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IMSLC: Ecommerce SEO for 2015 (Dave Bascom from Fit Marketing)


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If your site isn't showing up on the first page of Google when your potential customers search for your the products you sell, you might as well be invisible--because nobody will find you. Dave Bascom, President and CEO at Fit Marketing, explains how to optimize your ecommerce store for maximum Google juice.

Dave's been doing the SEO thing since 1998, and he has worked with hundreds of ecommerce sites, from small mom-and-pop businesses to big names like Dell and Volkswagen. He will walk you through must-do tips to maximize your organic search rankings in the post-Panda, post-Penguin world of SEO.

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IMSLC: Ecommerce SEO for 2015 (Dave Bascom from Fit Marketing)

  1. 1. Ecommerce SEO for fun and profit
  2. 2. What is SEO?
  3. 3. SEO can feel like this:
  4. 4. Or it can feel like this:
  5. 5. Why does everyone hate SEO? Is it because of these guys? Or this guy?
  6. 6. Fun Facts About the Google ● Google holds 78% of search market share ● Google has 83% of mobile search market share ● 3.5 Billion searches every day ● 20% of all search queries are unique (never before searched) ● Universal results show up on 85% of all search queries
  7. 7. Reason #732 Why SEO is Hard...Limited Real Estate
  8. 8. 1. Pick the Right Targets 2. Build a Strong Foundation 3. Ongoing Content Strategy 4. Get The Right Kinds of Links 5. Keep on Keepin’ on How Can You Win At the SEO Game?
  9. 9. Pick the Right Targets
  10. 10. 1. Keyword Planner 2. Google Trends 3. Adwords PPC Campaign Reports 4. Google Webmaster Tools (Bing has this too, in case you care) Use Google’s Own Tools Against Them
  11. 11. ● Titles ● Headings ● Body copy ● Category and product descriptions ● Be UNIQUE Building the Foundation: Content
  12. 12. This: Building the Foundation: URLs Not That:
  13. 13. ● Go Flat ● Don’t bury or hide links ● Smart internal linking Building the Foundation: Site Architecture
  14. 14. Google it to see how many pages are indexed in Google - Indexed Much?
  15. 15. ● Product name, price ● Product availability ● Limited time offers ● Ratings & reviews ● Images ● Videos Add Structured Data Markup
  16. 16. OngoingContentStrategy
  17. 17. ● Keep it natural ● Product reviews ● Press ● Linkable content (link bait) ● Social sharing ● Get creative, be remarkable The Right Kinds of Links
  18. 18. Keep it Natural
  19. 19. ● It’s going to take a while. ● Track your progress and keep working at it. ● Work your way up the totem pole: gradually tackle more competitive keyword themes ● Watch for other opportunities to capture space on the SERPs Keep on Keepin’ on
  20. 20. Twitter: @davebascom Linkedin: Email: Let’s be friends