Managing Group Fitness Programs


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Managing Group Fitness Programs

  1. 1. Managing Group Fitness ProgramPerformanceUsing Innovative Technologies To Manage GroupProgramming With The Right Partners Is Smart - Here’s HowOverview: A key problem with group fitness How can facility owners and managers ease theprogramming is that owners and managers have burden of managing their group program offering ? Indifficulty measuring relevant KPI’s (key performance this special overview, we will examine how usingindicators). With many group programs being offered management leader C.K. Prahalad’s concept of R=G inas part of membership and with facilities often relying concert with the right vendor partner can help you toon a part-time instructor to oversee scheduling, its obtain global resources that solve this difficult problem.difficult to collect information that can lead to The result will be a better more profitable wellappropriate decisions. Resources are limited so managed group fitness program offering for you andknowing your return on investment, and how you can your members.optimize your schedule among other factors is achallenge. Few club systems offer quality integratedsolutions to make these tasks easier. Bryan O’Rourke - CSO, Principal and February 2011 Technology Expert for Fitmarc 1
  2. 2. Partnering Makes SenseSuccess Requires Managers To Focus On What They AreGood At While Getting Help With What They Are NotOpportunity: Owners and managers of fitness facilities Vendors are increasingly offering solution basedknow that working in the business is rewarding but very services that leverage new technologies deliveringchallenging. The health club business is a people increased customer value. Identifying experiencedbusiness and the on-going demands of employees, suppliers adept at delivering value added services ismembers, vendors and others can impede important a wise strategic move and reflects practices of somepriorities and create big problems. of the world’s most successful organizations. ThisThe managerial demands of the industry requires new R=G strategy, which Prahalad identified, can pay bigsources of value creation. In C.K. Prahalad’s book “The dividends for wise fitness facility competitors. TheseNew Age of Innovation: Driving Co-created Value solutions and vendors exist in the group fitnessThrough Global Networks” he argue that these demands world today.have created an N=1 and R=G environment, wherecompanies need to customize their product for eachcustomer by gaining access to a new array of suppliers. Bryan O’Rourke - CSO, Principal and February 2011 Technology Expert for Fitmarc 2
  3. 3. The Challenges Of SystemsMaking Investments In Software & Hardware Isn’t Wise.Alternatives Are Emerging In The “Cloud”The Pitfalls: When it comes to information systems Cloud computing is growing at a rapid rate. A marketthere are many mistakes organizations can make. forecast by the International Data Corporation (IDC)Investing in hardware, software licenses and training says that the while global IT spending will post growth ofcan be expensive. Furthermore, with technology six per cent in 2011, the total outlay for cloud computingcontinuing to change what you might have bought a services will increase by five times that amount. Whenyear ago could become obsolete. thinking of improving systems to manage group or other programming fitness facilities should be looking at theCloud technology, the ability to use the power of the Cloud as their smartest and best solution.Internet to access applications via the web withoutspecial hardware or software purchases, is a huge andgrowing market. Renting your solution for a fraction ofthe cost, cloud computing, can help managers in waysthat were not possible a few years ago. Bryan O’Rourke - CSO, Principal and February 2011 Technology Expert for Fitmarc 3
  4. 4. Important TipsPartnering With A Knowledgable Quality Vendor Can HelpYou Optimize Your Group Fitness Program SystemsProven Systems: Partnering with a company that has For the facility owner and manager, our managementdeveloped resources and proven expertise to help you resources, consulting support, guidelines for developingmanage your group fitness programming is critical. A an ongoing recruitment strategy, marketing solutionsvendor that offers a complete package of solutions, and online management systems are available to helpincluding cloud based management systems, can be overcome the challenges of managing effective groupinvaluable to a fitness facility. Our new Club Count fitness programming. Our technology platform, Clubsystem is an example of the type of Cloud based system Count, utilizes the most effective cutting edgethat is easy to use and delivers robust reporting and technology available today.features crucial to managing an outstanding group fitnessprogram offering. All affordably and effectively. Bryan O’Rourke - CSO, Principal and February 2011 Technology Expert for Fitmarc 4
  5. 5. ConclusionsBy Partnering With The Right Vendors, Facilities CanEnhance Their Systems Effectively & InexpensivelyRecap: Having quality information systems that help To achieve these results requires expertise. Whyyou to simply and effectively manage programming, recreate the wheel ? Why not use the strategies that theparticularly group fitness programming, is a challenge. top organizations in the world use ? By orchestratingInvesting in specialized hardware, software and training with capable vendor partners who deliver value addedare expensive. By relying on the R=G concept, you can services, you can use the cloud to improve your ROIpartner with a knowledgable vendor who has the and help make your group fitness programming theexpertise necessary to guide you on all aspects of most effective it can be.effective programming, including offering cloud basedinformation systems that enable you to improve how youmanage your business without costing you a lot of money. Bryan O’Rourke - CSO, Principal and February 2011 Technology Expert for Fitmarc 5
  6. 6. About UsLooking To Improve Results At Your Fitness Facility ?We Can Help.About Us: Fitmarc serves hundred of fitness facilities I’m here to be your resource and help you achieveand thousands of fitness professionals through the greater success; As a principal and technology expertdelivery of programs, solutions, consultancy and for Fitmarc, I have years of experience working witheducation. Our team of experts can deliver real world fitness facility owners, managers and professionals.answers to your clubs biggest challenges. Let’s connect so that I can be a resource and partner for you and your organization.To Learn More:Visit our website at Bryan O’Rourke, CSO & PrincipalFollow Fitmarc on TwitterLike Fitmarc on FacebookCall Fitmarc at 800-814-1207 Bryan O’Rourke - CSO, Principal and February 2011 Technology Expert for Fitmarc 6