Why Small Businesses Should Use Slideshare


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How small businesses can leverage slideshare to increase the reach of their content marketing efforts.

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Why Small Businesses Should Use Slideshare

  1. 1. How slideshare Increases The Size Of The Coin For A Small Business! by FitSmallBusiness.com
  2. 2. Most businesses share a common goal! Awareness!
  3. 3. We want potential customers to know who we are and what we do. There are many ways to obtain this objective: •Advertising •Public Relations •Content Marketing
  4. 4. The more money your business has to spend the more advertising you can buy. While public relations can work for a small business, many small businesses are not engaged in the type of headline grabbing activities that get attention from reporters and editors.
  5. 5. What Is Content Marketing? Content marketing is creating and distributing content that your target audiences will want to consume (read, listen to, or watch). Instead of advertising your product, content marketing is designed to share your expertise, knowledge and insights. Content marketing seeks to educate rather than promote.
  6. 6. There are a few basic assumptions behind content marketing: 1) It is easier to “market” content than a product. 2) If you are able to connect with potential clients by providing them content, your chances of doing business together increases.
  7. 7. Why Content Marketing Is Great For Your Business It may be easier for a small business to create great content than a larger company. For example, a small business might have much more freedom in style (for example, be able to take a more conversational tone) or be able to write a more opinionated article than a larger company.
  8. 8. Why does my business create content in 3 different ways? The short answer is it’s more efficient! Creating a text article, a slideshare presentation, and a YouTube video takes about the same amount of time as writing two different text-only articles. Basically, you get to use your research and idea development three times, saving tremendous time.
  9. 9. Wait a minute?! By creating three different versions of the same content aren’t you reaching the same audiences over and over again, and not getting any more exposure than had you published just a text article?
  10. 10. NO Reason 1 Potential clients like to consume content in different forms. Many people love slideshare presentations, because they tend to focus on the main points with a minimum of superfluous words. Bottom line, different potential clients are going to look for different types of content.
  11. 11. NO Reason 2 You get better distribution and more chances to be seen by creating content in multiple forms. By creating a video, you can appear in the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube. By posting a presentation on slideshare, you get your content visible on a site that has around 200,000,000 page views per month.
  12. 12. NO Reason 3 Having content in multiple forms can make your site stickier. On FitSmallBusiness.com, we like embedding the slideshare and YouTube videos on the page. Click here to see an example.
  13. 13. The size of the coin!
  14. 14. When my business partner was first discussing why we should use slideshare, he used the metaphor of a coin in a pond. If you want your content (the coin) to make a big splash (gain more attention), you need to increase the size of the coin. By creating slideshares and YouTube videos, you increase the size of the coin.
  15. 15. To learn how to be a more successful entrepreneur visit us at....
  16. 16. (Click The Link Below) www.FitsmallBusiness.com
  17. 17. (Click The Link Below) www.FitsmallBusiness.com
  18. 18. (Click The Link Below) www.FitsmallBusiness.com