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Les Mills - People, Passion, Partnership

  1. 1. People. Passion. Partnership.
  2. 2. THIS WEEK, mIllIonS of pEoplE, In morE THan 13,000 faCIlITIESIn ovEr 75 CounTrIES, WIll puT aSIdE WHaTEvEr ElSE ISHappEnIng In THEIr lIvES and loSE THEmSElvES for an HourIn THE purE ExHIlaraTIon of a lES mIllS™ group fITnESS ClaSS.THEy’ll SHouT, THEyll laugH, THEy’ll SWEaT,and THEy’ll lEavE fEElIng InCrEdIblE.and TomorroW THEy’llbrIng THEIr frIEndS.
  3. 3. dId you KnoW? Over 3/4 Of Les MiLLs™ grOuP fitness PartiCiPants are LikeLy tO reCOMMend Our CLasses. Source: Nielsen 2010 gIvE your mEmbErS WHaT THEy WanT and SuCCESS WIll folloW. THE lES mIllS™ group fITnESS SySTEm IS a provEn Way To gIvE your mEmbErS World-ClaSS fITnESS ClaSSES THaT dElIvEr THE ExCITEmEnT, moTIvaTIon and rESulTS THEy’rE looKIng for, pluS our HIgHly EffECTIvE group fITnESS SySTEm dElIvErS ImprESSIvE rESulTS for your faCIlITy Too.lES mIllS your mEmbErS WIll lovE our group fITnESS ClaSSES.
  4. 4. dId you KnoW?WE undErSTand THErE arE WE HavE 81% Of thOse whO take Part in Les MiLLs™ grOuP fitness CLasses dO sO On a reguLar basis.CHallEngES SoluTIonS Source: Nielsen 2010EngagIng nEW mEmbErS EngagIng nEW mEmbErS promoTIng THE valuE of your mEmbErSHIp World-leading Group Fitness programs that are a powerful and inspiring Access to our vast online library of award-winning, off-the-shelf marketing method of attracting new members. materials. Step-by-step assistance to help you customize the message thatrETaInIng CurrEnT mEmbErS supports your organizations mission and vision. rETaInIng CurrEnT mEmbErS Group Fitness classes that inspire member loyalty and a sense of belonging. EnSurIng THaT group fITnESS IS ConSISTEnT,aTTraCTIng and KEEpIng grEaT STaff dynamIC, EngagIng and rESponSIblE aTTraCTIng and KEEpIng grEaT STaff At the foundation of our system is the accumulation of 25 years of science and research. Our model has been time-tested, with the help of psychologists,fIndIng rESourCES To HElp you groW your mEmbErSHIp A world-renowned system that gives you the best vehicle to recruit and develop the BEST instructors. cardiologists and choreographers, to make sure that each class is safe, effective and fun!promoTIng THE valuE of your mEmbErSHIp fIndIng rESourCES To HElp you groW your mEmbErSHIp Workshops, seminars and webinars designed to give your managers theEnSurIng THaT group fITnESS IS ConSISTEnT, dynamIC, EngagIng and rESponSIblE tools to grow.
  5. 5. THE provEn formulafor your SuCCESSWITH THE lES mIllS™ group fITnESS SySTEm IT’S EaSy To opTImIzE your group fITnESS.our programS WIll KEEp your ClaSSES paCKEd and your mEmbErS on THEIr ToES. and our World-ClaSSpErformanCE SoluTIonS WIll HElp KEEp your faCIlITy ConnECTEd To your CommunITy. THE lES mIllS™ group fITnESS SySTEm program SoluTIonS: pErformanCE SoluTIonS: » Ten dynamic Group Fitness programs offering something for everyone. »» » ll the knowledge you need to manage your Group Fitness A » Pre-choreographed routines to ensure consistency and quality – programs and instructors. every time. » Best-practice recommendations and targeted workshops. » Chart-topping music and high-energy choreography, updated every » Cut-through ways to market and promote your facility – including three months to keep your classes fresh. ‘bring-a-friend’ promotional material. » Dynamic, engaging and technically sound instructors. » Resources to support the launch of each Quarterly Release. » Scientifically-based workouts that are safe, effective and fun. » Custom-built software that makes measuring and managing your » Tested and refined with 75,000 instructors and millions of participants Group Fitness performance easy. in over 13,000 facilities worldwide. » Simple tools to create effective timetables/schedules. » Training that will inspire, upskill and retain instructors.
  6. 6. 10 World-ClaSS programS WITH SomETHIng for EvEryonEbodypump™ bodyCombaT™ bodybalanCE™/bodyfloW® rpm™ bodyaTTaCK™ bodySTEp™ bodyvIvE™ bodyJam™ SH’bam™ Cx30™BODYPUMP™ is the original BODYCOMBAT™ is the unique, BODYBALANCE™/BODYFLOW® RPM™ is the indoor cycling BODYATTACK™ is a sports- BODYSTEP™ is the energizing BODYVIVE™ is a low-impact BODYJAM™ fuses together SH’BAM™ is the dance-inspired CX30™ is a 30-minute personalbarbell class that appeals to Martial Arts-based workout combines Yoga, Tai Chi and program that provides a simple, inspired cardio workout that step-based cardio workout that workout that is especially suited the latest dance moves and workout that features chart- training inspired strength workout.individuals of all ages and that’s designed for individuals Pilates and is designed for those quick way of burning hundreds builds strength and stamina. uses a height-adjustable step to people new to Group Fitness, the hottest new sounds and topping hits and hot yet simple A structured, scientific trainingfitness levels, and is ideal for looking to boost cardio fitness looking to improve general of calories, and is favored This dynamic, high-intensity and simple movements on, over those returning to exercise or is designed for the young and dance moves. Developed approach that caters to all levelsanyone looking to get the best- and benefit from total body fitness, relax and reduce stress, by young, busy individuals program is designed to cater and around the step. Featuring rehabilitating after an injury, pre young at heart – it’s perfect specifically with fun-loving girls of ability and demands. CX30™ willpossible results in the shortest conditioning. Addictive and increase mental clarity and get looking for a fast, high-energy, to a wide range of fitness levels cardio blocks that push fat and postnatal mothers, and for confident, sociable in mind, this energetic but train the muscles of the trunk thattime. It is favored by those fun, this workout is particularly a sense of well-being. It requires challenging and effective and ages. The possibility of burning into high gear followed active adults who want the individuals who like to listen easy-to-follow full-body cardio stabilize the spine and transmit loadwho are bored by an individual appealing to youthful, sociable low-level coordination and is workout. Given the low-level using low-impact and low- by muscle-conditioning tracks benefits of improved cardio to the latest music and try workout is stack-loads of fun between the upper and lowerweights program and by Group individuals – who are likely to particularly popular with the coordination required, it is also intensity options throughout that shape and tone the body, fitness, strength and flexibility. out all the latest trends.» – and a class that members will limbs. CX30™ will provideFitness fans who recognize attend classes with friends. more mature market. popular with the more mature the class allows new BODYSTEP™ is ideal for anyone love to bring their friends to. participants with the confidence the SPeciALLY deSigNed vive™the need to add some weight market, people coming back participants to enjoy the class looking for an enjoyable way to tuBeS ANd vive™ BALLS cAN Be that they are training effectivelytraining to their routine. from injuries and those who alongside super-fit regulars! increase fitness. coSt-effectiveLY PRovided and safely, with an intensity that BY LeS MiLLS.Need the BARBeLLS foR uSe are overweight. will shape and tone their waistline. lesmills.com/equipmentwith BodYPuMP™? theSe cAN BodY BiKe iS the officiAL BiKe the SPeciALLY deSigNedBe eASiLY ANd coSt-effectiveLY of LeS MiLLS RPM™. BANdS cAN Be eASiLY ANdPRovided BY LeS MiLLS. coSt-effectiveLY PRovided to LeARN MoRe ABout theiRlesmills.com/equipment woRLd-cLASS StAtioNARY BiKeS, BY LeS MiLLS. checK out www.BodYBiKe.dK lesmills.com/equipment To SEE our ClaSSES In aCTIon, vISIT our WEbSITE aT lESmIllS.Com/ClaSSES
  7. 7. InSpIrIng InSTruCTorS opTImIzIng yourWHo’ll KEEp your ClaSSES paCKEd group fITnESS lES mIllS’ SoluTIonS maKE IT EaSy To maxImIzE group fITnESS.World-ClaSS InSTruCTorS WIll fIndIng InSTruCTorS 75,000. That’s the number of individuals who have been comprehensivelybrIng HundrEdS of mEmbErS To trained to teach LES MILLS™ programs. This means that there’s a huge network of talented and inspired instructors. What’s more, we make TImETablE SoluTIonS marKETIng SoluTIonSyour faCIlITy, gEnEraTIng online recruitment tools available and give you the opportunity to attend recruitment seminars – so you can reach them most effectively. Right class, right time. With years of experience partnering with thousands of facilities worldwide, Les Mills provides you Banners, posters, emails, brochures, free class passes, launch kits, wall graphics, DVD’s and much more...ExCITEmEnT, a SEnSE of bElongIng TraInIng InSTruCTorS with valuable insights that will maximize attendance by having the right classes in the right time-slots. all for free... all at your fingertips.and ImmEnSE loyalTy. Got passionate and committed Group Fitness instructors who would love to become LES MILLS™ certified? Les Mills’ world-class training system rECruITmEnT SoluTIonS plannIng and budgET SoluTIonS Plan to succeed. We’ll help you create a three to five-year, makes it easy. With our two or three-day training module and assessment Get the best. Sourcing and recruiting great instructors can step-by-step Group Fitness plan that allows you to achieveTHE lES mIllS™ group fITnESS process, instructors master the 5 Key Elements of safe, successful, be a challenge. We provide the strategies, tools and guides to your short- and long-term goals. stimulating Group Fitness instruction – Choreography, Technique, Coaching, help you attract, select and hire the kind of people you want THErE arE a numbEr ofSySTEm provIdES you WITH all you Connection, creating Fitness Magic. Also, Quarterly Workshops ensure that LES MILLS™ instructors are always up with the play on latest program working for your facility. managEmEnT SoluTIonS WayS THaT lES mIllS We can arm you with the skills to become a truly powerful releases and fitness education, and inspired to create Fitness Magic, STudIo SoluTIonS SupporTS you To opTImIzEnEEd To rECruIT, TraIn and rETaIn in your facility. Transform your space. A powerful experience brings people facility leader, inspiring, motivating and mobilizing your team to achieve all that they want… and more. your group fITnESS.THE vEry bEST InSTruCTorS. rETaInIng InSTruCTorS in and most importantly brings them back for more. We can help you design the optimum Group Fitness space for your Ongoing training, regular communication, constant support and inspiring facility, that will suit your programs and your budget. » Ongoing support from a regional new releases every three months… these are just some of the reasons Club Coach why LES MILLS™ instructors never want to leave! And it’s proven. On average, LES MILLS™ instructors stay in the business for more » Seminars and webinars than ten years, eclipsing the industry average of just two years. » Group Fitness Management events » Online tools
  8. 8. IT’S all onlInE WHETHEr you arE CrEaTIng an ExCITIng launCH EvEnTmarKETIng lESmIllS.Com or a nEW mEmbErSHIp drIvE, lES mIllS gIvES you all THE marKETIng maTErIalS you nEEd To aTTraCT nEW mEmbErS and InSpIrE ExISTIng onES.for your Program Getting Started Quarterly PostersfaCIlITy Brand Posters Program Banners Program Class Passes DL Brochures - updated every three months Program Launch BrochuresTHE lES mIllS™ group fITnESS SySTEm FRONT BACKgIvES you aCCESS To an ExTEnSIvECollECTIon of valuablE rESourCES.and bEST of all, ITS frEE.aT lESmIllS.Com you’ll bE ablE To uSE aWard-WInnIng, Program Posters Instructor Recruitment Tools Various Bumper Stickers Various Interior Wall Graphicsoff-THE-SHElf marKETIng maTErIalS InCludIng:» Everything you need to » Bumper stickers » Online imagery stage Quarterly Release launch events » Program brochures » PR collateral» Bring-a-friend » Email templates » And so much more... promotional material » Instructor recruitment advertising you’ll HavE aCCESS To all of THIS» Posters and banners» Class passes » Décor imagery pluS muCH morE
  9. 9. gETTIng STarTEd 12 EaSy STEpS... WE provIdE you WITH THE road map and parTnEr WITH you To maKE THIngS HappEn EvEry STEp of THE Way. WEEK 12 WEEK 11 WEEK 10 WEEK 9 Complete service LES MILLS™ program Club Coaching call to Focus on instructor WEEK 8 We support you to host WEEK 7 Prepare for the Instructor agreement, connect implementation module establish your specific recruitment (if required). a ‘recruitment night/ Training Module. with your LES MILLS™ (face-to-face or webinar- program launch plan seminar’ for instructors Club Coach and start based management and a customized – with tools to pick the discussing the timeline training) focusing on recruitment plan. best candidates. and tools to successfully key considerations Your Club Coach launching the for a great launch and will help you set up LES MILLS™ program. setting an action plan for CLUBCOUNT™ so recruiting the instructors you have the tools to who will launch the measure your success. program in your facility.mEaSurE IT, managE IT. WEEK 6 WEEK 5 WEEK 4 WEEK 3 WEEK 2 WEEK 1 LaunCh Instructor Training Watch ‘Organizing Begin the external Unleash your internal Host dress-rehearsal/ Module. a WOW Event’ webinar marketing campaign. marketing campaign preview classes and have Club Coaching call to to gain valuable If selling memberships is – using class passes, final check-in call withlES mIllS’ EaSy-To-uSE ClubCounT™ SofTWarE organize instructors, the launch plan and week- information about staging a successful launch event. one of your launch goals, watch the ‘Selling with Events’ webinar to learn posters and banners provided in your launch kit. your Club Coach. hOst an aMaZing event!maKES IT SImplE To KEEp TraCK of EvEryTHIng. by-week promotion and marketing plan. more about creating new membership sales. This web-based software lets you set weekly attendance targets, track performance against targets and identify what’s working and where there’s room for improvement. What’s more, with the new AUTOCOUNT camera hardware, capturing class attendance numbers is effortless. lesmills.com/clubcount
  10. 10. HErE’S WHaT “the Les MiLLs™ system has made a positive impact on every add nEW lIfE To your fITnESS ClaSSES single department of our yMCa, from attracting new members and keeping the existing ones, creating our own groupour parTnErS exercise community, and using the re-launches to support our fundraising efforts. it has helped to build our community. the results to our bottom line have been off the charts.HavE To Say...So you don’T THInK WE’rE bloWIng our Our membership numbers and attendance are going strong, helping us to weather the effects of the recession. in retrospect, we wouldn’t have done it any other way.” To fInd ouT morE abouT TranSformIng your faCIlITy WITH lES mIllS™ group fITnESS, vISIT lESmIllS.Com/faCIlITIES steve JObin, President/CeO, raritan bay area yMCaoWn TrumpET, WE aSKEd a fEW of THEfaCIlITIES In our global nETWorK WHaTTHEy THougHT abouT uS. HErE’S WHaT “in my first 90 days at the volusia flagler family yMCa we brought in Les MiLLs™ programs. not only have class sizes grown tremendously but we haveTHEy Had To Say. gained many new members. i am a raving fan and would recommend Les MiLLs™ programs to anyone looking to boost membership sales and retention.” OR CONTACT YOUR NEAREST LES MILLS™ REPRESENTATIVE teresa rOgers, CeO, vOLusia fLagLer faMiLy yMCa “the great thing about Les Mills is that i know exactly what i’ll get every time – safe and effective choreography, killer music, “in barely six months, Les Mills’ bOdyPuMP™ expert training for my instructors, and support from has almost tripled the number of members participating a great team based in my region.” in group fitness, and increased the average number LESMILLS.COM/FACILITIES to locate your nearest LES MILLS™ representative JuLie sMith, COMMunity serviCes suPervisOr, City Of brea COMMunity Center of times they attend each week.” aMy sChwartZ, fitness and weLLness direCtOr, JCC Of greater baLtiMOre