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13 real time remote monitoring system kim gi hyun


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13 real time remote monitoring system kim gi hyun

  1. 1. 12/5/2010 Real time remote monitoring system  for preventing electrical disasters By: Gi‐Hyun, Kim  Ph. D.From: Electrical Safety Research Institute of KESCO, Senior research engineer, KoreaContent1. Overview of Domestic Electrical Disaster2. Remote Monitoring by H-SCP3. Operation of Electrical Safety Monitoring System4. Demonstration project and Test-Bed operation5. Strategy and Future of Electrical Safety technology 2 1
  2. 2. 12/5/2010Overview of Electrical Disaster Current Status of Electrical Disaster Current Status of Electrical Fire and Shock 2009 yea 009 year Electrical Fire Electrical Shock 533 283 46 Person 43 47,318 Accident number 5,947 Short circuit Preventable Death Injury Death Injury (80.3%) Electrical Fire of Building A 1,043 Over current 2,302 2,111 9,391 556 Leakage 846 Bad connection 1,546 1,005 934 999 Other 595 Total Electrical Fire Cause APT (Home) Life service Factory Sale Education Other 3Overview of Electrical Disaster Cause of Electrical Disaster (10-year) 14000 12000 Other 10000 ESD 8000 Bad connection 6000 Leakage 4000 Overload 2000 Short circuit 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Most cause of Electrical Disasters : Short Circuit, Overload, leakage current 4 2
  3. 3. 12/5/2010Necessity of Remote Monitoring Before check & action by Electrical safety monitoring system Action ? Respond to the Changes Check Improvement Before Accident Electrical Facility Variety Various requirements After Accident “ Changes of Electrical Safety supervision” 5Remote Monitoring by Smart Cabinet Panel Major Functions - Remote monitoring of Leakage current , Over current and Arc - Alarm and shut out of Circuit Breaker 1. Alarm, Shut out and Display 2. Data Transmission Always Safety 6 3
  4. 4. 12/5/2010Remote Monitoring by Smart Cabinet Panel Development Cabinet Panel (Certification Completion) N L MCCB Main Breaker H‐SCP Main/LCD ECU 50A CT (1 Channel) ZCT (1 Channel) LCD CT (5 Channel) ZCT (5 Channel) Arc Board Branch Breaker Branch Breaker ELB 20(30)A, 30mA Alarm (Ethernet, ZigBee) Public Network Gateway SERVER 7Remote Monitoring by Smart Cabinet Panel Function and level setting of Branch breaker Set up the alarm level of leakage, over current (changeable) Branch Breaker Branch Breaker Separation ( 20A, 30mA : ELB ) ( 30A, 30mA : ELB) 1st Alarm 16A(10mA) 24A(10mA) Alarm Level of Over current, 2nd Alarm 20A(15mA) 30A(15mA) Leakage current 3rd Alarm 24A(20mA) 36A(20mA) Arc fault Alarm or shut out 8 4
  5. 5. 12/5/2010Electrical Safety Monitoring System Concept of management system - Remote monitoring for electrical safety data of customer - Alarm, Transmission data, Visit/check Alarm data Management system & Site check Management Center Phone of field personnel KESCO • DB Search Sever - H-SCP address SMS - H-SCP kind of event - H-SCP search of event record • DB : Input Data Phone - Input of check data - Event of H-SCP - Action Order SMS(Short Message Service) - Location and information Internet Data gathering & analysis Visit/Check Customer 1 Customer 2 Customer 3 H-SCP H-SCP H-SCP 9Electrical Safety Monitoring System LOGIN Screen of System 10 5
  6. 6. 12/5/2010Electrical Safety Monitoring System Main Screen and Major Function Panel & On‐line Customer Report Statistics Register Other 11Electrical Safety Monitoring System Critical information of customer On‐line Panel & Report Statistics Register Other Customer 12 6
  7. 7. 12/5/2010 Electrical Safety Monitoring System Phone function for an Field personnel Unique Number of SCP Customer Address Kind of Event (cause, value, time) Observe or check Leakage current : First, Second : Check Over current : First : observe, Second : observe or check Third : check Arc : Check 13Demonstration project Demonstration project (Traditional culture) Sepa at o Separation Jeo Ju a o JeonJu Hanok Village age Gyeo gJu a gdo g GyeongJu Yangdong Village age Number 28 household 24 household Installation 2008. 7.1 - present 2009. 11.30 - present Communication Wire Wireless(Zigbee) to Ethernet Server connect IP method Domain method Special load Motor appliances Welding, Rice cleaning machine Alarm Leakage, over current, Arc Leakage, over current, Arc (Designated as UNESCOs World Cultural Heritage (July, 2010) 14 7
  8. 8. 12/5/2010Demonstration project Example of H-SCP H- Installation Before installing(existing) After installing 15Demonstration project Example of accidents prevention by remote monitoring system JeonJu Hanok Village g GyeongJu Yangdong Village 16 8
  9. 9. 12/5/2010Test-Bed operation (Traditional markets) Concept of electric safety monitoring system Traditional market Control center  Electrical fire forecast system Optic Fiber Optic Fiber KESCO RS 485 Optic Hub Cabinet panel Sever SMS Server Local server DB Server Market  Admin  Power rebooting Sever office Client Optic Fiber RS 485 Store  Substation GIS server Multiplex FMS server FMS server SMS(short message service)  Internet SCP IP‐TV IP‐Phone PCSite personnel GIS Client zigbee FMS Client Fire & trespass sensor Floor cabinet Panel Phone  Data  Control gathering 17Test-Bed operation (Traditional markets)  Trial product & Performance of main board Development of CT, Slim Breaker (2 P) Main Breaker (4 P) (Main Control Board) ZCT  Performance - Arc detections - Over-current detections Main : 2P 60A Main : 4P 100A, - leakage current detections Branch : 2P 20A, 4 branch Branch: 3P 50A, 2 branch Branch: 2P 20A, 5 branch - Transmission signal of electrical safety factor 18 9
  10. 10. 12/5/2010Test-Bed operation (Traditional markets)  Test-Bed construction  Electrical equipment and communication network (Cabinet panel, MUX and electrical (Main server) equipment of traditional markets) (Sever web-login screen and main screen) 19Test-Bed operation (Traditional markets)  Test of leakage current and communication (Detailed condition of circuit breaker) (leakage 10mA generation and display event at LCD) ( Warning expression of first level at web screen) 20 10
  11. 11. 12/5/2010Test-Bed operation (Traditional markets)  Test of over current and communication (Detailed condition of circuit breaker) (Over current 5A generation and display event at LCD) ( Warning expression of first level at web screen) 21Test-Bed operation (Traditional markets)  Test of arc fault and communication (Detailed condition of circuit breaker) (Arc generation and display event at LCD ) (Expression of Arc event at web screen) 22 11
  12. 12. 12/5/2010Strategy and Future of Electrical Safety technology Check method of customer electrical safety Check of Electric Equip. Customer (Now) Customer (Future) • Interval-check by visiting • Consolidation Management • Prevention of accident • Follow-up service • Efficiency, Improve of • Need many manpower, much time technology Dispersion Concentration Inspector (checker) Manager 23Strategy and Future of Electrical Safety technology ▣ APT Cultural, Detached House Prevention Disaster Welfare facility Efficiency Apartment Remote Monitoring system Streetlamp etc. Building Energy Management Monitoring safety Data & Info Control Signal Smart Cabinet Panel U-City Traditional Markets New & Renewable Energy Entertainment Facility Restaurants etc. Smart Grid etc. 24 12
  13. 13. 12/5/2010 THANK YOU By: Gi‐Hyun, Kim  Ph. D.From: Electrical Safety Research Institute of KESCO, Senior research engineer, Korea E‐mail : Tel      : 82‐31‐580‐3057   13