiveness. The Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2011 identifies outcome measurements as 13 th on the Top 20 list. Measuring and Tracking Outcomes Can Determine Facility Effectiveness and Business Success How can facility owners and managers measure outcomes efficiently and effectively? In this overview, we will examine the need to integrate the tools necessary for outcome measurements, the development challenges, important tips for success, and expectations to grow business as a result of a well-designed and implemented data collection system. March 2011
  2. 2. The Opportunity 2 Opportunity : A fitness facility wants to provide programs and services that demonstrate positive results and can set the facility apart from the competition. Rex Healthcare’s Healthy Way Program in NC has shown statistically significant changes in several biometric measures of participants, demonstrating to members the positive effects of program involvement and facility membership. Developing a defined set of program expectations, and showing improvement in a member’s overall health status, can provide marketing opportunities as well as increase member retention rates. Tracking Outcomes Can Improve Business Performance and Increase Revenue Your members want to see positive results as a consequence of their participation in physical activity programs. Those positive results might include losing weight, increasing flexibility/ROM, decreasing blood pressure, or relieving the symptoms of arthritis. Positive results yield satisfied members. Satisfied members renew memberships. March 2011 Cary Wing, EdD – [email_address] Medical Fitness Consultant and Expert for Fitmarc
  3. 3. The Challenges 3 The Challenges: Collecting data and reporting results is a challenge. Determining the relevant metrics to measure should follow industry guidelines and should be based on the specific program. Is it important to show improvement in weight, blood pressure, or aerobic capacity? Does the activity focus on strength and flexibility? Is overall emotional and mental improvement the goal? Determining Relevant Metrics, or Data, to Collect Is Key to Benchmarking Results Having the right tools and technology in place to reduce staff time in collecting, reporting and analyzing the data is critical in the efficient management of a facility. Challenges include uploading data to appropriate software systems, eliminating the need for users to manually log exercise sessions, and finding compatible systems to obtain accurate data. March 2011 Cary Wing, EdD – [email_address] Medical Fitness Consultant and Expert for Fitmarc
  4. 4. Important Tips 4 <ul><li>The Tools : There are three simple guidelines to follow to determine relevant metrics, or data, to track. These guidelines should be used regardless of the type, or format, of the program or activity: </li></ul><ul><li>Measure items that are directly related to program results </li></ul><ul><li>Measure items that can be consistently and accurately obtained over time </li></ul><ul><li>Measure items that utilize user-friendly tools </li></ul>The Challenges of Measuring Outcomes Can Be Diminished If Three Simple Guidelines Are Followed The most challenging of the three guidelines is utilizing user-friends tools. The staff time that is required to post data for participants and compile final reports can be overwhelming for most facilities. Engage the support of a company that is not only knowledgeable in all areas of current interactive technology, but also understands that finding solutions to every challenge is key to the success of a business. March 2011 Cary Wing, EdD – [email_address] Medical Fitness Consultant and Expert for Fitmarc
  5. 5. Conclusions 5 Recap : With the aid of today’s advanced technology, data collection is simplified. Interactive technology can reduce staff time in reporting and analyzing results. Facility programs can then be restructured as needed. Assessing the benefits of health and fitness programs can document your facility’s success in improving the health status of your members. This is critical in establishing accountability in the fitness industry. And, critical in establishing the credibility of your facility in your community. With the Right Tools and Technology, Any Facility Can Track and Measure Outcomes and Expand Business Measuring outcomes is a demonstrated method of retaining members and provides additional marketing opportunities for your membership team. March 2011 Cary Wing, EdD – [email_address] Medical Fitness Consultant and Expert for Fitmarc
  6. 6. About Us 6 About Us : Fitmarc serves hundred of fitness facilities and thousands of fitness professionals through the delivery of programs, solutions, consulting and education. Our team of experts can deliver real world answers to your facility’s biggest challenges. Looking to improve operating results at your fitness facility? We can help. To Learn More: Visit our website at www.fitmarc.com Follow Fitmarc on Twitter Like Fitmarc on Facebook Call Fitmarc 800-814-1207 I am here to be your resource and help you achieve greater success. As the Director of Business Development for Medical Fitness for Fitmarc, I have years of experience working in the medical fitness industry, developing the medical fitness model, and uniting fitness and healthcare. Let’s connect so that I can be a resource and partner for you and your organization. March 2011 Cary Wing, EdD – [email_address] Medical Fitness Consultant and Expert for Fitmarc