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This presentation by Fitho Wellness details some of the popular myths and facts about white foods. http://www.fitho.in/

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White Food - Myths and Facts | Fitho

  1. 1. WHITE FOOD Myths & Facts
  2. 2. POTATOES• A good source of complex carbohydrates providing fuel for muscle and brain.• No fat, cholesterol or sodium.• A medium potato provides 45% daily required VitC and 21% daily required potassium.• Potatoes are naturally not fattening. Their oil absorbing tendency makes them calorie heavy the minute they are cooked in oil.• Healthy Preparation Methods: Preboiled in vegetable preparations. Boiled/baked/grilled in salads or side dish.
  3. 3. DAIRY PRODUCTS• Various studies indicate that Calcium & Protein in dairy foods improves metabolism and burn body fat.• Good source of VitB12, VitD, Calcium & Protein.• Incorporate low-fat/non-fat dairy products instead of whole milk products in daily diet routine.• Avoid adding artificial flavours like malted ready to add powders, drinking chocolate powder, instead flavour milk with natural agents- such as cardamon,cinnamon etc.
  4. 4. SUGAR• Sugar is present in two forms: Natural & processed.• Natural sugar found in fruits and milk is beneficial.• Processed sugar(fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, sweeteners, juice concentrates) present in cookies, cakes, candies, soft drinks add to unhealthy empty calories and should be limited.• Limit daily intake to 1-2 tsp of table sugar in tea/coffee.• Switching completely to artificial sweeteners is not recommended.
  5. 5. SALT• Salt is composed of 40% sodium which is a vital component for regulating water level of body and pH of blood.• Most of our salt comes from natural food in varying degrees.• Overconsumption of salt on daily basis has been linked with high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.• Adults are advised to consume no more than 6g salt per day (about one teaspoon).• Regular home cooked meals fall under that limit.• Avoid the use of table salt.• All packaged products like- breads, cookies, biscuits, chips etc. are high in salt content. Their use should be limited.
  6. 6. FLOUR• Staple food items such as bread,pasta,chapatti,rice,noodles are all made of flour.• Flour can be refined(husk removed) or unrefined(with bran).• Whole grain flour and products (whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, cereals etc.) are a good source of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.• Refined flour & Products(white rice, white flour, white bread etc.) lacks fiber and are nutritionally low than whole grain counterparts.
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