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Best Weight Loss Foods | Fitho


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This presentation by Fitho Wellness tells some of the popular weight loss foods which can help in losing weight effectively. To get your weight loss diet, log on to

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Best Weight Loss Foods | Fitho

  1. 1. Eat Yogurt to Control BloatingEat at least one bowl ofyogurt everyday to helpcontrol bloating, waterretention and improve theoverall digestive system. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
  2. 2. Nuts Help Burn Fat FasterNuts are rich protein & fiberthat helps ward off hungerwhile the Omega-3s fats in ithelp you burn fat faster. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
  3. 3. Eat Oatmeals to Boost MetabolismOatmeal is full of healthycarbs that boostmetabolism and keeps youfuller for longer. Best eatenone hour before yourworkout for more energy &higher intensity. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
  4. 4. An Apple a Day Can Keep Weight Gain at BayPeople who ate an applebefore a meal ate fewercalories overall than thosewho didn’t. Apples arealso known to preventexcess belly fat. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
  5. 5. Chilies Help Lose WeightAdd spices to your foodslike fresh green chilies toincrease your fat burningmetabolism by 8-to-20%for up to 3 hours aftereating a spicy meal. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
  6. 6. Eat Lentils to Get a Flat BellyEating lentils helpsprevent insulin spikesthat cause your body tocreate excess fat,especially in theabdominal area. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
  7. 7. Eat Eggs to Lose Twice as Much WeightDid you know people whoate eggs for breakfast feltfull for longer & lost morethan twice as much weightas those who got the sameamount of calories fromother sources. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
  8. 8. Green Tea for Weight LossBesides being packed withhealthy antioxidants, Greentea contains EGCG, thathelps to increase metabolicrate and burn more calories. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
  9. 9. Eat Pears to Feel Light!Pears help lowercholesterol, regulate highblood pressure, relievewater retention andconstipation. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
  10. 10. Fitho Wellness ServicesGet Fitho Weight Loss Plan Now:Join Thousands of people who lose weight with Fitho Everyday! Get a diet plan with veg/non veg options Get a new chart every week You can eat your favorite foods Convenient & easy to follow All this for just Rs 799 per month
  11. 11. Fitho Wellness ServicesFor more information you can contact us at: Email: Phone: 011-41040070 Website: