Building aB2B Mobile MarketingStrategyPreview#mobilemarketing
+ OpportunitiesAgenda   + Challenges         + Building a Strategy
73% of senior executives under age 40classify mobile as their primarycommunications toolForbes Insights
Business-to-Business mobile marketingspending will quadruple over the next fiveyears, rising from $26 million in 2009 to$1...
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How to Build a B2B Mobile Marketing Strategy (Preview)


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According to Forrester Research, mobile marketing spend will increase to $2.8 billion by 2012. The simple fact is that businesses are now as mobile as the customers they serve. If your marketing strategy isn’t taking advantage of the power of mobile, you’re missing out.

BusinessOnline’s mobile marketing webinar will cover:
The benefits of B2B mobile marketing in terms of ROI
How to build a mobile strategy and integrate it into your current marketing mix
Basics on many different mobile marketing tactics
The latest trends and technologies—from SMS campaigns to QR codes to Native Applications
Overcoming the Top 4 mobile marketing challenges
The figures don’t lie: B2B companies not currently investing in mobile marketing will soon be left behind. Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to get a leg up on the competition. After all, your customers are on the move. Shouldn’t your marketing go with them?

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  • Welcome to our webinar today. I think we’re all aware that mobile marketing is a hot topic right now, and we hope to provide information today that will offer some guidance into this growing space – we’ll be talking about some of the common challenges that B2B marketers face with the topic of mobile, on how to approach those challenges, and an overview of the tactics we find most pertinent to B2B.Preface with Mobile = cell phones & tablets, but cell phones currently offer more unique opportunities and hardware functionality since they are always connected (not just wifi) and have smaller screen resolutions
  • to forrester, the overall mobile marketing spend is 2.8 billion in 2011. other figures put it at 10 billion + in 2012.
  • B2C Marketers are innovating quickly and setting the standard for user expectations. Convergence of B2C and B2B users via mobile marketing, the lines start to become blurredWhat is unique about the B2B space in general? Business is more relationship based, the audience is more targeted with domain knowledge, multiple steps in the decision process and purchasing process, and long buying process with large purchases.
  • Building a strategy… it’s a huge goal to try and cover in a webinar, but we’ve tried to do it by breaking it all down into 7 steps. I look at this as being a path from where we are today, to where we want to go.
  • How to Build a B2B Mobile Marketing Strategy (Preview)

    1. 1. Building aB2B Mobile MarketingStrategyPreview#mobilemarketing
    2. 2. + OpportunitiesAgenda + Challenges + Building a Strategy
    3. 3. 73% of senior executives under age 40classify mobile as their primarycommunications toolForbes Insights
    4. 4. Business-to-Business mobile marketingspending will quadruple over the next fiveyears, rising from $26 million in 2009 to$106 million in 2014.Forrester Research
    5. 5. Challenges//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Typical challenges faced by B2B Marketers when approaching the topic of mobile marketing: + Trying to keep up with B2C Mobile Marketing + B2B Mobile Marketing is Unique to My Business + Budget & Resources + Measurement + Lack of Awareness / Knowledge Internally + Lack of Experience in the Mobile Marketing space + Legacy and/or Complex Systems
    6. 6. Building a Strategy//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Goals + Ie. Mobile Goals? Assets + Ie. What assets are currently available? Users + Ie. What are your customers core needs? Context + Ie. Time? Location? Hardware? Status? Etc. Tactics + Ie. Mobile site? Native Application? QR Codes? Measurement + Ie. B2B mobile marketing KPIs? Iterate + Ie. Test and learn…
    7. 7. Thirsty for more?//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// + Want a better more detailed understanding of what those mobile marketing tactics are? + Join BusinessOnline’s Jegan Chen, Sr. User-Experience Strategist on: + Oct 26, 2011 from 10am – 11am PST + Free Webinar: How to Build a B2B Mobile Marketing Strategy + REGISTER HERE: