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Press Release Format Instructions & Easy To Use Template


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In today’s article we walk you through the different components of an effective press release format. So let’s get started!

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Press Release Format Instructions & Easy To Use Template

  1. 1. Press RElease Format Instructions & Easy to Use Template by
  2. 2. What makes A Press Release Newsworthy?
  3. 3. Good press releases grab the attention of their intended audience and avoid hyperbole. First, you need to identify your audience and develop a captivating story angle. Once you have done this, you can present your story in a factual tone that will appeal to journalists.
  4. 4. Identify Your Audience Some products and services have mass appeal, while others have a more specific audience. You should start by identifying the media outlets that have an audience similar to yours. Take a more thoughtful approach to maximize your chances of being heard. Remember, the newsworthiness of a story will differ depending on the audience.
  5. 5. Story You need to craft a compelling story that isn’t overtly sales oriented. In other words, you need to justify your press release in a way that sets it apart from an advertisement. Remember, journalists are constantly being bombarded with press releases, and they can easily spot cheap sales attempts.
  6. 6. Determining the story angle of your press release is one of the most important steps to success. Some basic reasons to issue a press release include a grand opening, a new product, a record-setting sales year, a new location or a special event.
  7. 7. Another approach to grabbing a journalist’s attention is to actively find an interesting story that is not entirely about your business or product, but is closely related to it. By focusing your press release on the big picture, you make the journalist’s job easier by giving them an interesting story to develop. For more information check this article.
  8. 8. Stick to the Facts Now it’s time to present this story to journalists in an appealing tone. Journalists can easily identify hyperbole and exaggerated sales pitches, so present your story in a straightforward, facts-based manner. If you’re trying to appeal to a journalist, write like a journalist. Avoid exclamation marks and words such as “revolutionary”.
  9. 9. Press RElease Format and how to write a press release
  10. 10. Logo The first thing you should put on your press release is your company logo at the top center of the page. If you are emailing your press release, it’s a good idea to include a high-resolution copy of your logo as a separate file
  11. 11. Contact Information Below the logo, you can put your contact information along the left margin. Contact: John Smith Tel.: (123) 456-7890 Cell Phone: (123) 456-7890 Email: Website: You may also want to include certain social media contact information such as a twitter account or Facebook page.
  12. 12. Headline The headline is your first chance to grab your reader’s attention and inspire them to keep reading. You should keep your headline short and to the point. Try to stay within the 80-170 characters range, and use language that is clear and easy to understand. Check this article for more tips.
  13. 13. Sub-Headline The sub-headline is an optional feature that is written directly below the headline. It gives you the opportunity to further develop your story angle, but should not repeat information already presented in the headline.
  14. 14. 1st. Body Paragraph The first body paragraph should present the who, what, when, where, and why/ how of the press release. This should act as a short summary that gives the reader a general idea of what the whole story is about.
  15. 15. Remainder of Body They serve to complete the story you have introduced in the headline and 1st body paragraph. Be sure to write in a journalistic style so that media outlets can use your text as-is. You can use the second paragraph to provide background context for the article.
  16. 16. Remainder of Body A. Media Content: Part of the body can include different types of media content, such as photos, videos, and audio clips. Be sure to also include the original files so that your media contacts can use these clips if they wish.
  17. 17. Remainder of Body A. Quotes: You can use separated block quotes to highlight certain aspects of your story. Quotes can help add another perspective other than the writer’s.
  18. 18. Boilerplate: The final paragraph in your press release should be the boilerplate, which presents information about your company and what it does. This should be a factual description, and it can be used repeatedly in different press releases. For more information on how to write a boilerplate, see this article.
  19. 19. En Notation: If your press release uses two pages, the first page should end in with “-more-“ centered at the bottom of the page. Your final page should end with three pound signs, like this: ###
  20. 20. Final Note: Once you have ended the text of the press release, it’s a good idea to put one final note at the bottom that encourages someone who would like more information to reach out to you. “If you would like more information about this topic, please call <Name> at <Phone number>, or email <email address>.”
  21. 21. how to format a Press release
  22. 22. When You Format A Press Release, Follow These Rules: 1. Keep the total length under 2 pages, ideally 400-500 words 2. Avoid using “I”, “we”, or “you” 3. Use a standard font, such as Times New Roman or Calibri 4. Bolded, larger headline 5. Body text should be single spaced, with one line of space between paragraphs 6. Use standard 1 inch margins and white paper You can find two more press release templates here and here.
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