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Karla's Unit 9 List of Introductions

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Karla jackson4 hw499-01-project9

  1. 1. Web Site List of Project Introductions and Links Karla JacksonHW499-01 Bachelor‟s Capstone in Health and Wellness Robyn Hoban April 25, 2012
  2. 2. Project 3 Introduction In the effort to design the best fitness program for any individual, whether child or adult,healthy or recovering, or taking any supplements and/or medications, all aspects of the patient‟slife and habits must be addressed and assessed for the best exercise prescription. The impetus isto align an appropriate fitness program tailored to meet the physical and medical needs of thepatient. The following assessment is of a fictitious “Mr. Paul Connor,” suffering from acombination of symptoms, which developed into metabolic syndrome, due to stress, beingsedentary, and overweight. Should you identify with any of “Mr. Connor‟s” symptoms, or areexhibiting others, may I suggest you see and discuss your concerns with your physician prior tomaking any decisions regarding your health.Here is Project 3 link:http://karlapetersenhealthandwellness.webs.com/apps/blog/entries/show/13200927-karlajackson4-ef310-02-unit8-project Project 4 Introduction What is the first thing that enters your mind when you think of herbs? Do you think ofcooking? flavoring/seasoning? aroma? healing/first aid? Well, meet herbs: flavorful andtherapeutic, because herbs can heal. My interaction with herbs has grown into appreciation for their value as necessary to asavory pot and necessary to health. Herbs have curative properties; their ability to support andpromote healing in our bodies is valued by laymen and research-supported by scientists; herbs
  3. 3. heal. When added to the foods we eat or drink, herbs become nutrition therapy, conveyors ofhealing. Please enjoy the following power point presentation I entitled, “The Medicinal Propertiesof Herbs,” because herbs can heal.Here is Project 4 link:http://karlapetersenhealthandwellness.webs.com/karlasunit4powerpoint.htm Project 5 Introduction It is my dream to teach others how to take the best care of all aspects of themselves(physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally) – this project is a prelude to that dream. Thisproject allowed me the creative freedom to design a course based on two topics that are ofcurrent interest to countless others and me: Complementary and Alternative, or CAM, andstress. Stress is a part of life and can be managed. Stress, left unaddressed and untreated, cancause many illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases. There are many alternative and non-pharmaceutical methods available to alleviate the physiological effects of stress, such as deep-breathing, exercise, sleeping, deep-tissue massages, herbal teas, aromatherapy, prayer,meditation, and stretching/Yoga, talking, and laughing, to name a few. Using Aetna as sole reference, I designed to allow students to interact with CAM methodsspecially chosen to help them experience lowered stress effects while in class. This course,which I named, “Elements of CAM as De-Stressors,” will also inform and empower students tomake qualified decisions on which of the many CAM methods would provide greatest benefit forthem. The opportunity to actually teach this course one day is a dream.
  4. 4. Here is Project 5 link: http://karlapetersenhealthandwellness.webs.com/unit5coursesyllabus.htm Project 6 Introduction Reading is part of our learning processes, therefore, it makes great sense to develop andmaintain a list of resources to serve as a library of reference and reminder; why search for abook that once served you well, just add it to your existing library. My Unit 6 Project is such aresource, an ultra-mini library of books, Web sites, peer-reviewed journals, and viewings thatcontinue to serve me well, personally, academically, and professionally. Though a sampling, thisresource list is a strong representation of what I use as reference for the topics of CAM, Exerciseand Fitness, and Nutrition.Here is Project 6 link: http://karlapetersenhealthandwellness.webs.com/karlasunit6resource.htm Project 7 Introduction Truly a labor of love, I consider this Stress Management and Prevention ProgramResource Guide, to be my first „book,‟ as it is 46 pages in length. Now that it is posted on theWeb, I feel „published.‟ My Resource Guide, as I will refer to it as, is actually a compilation of informationregarding, of course, stress, stress management, and stress prevention using “the readings fromRobert Zapolsky‟s Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers and Brian Seward‟s Stress Management booksto examine the pathophysiology of stress and its concomitant physical, psychological andspiritual ramifications, as well as the multitude of techniques and strategies available for copingand thriving even in the midst of extreme stress.” (Kaplan University, Unit 7, 2012). It alsoincludes self-reflecting journals used as exercises in addressing personal stressors, as I must be
  5. 5. able and willing to deal with stress in my own life prior to assisting others. I invite you to takesome of the stress tests on your own to determine your own stress health.Here is Project 7 link: http://karlapetersenhealthandwellness.webs.com/karlasunit7project.htm Project 8 Introduction “Who can keep such mind-opening, soul-changing, feet-grounding, body-healing, andspirit-enhancing knowledge to him-/herself? The training, the education, the experiencesbecome owned. Ownership, as well as the need to maintain the experiences gained, puts theindividual in the position of responsibility to share with others what was gained and healthful. Itchanged my life, perhaps it can change others’ lives.” This is a portion of my introduction to my“Wellness Principles Applied as Life Skills;” the project in which I determined I must first ownwhat I want to help others own; this is what qualifies me the greatest as a health and wellnessprofessional.Here is Project 8 link: http://karlapetersenhealthandwellness.webs.com/karlasunit8project.htm Project Conclusion I thank you for the time you have invested by reading through my Web site topics.Though it began as a class project, it has become a “calling card,” where presented works defineand reflect me in all aspects of my humanity: spiritually, intellectually, physically, andemotionally, offering a compilation of Karla Petersen-Jackson, degree-holding Health andWellness professional hoping to serve you very soon.