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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. How Computers will help us in the future Computers will be able to help us in a lot of ways by making our stress level disappear we will contact and connect to each other threw our screens send mail and even Computers will make our job the easiest thing to get paid for! Our Kids need education and in the future presence of computers it will make them be ready for any obstacle and so will our futures will be bright and full of information
  2. 2. Future computers will help in many ways such as business and internet or even jobs at home. They will give you the power of less stress and computers will be easier to control. How will computers help us ?
  3. 3. Computers will help us by creating more options for us such as moving around or color of things such as a couch shown bellow its very easy just hole up the screen and its don. As well as the weather hold up the screen and you get all the calculations.
  4. 4. Scientist will help us increase the speed of a computers memory and also it will help us not worry about wasting our time when we are in a hurry Off Computers wont get cut off the speed of internet will never have a lost connection
  5. 5. Computers will help your kids study and maybe even have there own way to reach out to children by Giving big pictures and come alive and be able to touch feel hear and even learn how to say the word or online books or even text coming out of the computer to show kids how fun learning is all by our future computers ABC 123 Help Our Kids
  6. 6. “ You Choose” Emails Not Working Why not just send it threw the screen? So You Choose  Or  What would you Rather Have? Maybe Even Better Jobs
  7. 7. Computers Will Make Your Job Easy By them doing it them selves No More Stress
  8. 8. Future Computers will help us Arrive on time to places By Computer screens Save more time and Get to your destination in seconds! Lets Jump Dive And arrive to your wished destination Had an emergency just jumping your screen and get there in second.
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