Free Conference Call Services: Who's The Best?


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Looking for a free conference call service but not sure where to start? We've got you covered. In this presentaiton we compare 4 of the top free conference call providers and give you the top choice for small business owners.

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Free Conference Call Services: Who's The Best?

  1. 1. Free Conference Call ServiceS Who’s The Best?
  2. 2. We review four of the leading free conference call providers to reveal which is the best fit for your business.
  3. 3. Rating 4.5 stars 3 stars 3.5 stars 4 stars
  4. 4. Number of Callers Limited to 10callers on free plan Up to 96 callers on free plan Limited to five callers on free plan Limited to 10 callers on free plan
  5. 5. Compatibility Most desktop browsers; Android and iOS devices Most desktop browsers; Android and iOS devices Most desktop browsers Most desktop browsers; iOS devices only
  6. 6. Free Features -- HD Quality Audio -- Locked calls -- Mobile apps -- Social media integration -- Document sharing -- Call recording -- Mobile apps -- Call duration up to six hours. --- Message sharing -- Call history -- Call analytics -- No dial-in required -- Video chat -- Document sharing -- Screen sharing -- Whiteboard collaboration
  7. 7. Paid Features -- No PINs for callers -- Local phone number -- Up to 100 callers -- Dial out to add callers -- International access N/A -- Call recording -- File sharing -- Unlimited callers -- Branded interface -- Social media links -- Unlimited group access -- Private branding -- Admin portal -- Custom URL
  8. 8. Website www.ubercon www.freeconfe
  9. 9. Pros: ● Excellent visual display for easy call management ● Integrated social media functionality ● Call muting and ‘earmuff’ feature for private conversations ● Built-in document sharing for real time collaboration
  10. 10. Pros: ● Post call analytics ● Operates on desktop browsers with no software downloads required ● Smart phone app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  11. 11. Cons: ● Free subscription is limited to just ten call participants ● No BlackBerry app currently available
  12. 12. The long StorY
  13. 13. Designed by the tech wizards behind Google Voice, UberConference presents something of a revolution in free voice conferencing.
  14. 14. The beauty ofthat lets you knowis UberConference in its visual interface who is connected to the call, and identifies who is speaking at any time.
  15. 15. Another excellent feature is the social media integration that is built into each caller’s profile you see on your display screen. Simply click on the 
 appropriate icon during a 
 call to reveal a participant’s
 career background via LinkedIn or their latest Twitter comments in real time.
  16. 16. Onthe Pro subscription is well priced at just the plus side $10 per month and allows up to 100 call participants. You also get a local phone number with a user-specified area code, a call recording service and outbound dialing.
  17. 17. Pros ● Host up to 96 call participants for free ● Free call recording, plus a call playback feature ● Free iPhone and Android smartphone apps ● Operates on desktop browsers with no software downloads required
  18. 18. The long StorY
  19. 19. The big benefit here is that you can host up to 96 call participants for up to six hours at a time, for free. This far exceeds the free caller limits of other service providers and if volume is important to your business, then FreeConferenceCall is ideal.
  20. 20. You also get Free call recording your calls can be downloaded in WAV or MP3 formats and call participants can also access call recordings by call a playback number. And free iPhone and Android smartphone apps make it easy to take your conference calls mobile.
  21. 21. Our feeling here is that if you need to hold predominately one-way conference calls with large numbers of your regional sales team or remote staff, then this is the best solution for you On the other hand, if you expect any real in-call collaboration or are likely to get frustrated with a poorly designed user interface, then you should look elsewhere.
  22. 22. THE BOTTOM LINE: Simple interface and call management is excellent for beginners; limited free features and no international access.
  23. 23. Pros ● Simple to use ● Personalized links for easy call connection ● No caller PINs required ● Browser-based operation means no software downloads
  24. 24. Cons ● Free subscription is limited to just five call participants ● Only available for US callers ● Limited free features
  25. 25. The long StorY
  26. 26. Speek is built around the concept of bringing simplicity to call conferencing. As such, it’s excellent for businesspeople who might be new to or unfamiliar with call conferencing and will get you up and running within minutes.
  27. 27. It’s simplicity will be its eventual downfall as many of its more sophisticated features are exclusive to its paid subscription. As you outgrow Speeks limited list of free features, you’ll inevitably seek the more sophisticated functionality of free conference call service provides such as UberConference and Wiggio.
  28. 28. Speek Saves many of its more sophisticated features for its paying customers. The free version limits you to only five call participants and does not include incall file sharing or call recording. For $10 per month, however, the Pro plan allows unlimited call participants and access to a longer list of features.
  29. 29. Pros: ● Voice, video and chat features ● Smartphone iOS app ● Good list of free features included ● Integrated with other collaboration tools
  30. 30. Cons: ● No call recording ● No Android or Blackberry app
  31. 31. The long StorY
  32. 32. Wiggio is essentially built around the concept of helping your defined work group collaborate on a multitude of tasks. You’ll be asked to create a group, which is essentially a list of people who you want to communicate with and invite to be conference call participants – this is limited to 10 people in the free version.
  33. 33. While Wiggio does allow 10 call participants for free, we’ve marked it slightly below UberConference due to its less intuitive visual display and lack of social media integration. MORE INFO: Visit
  34. 34. When do I need a paid solution? if you require more than five to 10 call participants, or if you need advanced features such as local or toll-free phone numbers, customized branding, international access and the ability to dial out.
  35. 35. You’ll most likely need to upgrade to a paid service
  36. 36. includes an extensive selection of free features in the first instance and its superior visual call management interface makes it our pick as both a free a paid service. At just $10 per month, the paid subscription offers plenty of value.
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