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Logo design: 99Designs vs. crowdSpring vs. Do-It-Yourself Tools

In today's presentation we cover the ins and outs of crowdsourcing a logo with 99Designs or Crowdspring vs. using a do-it-yourself logo maker.

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Logo design: 99Designs vs. crowdSpring vs. Do-It-Yourself Tools

  1. Logo Design: 99 Designs, crowdSpring, and Logo Garden by
  2. Fit Small Business recently redesigned our logo. We chose to run a logo design competition with 99designs. You can get an excellent logo created for under $500 with 99designs or its main competitor crowdSPRING. Old Logo New and Improved Logo
  3. Prior to using 99designs for Fit Small Business, we successfully used them to create a new logo for a dental office. Having two good experiences with 99designs is the primary reason why we are recommending them. Best Site For Logo Design: 99designs Old Logo New and Improved Logo
  4. 99designs crowdSPRING Logo Garden Type Of Site competition / crowdsourcing competition / crowdsourcing logo design tool Cost $499 (Silver Level Competition - $300 prize for winning designer) $399 (Standard - $225 prize for winning designer) Time To Create Logo Around 1 Week Around 1 Week One Day Ability To Provide Exact Specifications Yes Yes No $19.99
  5. 99designs crowdSPRING Logo Garden Satisfaction Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Investment Of Time 2 - 4 Hours 2 - 4 Hours 1 - 4 Hours Originality Yes Yes No Learn More Learn More Learn More
  6. How do 99designs and crowdspring work?
  7. Brief Contest Feedback Choose and Pay You submit a project brief, which includes: ● The words appearing in the logo ● A description of graphics or images that you want to be incorporated ● The style of the logo ● Examples of logos you like
  8. Brief Contest Feedback Choose and Pay Once submitted, the competition becomes open to the thousands of designers which are registered with 99designs or crowdSPRING. Most of the designs are horrible at first. However, the designs get better as you provide the designers feedback on the work being submitted.
  9. Brief Contest Feedback Choose and Pay When you get a design you like, you can choose a winner and pay the contest fee. If you don’t like the designs, you don’t have to pay anything.
  10. Logo Designers Versus Logo Design Tools
  11. With Logo Garden or similar companies like Logo Maker you’re designing the logo from pre-made components. With these design tools and the investment of several hours of time, you probably can come up with a generic, but professional looking company logo.
  12. Most of the logo design tools advertise themselves as free. This is very misleading. The tool is free to use, but if you want to download a high resolution file of the logo the cost is anywhere from $20 to $50. Learn more about 99Designs here. Learn more about crowdSPRING here. Learn more about Logo Garden here.
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