Facebook: Beyond The Fundatmentals

Facebook: Beyond FundamentalsAIDAA Model for Facebook ROI,[object Object],February 2010,[object Object],Presented by:  Michael Weisfeld,[object Object]
Michael Weisfeld – Senior Strategist,[object Object],“Big 5” Management consulting background,[object Object],Online marketing industry since 2002,[object Object],Expertise:,[object Object],Strategy ,[object Object],Social Media ,[object Object],SEM ,[object Object],Usability ,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],2,[object Object]
Facebook Fan Page Experience,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],3,[object Object],Sample of clients we’ve worked with to launch fan pages …,[object Object],Watkins Hot Spring Spas ,[object Object],Bumble Bee Food’s BeeWell Miles,[object Object],American Red Cross Blood Donors,[object Object]
Agenda,[object Object],Facebook Introduction,[object Object],Platform Constantly Changing,[object Object],Monetization vs. ROI,[object Object],AIDAA Model for Facebook,[object Object],Awareness,[object Object],Interest,[object Object],Desire,[object Object],Action,[object Object],Advocacy,[object Object],Optimization,[object Object],Resources,[object Object],Monitoring and Reporting,[object Object],Conclusion ,[object Object], September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],4,[object Object],Follow the BusinessOnLine Social Media team on Twitter at:,[object Object],@BOLSocial,[object Object],if Tweetting about this session, please use this hashtag:,[object Object],#OMSFB,[object Object]
Schedule a Social Media Lab,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],5,[object Object],[object Object]
Review an audit of your Facebook Page
Discuss different Facebook related tactics that can help satisfy your marketing objectives http://labs.onlinemarketingsummit.com/,[object Object]
Facebook Fan Page Experience,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],6,[object Object],Audience Participation,[object Object],Raise your hand if you have used a Facebook fan page as part of your marketing mix.,[object Object]
Facebook Introduction,[object Object],Astonishing Statistics & Online Social Hub,[object Object], D2Cshow.org,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],7,[object Object]
Facebook Explosion,[object Object],8,[object Object],132,000,000,[object Object],unique visits,[object Object],Highest record in the site’s history,[object Object]
To put it in context …,[object Object],Facebook is more popular than Yahoo!,[object Object],http://www.marketingcharts.com/interactive/facebook-yanks-2-spot-from-yahoo-12030/,[object Object]
Facebook Explosion,[object Object],400,000,000+,[object Object],registered users,[object Object],The number of people actively using Facebook – equivalent to the population of Indonesia, the world’s fifth-most populous country,[object Object],Facebook the leader in social networking survey, 8.04.09,[object Object]
Facebook Explosion,[object Object],5,000,000,000,[object Object],min per day,[object Object],The number of minutes spent on Facebook each day,[object Object],Digital Buzz Blog, Social Media Has Grown Up: Stats One Year On, 8.03.09,[object Object]
Facebook Explosion,[object Object],1,000,000,000,[object Object],posts per week,[object Object],The amount of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) shared each week on Facebook,[object Object],Digital Buzz Blog, Social Media Has Grown Up: Stats One Year On, 8.03.09,[object Object]
Average User Activities,[object Object],> 55 min,[object Object],per day,[object Object],http://mashable.com/2010/02/10/facebook-growth-infographic/,[object Object]
Facebook Platform,[object Object],A Holistic Perspective,[object Object]
Social Media Broadcast System,[object Object]
Social Media Broadcast System,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],16,[object Object],Facebook,[object Object]
Multiple forms of Facebook,[object Object],17,[object Object]
Facebook Web Application Platform,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],18,[object Object],Facebook Domain,[object Object],Web Server Domain,[object Object],Data Path,[object Object],Facebook,[object Object],Database,[object Object]
Facebook Web Application Platform,[object Object]
Facebook Homepage,[object Object],Last updated:  February 2010,[object Object]
Facebook Homepage Heat Map,[object Object]
Getting value from Facebook,[object Object],Monetization vs. ROI,[object Object], D2Cshow.org,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],22,[object Object]
Monetization vs. ROI,[object Object],ROI,[object Object],Focused on a return on investments via conversions as a result of channeling marketing promotions and participation on Facebook ,[object Object], September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],23,[object Object],Monetization,[object Object],Focused on developing a revenue model via affiliate marketing and third party advertisements on the Facebook platform   ,[object Object]
Monetization vs. ROI,[object Object],ROI,[object Object],Focused on a return on investments via conversions as a result of channeling marketing promotions and participation on Facebook ,[object Object], September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],24,[object Object],Monetization,[object Object],Focused on developing a revenue model via affiliate marketing and third party advertisements on the Facebook platform   ,[object Object]
Targeted Objectives,[object Object],Lead Generation,[object Object],Brand Awareness,[object Object],Campaign Promotion,[object Object],Brand Reputation,[object Object],Brand Loyalty,[object Object],Customer Support,[object Object],Conversions ,[object Object],Identifying Influencers,[object Object],Target Audience Insights,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],25,[object Object]
AIDAA Model for Facebook,[object Object],26,[object Object],a,[object Object],Goals,[object Object],Phase,[object Object],wareness,[object Object],Get a visit,[object Object],i,[object Object],nterest,[object Object],Become a fan,[object Object],d,[object Object],esire,[object Object],Engagement,[object Object],Interaction,[object Object],a,[object Object],ction,[object Object],Website Visit (referral),[object Object],Conversion ,[object Object],a,[object Object],dvocacy,[object Object],Promote,[object Object],Publish,[object Object]
Awareness ,[object Object],Getting a Visit,[object Object], D2Cshow.org,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],27,[object Object]
Awareness,[object Object],Objective:,[object Object],Gain a visit to your Facebook page, event, application advertisement or other initiatives.,[object Object],Tactics:,[object Object],Cross Promotions with webpage, other Facebook pages, Twitter and other social media sites,[object Object],Facebook Ads,[object Object],Fan Boxes,[object Object], September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],28,[object Object],awareness,[object Object],awareness,[object Object]
Social Media Cross Promotion,[object Object], September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],1,[object Object],Home Page Promotion,[object Object],Cross promote your Facebook page on your home page. Make the call to action distinct and noticeable.,[object Object],1,[object Object],2,[object Object],Favorite Pages ,[object Object],Use the Favorite Pages application on other Facebook Pages that you admin.,[object Object],3,[object Object],2,[object Object],Twitter & Others,[object Object],Promote your Facebook page on other social media channels like Twitter, Blogs, Forums, LinkedIn, etc.,[object Object],3,[object Object]
Marketing Collateral Cross Promotion,[object Object],Newsletters,[object Object],Invite fans to talk about articles or share their thoughts on your fan page.,[object Object],Email Blasts ,[object Object],Dedicated campaign to your customer base requesting they become a fan. ,[object Object],Signage & Receipts,[object Object],Subtle reminders of offline collateral.,[object Object]
Facebook Ads,[object Object],Website Ads ,[object Object],Directs users off Facebook and onto a specified landing page on a website.,[object Object],1,[object Object],3,[object Object],Interactive Ads,[object Object],Integrated social activities interactive ads for the Facebook fan page.,[object Object],4,[object Object],2,[object Object],4,[object Object],Fan Page Ads,[object Object],Directs users to the Facebook fan page. Allows users to become a fan directly from the ad.,[object Object],Skyscraper Banner Ads,[object Object],The image rich ad provides more branding and a link to a landing page.,[object Object],1,[object Object],2,[object Object],3,[object Object]
Fan Boxes,[object Object],1,[object Object],1,[object Object],1,[object Object],The Fan Box,[object Object],A social widget allowing visitors of your website to become a fan of your Facebook page directly on your website,[object Object],3,[object Object],2,[object Object],Fans/Friends,[object Object],Users can see how many fans you have on the page and some of their friends that have become fans,[object Object],3,[object Object],Recent Wall Posts,[object Object],Users can see recent posts from the wall, which update in real time based on the activity on the Facebook page,[object Object],2,[object Object]
Interest,[object Object],Becoming a Fan,[object Object], D2Cshow.org,[object Object], September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],33,[object Object]
Interest,[object Object],Objective:,[object Object],Allow the user to develop enough interest to become a fan of the Facebook page or member of your Facebook group,[object Object],Tactics:,[object Object],Facebook Fan Page,[object Object],Consistent, substantial content on the wall ,[object Object],Facebook Group,[object Object],Applications,[object Object],Event Page,[object Object],interest,[object Object],interest,[object Object]
Fan Pages vs. Groups,[object Object]
Fan Page Tabs ,[object Object],A maximum of 6 tabs can show at a time,[object Object],Tabs 7+ are only accessible via arrow at the right of the tabbed navigation,[object Object],There are 3 types of tabs which allow for a variety of customization and functionality.,[object Object],1,[object Object],Default Tabs,[object Object],Tabs 7+,[object Object],2,[object Object],3,[object Object],Application Tabs,[object Object],FBML Tabs,[object Object]
Fan Page Tabs Comparison,[object Object],low						high,[object Object],Customization,[object Object]
Fan Pages Customization Examples,[object Object],1,[object Object],Exclusive Offers for Facebook Page Fans Only,[object Object],The offer is not triggered unless the user becomes a fan first.,[object Object],2,[object Object],3,[object Object],1,[object Object],2,[object Object],Embedded Search ,[object Object],Ability to search for content directly on the Facebook page without having to navigate off until the user finds what he’s looking for.,[object Object],4,[object Object],Facebook Share Button,[object Object],The share button allows the user to easily share a specific content with their friends on Facebook.,[object Object],3,[object Object],4,[object Object],Intriguing Product Listings,[object Object],A list of promoted products that users can see on the Facebook page and links to a detailed product landing page for the specific product.,[object Object]
Examples,[object Object]
Tips for Group pages,[object Object],1,[object Object],Seed Discussion Board,[object Object],Trigger conversation topics to drive interaction and questions.,[object Object],2,[object Object],2,[object Object],Invite Friend’s to the Group,[object Object],Member invitations are effective for quickly increasing the awareness of the group. ,[object Object],1,[object Object],The Wall,[object Object],Answer questions and provide brand updates via the wall.,[object Object],3,[object Object],3,[object Object],4,[object Object],Multimedia,[object Object],Multimedia on groups include photos, videos, and links. Allow users to post pictures, videos, and links to the group.,[object Object],4,[object Object]
Desire,[object Object],Interaction & Engagement,[object Object], D2Cshow.org,[object Object], September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],41,[object Object]
Desire,[object Object],Objective:,[object Object],Provide relevant content that promotes user interaction and engagement amongst each other and with the brand,[object Object],Tactics:,[object Object],Browse Page,[object Object],Interactive Catalogs & Tools (surveys, polls, quizzes),[object Object],Wall Posts,[object Object],Promotions/Contests/Applications,[object Object],Social Context,[object Object],desire,[object Object],desire,[object Object]
The Makings of a Facebook Team,[object Object],Skill Sets,[object Object],Strategist/Analyst ,[object Object],Graphics Designer,[object Object],Web Coder ,[object Object],Customer Service Rep,[object Object],Microblogger,[object Object],Buzz Monitor,[object Object],Personality,[object Object],Creative,[object Object],Professionally Social,[object Object],Open to learning new technologies,[object Object],Organized ,[object Object],Proactive,[object Object],Detailed-oriented,[object Object]
Develop a Content Strategy,[object Object],Keep in mind your target personas,[object Object],Consider your resources and budget,[object Object],Establish an editorial calendar,[object Object]
Example Types of Content,[object Object],Tip:  try various types of content and measure fan interaction,[object Object]
Create Engaging Wall Posts,[object Object],1,[object Object],1,[object Object],Targeted Messaging,[object Object],Status updates can be directed to individuals from a specific location and speak a certain language.,[object Object],2,[object Object],Utilize Photos and Links,[object Object],Updates with imagery is more likely to capture audience attention. ,[object Object],Individual Post Insights,[object Object],Understand which types are generating the most feedback from fans in the form of comments and likes.,[object Object],3,[object Object],2,[object Object],3,[object Object]
Send Fan Updates from your Fan Pages,[object Object],Targeting Tools:,[object Object],[object Object]
 demographics1,[object Object],Attachments:,[object Object],[object Object]
 3rd party apps content2,[object Object]
Social Context (Personalization),[object Object],Social context is the application of a user’s social profile in determining what products and services are marketed to the user,[object Object],Benefits to eCommerce,[object Object],Promote products that interest the user,[object Object],Create an association with fan and products / services,[object Object],Create a more intimate relationship with the user,[object Object],Generate buzz,[object Object]
Social Context – Volkswagen,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],49,[object Object]
Social Context – Volkswagen,[object Object]
Social Context – Volkswagen,[object Object]
Action,[object Object],Making the Conversion,[object Object], D2Cshow.org,[object Object], September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],52,[object Object]
Action,[object Object],Objective:,[object Object],Provide outlet channels where users can connect to a specific website landing page where a conversion can be made ,[object Object],Tactics:,[object Object],FBML Tabs, Content Blocks, & Banners,[object Object],Applications,[object Object],Coupons / Sweepstakes / Contests,[object Object],Interactive Catalogs,[object Object],Landing Pages,[object Object],action,[object Object],action,[object Object]
Call to Action Process,[object Object]
Facebook Fan Coupon – Bumble Bee,[object Object]
Facebook Fan Coupon – Bumble Bee,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],56,[object Object]
Facebook Fan Coupon – Bumble Bee,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],57,[object Object]
Interactive Catalogs – Staples/Target,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],58,[object Object]
Applications – H&R Block,[object Object]
New Facebook Promotion Guidelines,[object Object],Administration of a promotion on the Facebook platform requires prior written approval from a Facebook account representative.,[object Object],You don’t need approval if the promotion is administered completely off Facebook and you’re only promoting it on Facebook.,[object Object],Entry into your promotion CANNOT be conditioned by having people complete actions on Facebook.,[object Object],Such as:  Tag a photo, update status,[object Object],Entry into your promotion CAN be conditioned by having people become a fan of the page.,[object Object],Tab that becomes visible when user becomes a fan,[object Object],Users can only enter the promotion from the applications tab (ie. third-party app or FBML tab),[object Object]
Advocacy,[object Object],Spreading the Word,[object Object], D2Cshow.org,[object Object], September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],61,[object Object]
Advocacy,[object Object],Objective:,[object Object],Provide content and tools that are easy for users to share and distribute through throughout the social media landscape,[object Object],Tactics:,[object Object],Wall Posts,[object Object],Facebook Share,[object Object],Member Invitations,[object Object],Embeddable Widgets & Badges,[object Object],Ratings & Reviews,[object Object],advocacy,[object Object],advocacy,[object Object]
Facebook Connect,[object Object],Solution for integrating Facebook features with a website.,[object Object],Benefits:,[object Object],User Authentication ,[object Object],Publish to news feed,[object Object],Personalization,[object Object],More Info on FB Connect:,[object Object],http://www.facebook.com/connect,[object Object],http://developers.facebook.com/connect.php,[object Object],http://wiki.developers.facebook.com/index.php/User:Facebook_Connect_Live_Sites,[object Object]
Facebook Connect – BeeWell Miles,[object Object]
Facebook Connect – Earned Media,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],65,[object Object],Tip:  Return on Investment (ROI),[object Object],Each time a fan publishes their activity to their newsfeed  is the even more valuable than a paid advertisement.,[object Object],ROI = ,[object Object],News feed impressions (#) x Cost of Ad ($) – Cost of Implementation ($),[object Object]
Faecbook Fan Badges - ARC,[object Object],Allow fans and internal advocates to add a badge to their blog, website, or Facebook page ,[object Object],http://www.facebook.com/facebook-widgets/index.php,[object Object]
optimization,[object Object],Meta Tagging with Keywords,[object Object], D2Cshow.org,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],67,[object Object]
Optimizing Search Engine Results,[object Object],Keyword focus your “About Box”,[object Object]
Assign Meta Data to Digital Assets,[object Object]
Monitoring & Reporting,[object Object],Forming Strategic Decisions ,[object Object], D2Cshow.org,[object Object], September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],70,[object Object]
Monitoring & Reporting ,[object Object],Objective:,[object Object],Actively monitor and analyze data generated from Facebook activities,[object Object],Define go forward strategies supported by these statistics,[object Object],Tactics:,[object Object],Facebook Insights,[object Object],Google Analytics ,[object Object],Campaign URLs,[object Object],monitoring,[object Object],& reporting,[object Object]
Facebook Insights,[object Object],Data Provided:,[object Object],[object Object]
 page activity
 ad performance
interactions,[object Object]
Google Analytics ,[object Object]
conclusion,[object Object],Wrap-up and parting thoughts,[object Object], D2Cshow.org,[object Object],September 13-15, 2009,[object Object],75,[object Object]
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Editor's Notes

  1. Insights = Monitoring & Optimization customer intelligence product feedback survey / polls
  2. Desktop application like digsby
  3. http://www.facebook.com/sitetour/homepage.php
  4. Source: http://www.oneupweb.com/landing/09_search_is_going_social/#
  5. Baseline buzz & analytics to fuel content ideationKeyword researchAlign content with marketing mix, marketing calendar, and content hosts Secure internal resourcesDevelop content rollout timeline Purchase the necessary media Create contentBuild digital asset charts for each piece of contentLaunch ContentPromote ContentMaintain Content based on Industry and Technological Trends
  6. Third party apps example: wild fire or involverExamples things you can’t do:Ikea – can not tag yourself in a photo … they posted a pic of an item and if tagged you were entered to win. this causes people to add their photo to their gallery – violation of privacy Soup Plantation – can not post a photo and ask people to guess the # of blueberries on the wall this causes people to create a newsfeed item – violation of the use of the wall as entry into a contestCAN NOT FORCE PEOPLE TO CREATE AN ENTRY OR ALTER THEIR PROFILE
  7. Desire - coupons