Tips For Crowdsourcing A Logo


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How to get the best results when using crowdsourcing sites like or to design your company's logo.

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Tips For Crowdsourcing A Logo

  1. 1. Tips for Crowdsourcing a logo for your small business by
  2. 2. do you need a new logo?
  3. 3. Several websites enable you to hold design competitions in which dozens of designers compete to provide your company with a new logo. If you find a logo that you like, you pay the winning designer around $400 - $500 to take ownership of the logo.
  4. 4. However, if you do not like the designs that are being submitted, you can walk away from the competition and owe nothing. The competition offers a low-risk method of tapping the creative energy of designers around the globe.
  5. 5. How Crowdsourcing a logo works
  6. 6. Brief Contest Feedback Choose and Pay 1. Submit a design brief and select the prize level for the competition. 2. View and provide feedback on the initial designs. 3. Guarantee the prize (or walk away) and select finalists. 4. Pick a winner and get the goods.
  7. 7. tips on submitting a design brief
  8. 8. A design brief is basically a description of what you want. The most important part of the brief is where you provide examples of logos that you “like”, as the designers will seek to copy elements of those logos.
  9. 9. How can you find sample logos? As always, Google is great resource. In this case, their image search feature comes in handy. If you are opening an Italian restaurant, you might type “Italian restaurant”, “italian food logo”, “italy food icons” into Google’s Image search.
  10. 10. tips For providing feedback on initial designs
  11. 11. It is very important to provide feedback. Providing feedback serves two purposes: FEEDBACK 1. It provides a direction for future designs 2. It indicates to the designers that you are invested in finding a new logo.
  12. 12. FEEDBACK Many of the best designers don’t submit their work until 24 hours or so before the end of the open submission period in order to protect themselves from having their design “copied” by less talented designers. They also look at the level of involvement of the person running the competition.
  13. 13. tips on guaranteeing the prize & selecting finalists
  14. 14. We suggest that you don’t guarantee the prize until you have one logo that you really like. Show the logos to a few people for feedback before guaranteeing the prize.
  15. 15. In our case, even though we had a clear favorite logo, we selected three finalists to create a sense of competition. We made specific requests for logo changes to each of the finalists, like no color gradient, against a different color background, and with a different graphic symbol.
  16. 16. tips on Getting the goods
  17. 17. Creating a new logo is often the first step in graphically enhancing the og. image of your firm. Often a new zy d he a t he l er ver t d ov ed o pe website, brochures and signage ump jum j r fox fox ve d o rown wn e mp ick b bro follow. In order for other graphic qu ick ju the e u x Th q ver fo n e d o e ow Th g. r mp o u k b g. yd x j the designers to provide work that fo laz uic do q y n ver he laz do row T pe e k b meshes well with the logo, you want jum th uic he q e r t fox . Th n ove og yd d row z b ped la be pe able to provide them the following: m ju uick q x jum The zy og. d k b c fo wn ro wn fo x
  18. 18. he l er t dog. azy ● The name of the fonts used in the logo. ● Codes for the colors used, ● A large high resolution version of the logo and (ideally) a vector version of the logo. the v d over ed o pe mp um r ox ju ox j f f ve own wn d o r pe ck b bro m qui ick ju the The qu ox ver n f e d o w pe Th g. ro b . do jum x the zy ck og fo la ui d q y n ver he laz do row T e k b mpe th uic q the x ju fo he . ver g T n do ow d o y br pe ed laz ick jum mp qu ju e fox Th ox . rown f dog ck b wn zy i o a Be sure the ask the winning designer for this information.
  19. 19. the results of our design competition Old Logo “99designs” New and Improved Logo
  20. 20. And Finally...
  21. 21. To learn how to be a more successful entrepreneur visit us at....
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