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Fitman webinar 2015 06 Unstructured & Social Data Analytics (Anzler)


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A webinar on the Anzler Specific Enabler (SE) from the FITMAN project. This SE has been developed to support users through the provision of an infrastructure which will allow the semi-automatic matching of different ontologies (OWL) and also of different XML schemas (XSD). Presented by Fenareti Lampathaki from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

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Fitman webinar 2015 06 Unstructured & Social Data Analytics (Anzler)

  1. 1. FITMAN Webinars 116/06/2015 Unstructured & Social Data Analytics Specific Enabler FITMAN Anlzer FITMAN Webinars June 16th, 2015 Dr. Fenareti Lampathaki National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
  2. 2. Why to get it • A new age of engagement and collaboration has emerged with the proliferation of user-generated content • The quantity of information in the world is soaring, with businesses, governments and society only starting to tap its potential • Harnessing collective intelligence represents a challenge for any manufacturing industry. 2 • To understand what is discussed online about any topic of interest, instantly catching the market realm • To early identify sentiments about products and brands, thus preventing potential damage to the corporate reputation • To detect on time user trends in order to be incorporated in product design Understandthecontext FITMAN Webinars16/06/2015
  3. 3. What you get The FITMAN “Unstructured and Social Data Analytics” Specific Enabler (FITMAN- Anlzr) extracts unstructured data from selected web resources and social data from selected social networks and turns such user-generated content to knowledge to be used for the benefit of manufacturers. 3 A web infrastructure for Digital Factories to …. Collect Store Process Visualize Interact with Unstructured & Social Data FITMAN Webinars16/06/2015
  4. 4. Overview Keyword- & Account-based Information Acquisition Information Filtering Sentiment Analysis Trend Analysis Visualization of User Generated Content (UGC) Removal of “noise” from retrieved social data Automatic classification of opinions with sentiments Investigation of “hidden” emerging keywords Calculation of terms frequency Track accounts and keywords Create and store reports, customized on specific topics of interest Continuously monitor a domain of interest Real-time validation of sentiment tags Retrieval of RSS feeds from UDA GE Navigate to “live” results Preparatory training of sentiment algorithms 2FITMAN Webinars16/06/2015
  5. 5. ………… Architecture & Interactions Trend & Sentiment Analysis Engine Processing /Querying Engine Visualization & Report Creator Engine Data Connectors Storage System Scalable… Transferable… Extensible… Open-source… FI-WARE Unstructured DataAnalysis GE Charts 3FITMAN Webinars16/06/2015
  6. 6. Open Source: MIT License Permitting any kind of reuse of software provided all copies of the new software include a copy of the original MIT License terms. Terms & Conditions Source Code 6  Within the scope of the FI-PPP Programme • Free use of the software for members till the end of the Programme • FITMAN provides free support to members till the end of the Programme  Out of FI-PPP Programme scope • All software assets are free and Open Source (MIT license applies globally) FITMAN Webinars16/06/2015
  7. 7. Provisioning 7 • As a Virtual Machine image (ovf) – (Ubuntu installation). Deploy on any Linux, Windows, MacOS system through VMware/VirtualBox to test. Migrate later to a physical system. • As source code – SourceForge: fi/code/ci/master/tree/SE/NTUA/Anlzer/ FITMAN Webinars16/06/2015
  8. 8. Purpose of the Demonstration As the marketing manager of a furniture manufacturer, I want to track what is discussed online about all competing brands in order to decide how to best design the marketing campaign of the Summer / Autumn 2014 sofas collection… I. To conduct a competitors’ analysis As the product manager of a furniture manufacturer, I seek for inspiration in order to decide which is the most appropriate style for the Winter 2015 sofas collection … II. To detect sentiments and trending characteristics of products based on their online buzz III. To unveil emerging, “hidden” user trends to be early incorporated in product design 8FITMAN Webinars16/06/2015
  9. 9. Scenario: Project Settings #imm14,#mikado,#platecma,#habitat,#aidima,#livingroom,#ikea,#natuzzi ,#concretefurniture,#spainfurniture,#MDW14,#coolfurniture, #furnituretrends, #furniture, #ArtDesign,#furnitures,#interiordesign,#HomeDesignIdeas,#homedecor, @thecoolhunter,@HermanMiller,@kartellpeople,@ArtekPress,@E1E4fur niture,@th_furniture, @thecoolhunter, @HermanMiller, @kartellpeople, @artek_global, @E1E4furniture, @th_furniture, @koointernationa, @diarioDESIGN_en, @AndreuWorld, @homedesigning, @PicoFurniture, @MueblesCanella, @infurma, @BoConcept, … IKEAUK, Natuzzi.USA, furniturefashion, Thecoolhunterofficial, dezeen, Kartell, knollinc, ompchairs, vintageandchicblog, Koo.International furniture/rss, hInspirationForYourHome/, ss/catalog/special/store_id/2/cid/ 0/, dHuntercom 9FITMAN Webinars16/06/2015
  10. 10. Scenario: The User Perspective I want to monitor trends for furniture, so I access the FITMAN Unstructured & Social Data Analytics SE I provide the necessary training material Publish UGC Automatically Collect data I view collected data near real-time I navigate to the analysis & refine results 1 3 5 6 Connectors I select search terms to generate data reports 4 Users I create a new project for the domain I am interested in 2 10FITMAN Webinars16/06/2015
  11. 11. Q&A • Questions? More information about FITMAN Anlzer can be found in the FITMAN Catalogue ( and-social-data-analytics) Contact us at: 11FITMAN Webinars16/06/2015
  12. 12. Thanks for your attention! Dr. Fenareti Lampathaki (NTUA) Join Us! fenareti.lampathaki 12FITMAN Webinars16/06/2015