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M02 inside selling_managers_wrap


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IS Managers wrap

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M02 inside selling_managers_wrap

  1. 1. Microsoft Inside Selling – Managers WrapPresenter’s NamePresenter’s TitleMicrosoft Corporation
  2. 2. Syndicate exercise What makes a good coach…
  3. 3. Dealing with difficult scenarios Live coaching scenario What did you learn? F F f
  4. 4. Coaching Toolkit Introduction to the coaching toolkit A series of ongoing coaching modules for you and your team
  5. 5. Module OneSetting the inside sales context OPEN Module duration: 1 hour Equipment: Flipcharts, music This module can be adapted to an opening specific to a campaign Prepare an opening for Microsoft What are the 3 key benefits? Tell them, tell them again, tell them what you told them, ask them Deliver key core statement full of benefits not featuresTIP! Play some lively background music to enhance the creativity of the teamin this exercise
  6. 6. Module TwoOvercoming gatekeepers OPEN Module duration: 30 mins Equipment: none Team member to lead discussion on top ten tips to get past gatekeepers Each member of the team to share a funny story of how and when they have been ‘blocked’ in the pastTIP! Make this as fun and upbeat as possible!
  7. 7. Module Three PRESENT POSITIONPresent position PROBE Module duration: 30 mins + discussion time Equipment: sheets of paper to create call observation sheets and a tape recorder with play back facilities “It’s better to understand than be understood” Place your team – into pairs Delegate A is asked to think of a topic or hobby they are interested in – their task is to persuade delegate B to take up this hobby or new interest. Record the conversation. Put a tick every 15 secs when.. Delegate A is speaking Delegate B is speaking Delegate A is telling The speaker is asking
  8. 8. Module Four VISIONVision PROBE Module duration: 40 mins Equipment: A product (mug), sweets & goodies Purchase justification to the board ABC Ltd Using the cards in the pack, allocate roles Key learning points Would your contact be able to promote your product? What can you do to help? Who else can you influence in your account?TIP! As a non-executive director of the board make sure you are throwing inlots of awkward objectives
  9. 9. Module Five PROCESS/ PEOPLE/PRICEPeople PROBE Module duration: 20 minutes Equipment: Copies of the org chart handout Organisational charts Hand out 2 org charts to the team & get them to complete one for each of their top two accounts Who are the people and what is the depth of their awareness of Microsoft and the project?TIP! It’s what they don’t know that you are interested in!
  10. 10. Module Six PROCESS/ PEOPLE/PRICEProcess PROBE Module duration: 20 mins Equipment: Flip chart papers & coloured pens How customers/partners place an order From the direct customer saying ‘Yes’, what happens next? Team to create a flow chart of how to process and order & all the possible black holesTIP! They may not know all the answers, the important part is whether theyhave asked the questions
  11. 11. Module SevenRole play PROVE VALUE Module duration: 10 mins in a team meeting + 10 mins discussion time Equipment: Ball, prize (sweets or chocolate) Divide the sales team into two groups Team A are the sales people Team B are the buyers The sales people have the following instructions They are selling a ball for corporate stress relief at £10 each They can negotiate on a large (50+) order down to £7 each The sales people must sell all the benefits to the buyers and convince them why it is better than the competition The buyers are given the following instructions You will only pay a maximum of £5 The ball is thrown between the teams depending on who has control over the value of the conversation TIP! They may not know all the answers, the important part is whether they have asked the questions
  12. 12. Module EightUse of language and communications PROVE VALUE Module duration: 45 mins Equipment: Flip chart pens and time to call listen to delegates Top Left Top Right On the left-hand side, draw a single A grave stone in the centre, with a palm tree on a desert island. On cross on top and the letters RIP the right is a ship with two funnels engraved in the middle. A fence and a sun above. runs horizontally behind the grave. Bottom Left Bottom Right A large letter X filling most of the A stick man wearing a top hat, and section, with a letter S on either smiling. side.
  13. 13. Module NineObjection handling PROVE VALUE Module duration: 45 mins Equipment: none Preventing objections vs. handling objections A look at the issue of Advantages leading the buyers to respond with objections. This occurs when the seller proposes a solution before building needs sufficiently. As a result the buyer doesn’t feel that the problem is serious or urgent enough to justify and expensive solution. This brings us to the value equation. To obtain the buyer’s commitment to a sale you need to build the value of the problems or needs enough to outweigh the cost of the solution. The value equation shows that building the value of the buyer’s problems actually prevents objections. Preventing objections ultimately costs sellers less than handling objections – less time, energy and hassle. See the value equation handout for more information Manager to facilitate conversation on why this is all so importantTIP! Let one of the team lead the session – manager just to facilitate
  14. 14. Module NineObjection handling PROVE VALUE Value equation handoutPreventing objections vs. handling objections Handling value objections Problem the buyer Price objections to Latent should take your solution Need seriously but doesn’t Vision & Our present It’s not It’s not Advantages Value system is worth the worth the unreliable Questions cost of cost of but we can changing it changing it live with it Non-latent Objections Unreliability: Need Adds to cost - May lose business Objection Objection - Delays irritate Handling Handling customers - Hurts our business image - Increases operator frustration
  15. 15. Module TenTeam presentations QUALIFY Module duration: 1 hour Equipment: none Nominated salesperson to present on the following to the team: BANT Closing statements 10 minutes each Assumptive closing MSSP DominoesTIP! Get the group to challenge each other to ensure they believe thebehaviour
  16. 16. Module ElevenIn call management NEXT ACTIONS Module duration: 45 mins Equipment: none Salespeople to present potential campaigns The rest of the team prepare a SWOT on all the possible outcomes Why will the customers want to know more? Where will you be able to be assumptive?TIP! Run a mini role play to enhance the learning
  17. 17. Module Twelve NEXT ACTIONS Module duration: 45 minutes Equipment: Racing playing cards, wrapped sweets Get the team to back the ‘horse’ they want to win Key learning points Who did they choose? Why? How did it feel? How does this relate to their customers?TIP! It’s meant to be fun – link it back to the fact that although people mightpromote them today, the odds in the future might change
  18. 18. Action plans & presentations Creation of an Action Plan Which members of the Action: When: team:
  19. 19. Final review and recap List your three key learning points: Coach back to us one topic of value from today!
  20. 20. Nothing great was everachieved without enthusiasm!Thank you for your participation
  21. 21. © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.