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How To Advertise Your Business In Google Search


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In today's presentation we are going to continue the series on online marketing with a look on how to advertise your business in google search.

  • When we advertise on Adwords, our landing page always has at the very least a very compelling headline, a bullet list of benefits, and a very clear call to action. That can be a button to another page or an email lead capture form or whatever, but I've never seen a landing page perform well with any amount of traffic without at least those three elements. So as we're talking about paid traffic, remember that it's also the advertising on the page itself too that needs to be optimized. You can hire a conversion rate optimization specialist like Simon if you feel like you need some help with that, his number is 888-641-5026.
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How To Advertise Your Business In Google Search

  1. 1. how to advertise on google search by
  2. 2. Step 1: Signup for a Google Adwords Account
  3. 3. Signing up is free, you pay when you start running ads. (Godaddy gives you “Free advertising credits”)
  4. 4. Step 2: Decide what you want to advertise
  5. 5. What is your ad’s goal? For example, a likely goal of a dentist who was advertising their site via Adwords would be new patients. Perhaps, even more targeted, a specific type of patient.
  6. 6. Success!! New patient appointments!!
  7. 7. Step 3: Do Your Keyword Research
  8. 8. Keywords are what people type into Google when looking for your business.
  9. 9. Keep In Mind 1. How would your customers search? No industry jargon. 2. Start your list broad, and then narrow down later. 3. Use the “Keyword Tool” on your Adwords account, it helps you find the most convenient word to use. (Learn more here)
  10. 10. Step 4: Setting Up Your Campaign
  11. 11. •Campaign Name:Start with 1 campaign for 1 product or service and then name it with something that represents it. •Campaign Type: For beginners change the campaign to run on “search network ony” because it is more targeted.
  12. 12. • Locations: For local business, use the location settings option. This will show your ad within a specified distance of your business.
  13. 13. •Budget: In order to set up your default bid and your maximun daily budget, find out how much you can afford per day. (Learn more here)
  14. 14. For the dentist example, he can afford $50 per day and needs 20 clicks to get a new patient. So by dividing $50 by 20 he will start paying $2.50 a click.
  15. 15. •Ad Extensions: -It show your address, phone number and links to your site. -It can also show your Google Plus star rating. -It makes you bigger on Google’s search result and allows customers to click to call your from their mobile phones. -No Extra Cost!!
  16. 16. Step 5: Write Your Ads
  17. 17. Some tips: -The headline should grab user’s attention. -Description line 1 should spark user’s interest. (Learn more here and here)
  18. 18. -Description line 2 should develop a desire to get your product or service. -The display URL shourld consolidate a user’s decision to take action. (Learn more here and here)
  19. 19. Step 6: Turn Your Campaing Live, Evaluate and Optimize
  20. 20. Let it run! Let your campaign run for around a week with no changes so you can find out which ads and keywords are working for your business and then make some changes. (Learn more here)
  21. 21. And Finally...
  22. 22. To learn how to be a more successful entrepreneur visit us at....
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