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  • Visual Studio 2010 can help software development teams make immediate improvements in how they integrate across functions, reduce waste, identify and communicate problems, plan, and take action to mitigate issues to ensure they are solving the business problem and achieving customer expectations. A customer may be interested in any one or all of the primary benefits of adopting an application lifecycle management solution:  Adopt Agile Practices: An efficient process can streamline collaboration and reduce wasted efforts in all phases of the lifecycle—from development to operations—to improve visibility and interactivity across the team.Ensure Quality Early & Often: Application quality should be monitored throughout the lifecycle, not just at the end. The rising complexity of applications requires development and testing teams to work closely together. Visual Studio stands apart from other tools with capabilities that enable agile testing.Move to a Modern ALM Platform: To break down silos, teams require a shared collaboration infrastructure. A modern ALM platform helps teams deliver value to the customer while leveraging earlier tool investments. When customers purchase Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN and make use of accompanying test tools, as well as Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010, they have a solution that fully supports Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).A common ALM foundation provides:Increased visibility into the lifecycleCommon processHigh fidelity and rich interactionsSupport up and down stream processesSupport for the tools users want to use (including cross-platform support) For more information on ALM, please visit:
  • There is a full line of products; this is five of the six (the other one is described below)Visual Studio 2010 UltimateMicrosoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate is the comprehensive suite of application lifecycle management tools for developers working in teams, to ensure quality results, from design to deployment:Enhance Team Collaboration with an integrated toolset for all members of the team and manage all information in a central repositoryBring Ideas to Life with standard UML diagrams, architectural validation, and prototyping tools Spend Less Time Debugging with IntelliTrace®, load testing, and test-impact analysis toolsTargeted towards mature development teams who seek to adopt agile practices and improve collaboration across the entire team.Note: Ultimate comes with unlimited load testing when purchased with MSDN, which is a significant benefit (as a comparison, HP sells “load testing packs” simulating a capped number of users for a lot of money (you need to buy multiples of them if you want to test a large number of users)).Visual Studio 2010 PremiumMicrosoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium is a complete toolset that simplifies application development for individuals or teams, allowing the delivery of scalable, high-quality applications:Simplify application development with advanced tools, ready to tackle the most difficult problemsDevelop Quality Code with tools for maintaining source code and automated user-interface testing tools Build Collaboration Solutions on Microsoft SharePoint and use powerful database tools to help ensure that your application and database stay in syncSpend Less Time Debugging with advanced code analysis and debugging toolsTargeted towards individuals or teams who need additional database develop­ment capabilities, such as database deployment, change management, and unit testing.Visual Studio 2010 ProfessionalMicrosoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional is the essential tool for individuals performing basic development tasks:Simplify the creation, debugging, and deployment of applications on a variety of platforms, including SharePoint and the cloudDeliver quality code quickly with integrated support for test-first development, as well as new debugging tools for multi-core programmingTargeted towards individuals who are doing simple data-driven applications. Visual Studio Test Professional 2010Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 is an integrated testing toolset that delivers a complete plan-test-track workflow for in-context collaboration between testers and developers, greatly increasing testers’ visibility to the overall project:Improve software quality with an integrated testing toolset that delivers a complete plan-test-track workflowFile high-quality bugs with rich diagnostics for your developersTargeted towards companies who have Team Foundation Server and a quality assurance process. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 is the collaboration platform that makes our solution great: Automates the software delivery process and gives you the tools you need to effectively manage software development projects throughout the IT lifecycle Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 helps .NET and Java development teams collaborate across platforms:Work together by accessing Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 from within Eclipse-based environments
  • For more information about product comparison, please visit:
  • Let me drill down into the capabilities in each product. For a more extensive list of capabilities, please go to Visual Studio 2010 Professional is the essential tool for basic development tasks to allow developers to implement their ideas easily. This includes core capabilities for Windows, Web, and Office development, along with new capabilities for Cloud and SharePoint development. There are also new tools for Silverlight and Multi-core development. With Visual Studio 2010 the IDE and editor were refreshed using Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation.[CLICK]Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium is a complete toolset for developers to deliver scalable, high quality applications. This includes support for offline database development, unit testing and change management, static code analysis, performance profiling and code coverage and code metrics. New capabilities including UI test automation (aka Coded UI Tests) and Test Impact Analysis are available in premium.[CLICK]Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate is the comprehensive suite of application lifecycle management tools for teams to ensure quality results from design to deployment. This includes IntelliTrace – the new historical debugger which enables debugging events that ran previously on your machine, or another machine. Microsoft Test Manager 2010 is included in Ultimate enabling complete Test Case Management and test execution. Additionally the new architecture and modeling tools are included in Ultimate, including support for authoring UML diagrams (Activity, Use Case, Sequence, Component and Class diagrams are supported).[CLICK]
  • Visual studio 2010

    1. 1. Visual Studio 2010 Guía de ventas
    2. 2. Nuestra Visión: Más transparencia-informes Para mejorar la mas claros productividad y la previsibilidad de la construcción de software para los equipos de todos los tamaños. Multi-plataforma y soporte de lenguajes ¿Vamos a entregar un proyecto de calidad a tiempo?Nuestra solución ¿Dónde esta el problema en mis aplicaciones actuales? ¿Qué necesito conocer ahora para tomar el rumbo correcto?ayuda a responder: ¿Qué puedo hacer para reducir el riesgo?
    3. 3. Visual Studio Visual Studio Premium Visual StudioUltimate • Para escalabilidad, aplicaciones de alta calidad Professional• Para las tareas de desarrollo • Desarrollo de bases de datos • Para tareas básicas de desarrollo sofisticados, prueba y • Pruebas basicas • Desarrollo web arquitectura • Desarrollo en la nube• Pruebas Avanzadas• Arquitectura Visual Studio Test Professional Visual Studio Team Foundation Server • Para control de calidad y pruebas manuales • Apoyar el proceso ALM, incluyendo ágil • pruebas avanzadas • Equipo de flujo de trabajo y centro de colaboración
    4. 4. BUENO MEJOR LO MEJOR Visual Studio Professional Visual Studio Premium Visual Studio Ultimate Para las pequeñas empresas Para empresas que Para cubrir el ciclo completo, herramientas que necesitan desarrollar necesitan desarrollar para ayudar a asegurar resultados de calidad, desde la arquitectura y diseño hasta la aplicaciones sencillas, como las Bases de datos y realizar pruebas e implementación. aplicaciones web. pruebas básicas.¿Cuál describe mejor tu necesidad? Bueno Mejor Lo MejorWindows®, Web, cloud, Office y desarrollo SharePoint   Pruebas unitarias, control de versiones, seguimiento de elementos de trabajo yautomatización de generación   Beneficios, suscripción MSDN   Colaboración, ayuda de Informes y procesos del equipo (incluyendo ágil)   Desarrollo de bases de datos  Arquitectura y modelado: diagramas de solo lectura  Análisis de código estático, métricas de código, prueba de análisis de impacto, yprueba de IU codificada  Robusta arquitectura y modelado: Diagrama de capa, validación de dependencias Depuración histórica, pruebas de rendimiento y pruebas de carga Lab management con los entornos virtuales 
    5. 5. IntelliTrace™ Gestión de casos de prueba Modelado UML Pruebas ManualesExplorador de arquitectura Fast Forward-pruebas manualesDiseñador lógico de clases Diagrama de capas Pruebas de carga Pruebas WebPruebas automatizadas IU Análisis de impacto pruebasPerfilación de desempeño Análisis de código estático Cobertura de Código Métricas de códigoGestión de cambios BD Implementación de BD Pruebas unitarias BD Generación datos de pruebaHerramientas Silverlight Desarrollo Multi-core Desarrollo SharePoint Desarrollo para la nube Desarrollo Web Desarrollo WindowsGenerar a partir del Uso Desarrollo Office Nuevo editor WPF IDE Personalizable
    6. 6. 35% de descuento en Visual Studio 2010 Professional con MSDN15% de descuento en Visual Studio 2010 Premium con MSDN20% de descuento en Visual Studio Test Professional con MSDNContratos Participantes:Open License (corporativo, gobierno), Open Value (corporativo y gobierno)Select Plus (corporativo, académico y gobierno)EA (corporativo y gobierno)Open License (académico)- válido sólo para descuentos en VS 2010 Professional y Premium, no aplica para VS Test ProfessionalDisponibilidadHasta el 30 de Junio 2012 • Precios bajos ahora disponibles para Visual Studio con MSDN ¿Por qué comprar Visual • Los suscriptores de MSDN recibirá la próxima versión de Visual Studio en Studio con MSDN hoy? su lanzamiento, • Clientes recibirán todo el valor de MSDN ahora mismo.7 Microsoft Confidential
    7. 7. • Revisar la guia de ventas para visual studio Preparados • Tenemos 3 sesiones de entrenamiento grabadas: • Visita • identificar a los clientes objetivo. • Primero, Dar prioridad a las renovaciones Listos • Use plantillas de correo electrónico antes de las llamadas y las llamadas siguientes. • Hagamos esas llamadas! Vamos! • Aproveche las ofertas!8 Microsoft Confidential