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Fitman webinar 2015 06 sme engagement methodology


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A webinar on the SME Engagement Methodology developed in the FITMAN project. This methodology has been developed to effectively engage with SMEs in order to create technology awareness and support their engagements with FITMAN and FIWARE. Presented by Marie Bourdon from the Innovalia Association.

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Fitman webinar 2015 06 sme engagement methodology

  1. 1. SME Engagement Methodology Marie Bourdon (Innovalia Association) 16 June 2015 116/06/2015
  2. 2. Identifying best practices and lessons learnt 216/06/2015 Kind of need Designing the SME engagement strategy When SME engagement planning – Open Calls preparations FITMAN contribution  Identify best practices on SME engagement  Lessons learned on FI-PPP engagement on FITMAN Source: Google pictures
  3. 3. Creating technology awareness 16/06/2015 3 Kind of need Creating technology awareness – engaging new users When Issuing Open Calls FITMAN contribution  Methodology for creating technology awareness
  4. 4. Kind of need Developing a service/application When Developing a project under the Open Calls FITMAN contribution  Lean start-up principle and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) concept in FITMAN  Co-creation concept applied in FITMAN  Local service hypothesis and trial to support the development of SME Service/Applications  Local FITMAN ICT infrastructure deployment to support the development of SME Service/Applications  Data gathering and feedback Support for service/application development 16/06/2015 4 Source: Google pictures
  5. 5. Communicating Phase III achievements 16/06/2015 5 Kind of need Communicate the achievements generated in Phase III When Project completion FITMAN contribution  Methodology for proactive communication of achievements and innovations generated by SMEs in Phase III (5 Stages) Source: Google pictures
  6. 6. Questions & Answers 16/06/2015 6