Gym Promotion on Fit2Talk via Listings and Members


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Fit2Talks unique gym marketing oportunity. supplying gyms a listing, profile and using their own members to promote the gym with ease!

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Gym Promotion on Fit2Talk via Listings and Members

  1. 1. Fit2Talk is an online Health and Fitness community. It's FREE to all, allowing you to set up a profile to make friends, be healthy and look great! There is also a wealth of information online to get stuck into including recipes, workouts, therapy and diets. x Lets look at what Fit2Talk can do for you and your gym..............
  2. 2. gg Fit2Talk aims to provide gyms with a new type of online advertising that allows them to interact with users and promote themselves through a range of social media like videos, groups and blogs. Furthermore you won’t be wasting your time with dead leads, due to all our traffic being specific to the health and fitness industry. All this will result in greater exposure for your business, which should mean increased sales of your membership. Of course this will only happen if you show our members just how good your gym is and give them an insight into your services and facilities.
  3. 3. gg The Gyms Page Unlike regular listings our gym page is part of an extensive health and fitness hub. It is this information and help that attracts our members and daily traffic. The gyms section can be accessed through the tab shown above and a search bar on the front page. We have designed the page to automatically show the gyms in our members city; which is selected upon sign up. The gyms are then split up into areas. However you don’t have to be a member to view this section, you just have to use the search bars if you are not signed in. These can be found on the home page or on the gyms page.
  4. 4. gg Your listing Every gym that advertises on Fit2Talk has a basic format. This includes equipment, facilities, specialties, location, contact details and PT’s. This listing is a point of contact, so make yourself look attractive to our members adding interesting info. Like classes, equipment or any unique features your gym has.
  5. 5. g Your Personal Trainers We are the first gym listing to provide you with a chance to show off your Personal Trainers. They will appear underneath your listing as shown below. This allows possible clients to read information and make a formative decision on acquiring a PT before they even join! This will increase PT revenue (Sustaining your PT income) and if you have good Health Professionals, attract new members.
  6. 6. SPONSORED • Sponsored gyms as you can see will have their advertisement in the prime location to attract new customers. This is always viewable from the first page in your specific city. •We will actively promote your business around the local area using a range of promotional tools. • Send an inbox message to members in your area offering them a free day pass (or any other deals). •Use our website to actively promote your gym and it’s facilities. Why not make a group? •Use our website to attract walk ins, with our free workouts, diets, recipes and much more. 2 Types of listing available: Sponsored or Free
  7. 7. FREE • Use our website to attract walk ins, with our free workouts, diets, recipes and much more. • Actively promote your gym and it’s facilities. Why not make a group? • Conditions for free listing: 1. You must actively promote Fit2Talk in your club through leaflets and, or stand. 2. All new members must receive Fit2Talk information pack. gg
  8. 8. fgb Fit2Talk • Incorporated a social community, with a gym directory to enable interaction between members and gyms. • Several forms of advertising including profile inbox, banner, sponsored link and active personal promoting (groups, article etc.) • PT listings under each gym. • Choice of free or sponsored listing. • Promotion of Fit2Talk throughout local communities. • In-depth listing with contact info, link to site and interactive map. • Cheap price for a great service! Other Websites Other Gym directory's • Provide basic gym listing. • Very few forms of additional advertising. • Links to Website. • Contact details.
  9. 9. fgb Members Promoting! This new feature allows your members to promote the gym by just creating a Profile, simple! This will market your business with no effort to yourselves, due to your members socialising and increasing your brand awareness. Upon sign up each member has to mention where they have heard Fit2Talk. It is at this point that we can find out where they came from. We can then select every member from your gym and place you logo below their name. This logo will then be linked to your website. Cost: Free for the first month and then a set price is set there after, depending on the current site traffic.
  10. 10. db •Annual Fixed Rate: £180 one off fee, paid via cash or cheque. This payment will cover you for a full 12 months and no further payment apart from a £20 one of setup fee will be charged. •Discounted Price: Annual fee is £120, plus £20 admin fee. This is on a basis of minimum sign up of 2 PT’s. So what is the cost of the sponsored listing? Includes: Top / first page promotion, inbox email to local members, active promotion within you area, promotion within our weight loss groups. Terms: You must actively promote Fit2Talk in your club, through leaflets and, or advert stand. Contact a Fit2Talk representative to enquire further or to instantly join this Fitness Revolution! Contact Details: Email:, Web: Mob: 07921919928 / 07792377205