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European share point conference


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Today SharePoint is used in a variety of business processes. SharePoint is an ideal platform for enterprise-wide collaboration solutions. By using SmartPhones or SmartPads you can implement entirely new applications for SharePoint. In this session I will demonstrate examples how to use the iPhone, iPad or a Windows Phone 7 to access SharePoint data. I will show the iPad Solution for the German SharePoint Community and the SPDashboard, which allows you to browse through SharePoint data via iPhone or iPad. I will present how “Mobile SharePoint” can be used by field staff to get relevant data in real time. These are some of the examples I will demonstrate.

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European share point conference

  1. 1. Mobile SharePointSolutionsSharePoint gets mobile
  2. 2. Our ServicesMobile Mobile devices became more powerful and they are used for more than onlyApplication phoning. We support you using the new potential.Web2.0 Social networks, Blogs and Wikis reached the enterprises.Consultant We help you to work out a Web2.0 conceptSharePoint SharePoint is a powerful tool that helps to enhance enterprise collaboration. WeSolutions consult and train your employees in using the opportunities in the right way.Notes You are already using SharePoint but there is still content in your NotesMigration Databases? No problem we help you to migrate the content to SharePoint. Thorsten Firzlaff 2 20/10/2011
  3. 3. Video : Augmented Reality Firzlaff 320/10/2011
  4. 4. New Smart Devices - New Capabilities Proximity Internet Sensor Ambient Light Cameras Sensor Gyroscope Bluetooth GPS Wi-Fi Accelerometer Compass source:, E-Mail Soft Keyboard, Plug Thorsten Firzlaff 4 20/10/2011
  5. 5. Coca Cola – Show your brand (Fun) Magic Coke Bottle by The Coca-Cola Company This Magic Coke bottle has the answers to all of your questions about life, love and the universe. Ask it something, anything, everything. Give it a shake, viciously, gently - up to you. Spin the Coke Aaaah, young love. Stolen glances in the cafeteria. Passing notes in social studies to see if she likes you the way you like her. And then, the real test: spin- the-bottle. Thorsten Firzlaff 5 20/10/2011
  6. 6. vs DB NavigatorThorsten Firzlaff 620/10/2011
  7. 7. New Services Red Laser Quickly and easily scan barcodes See list of prices for Local and online retailers WeFind If you are looking for the latest news, blogs, Wikipedia articles, images, videos, web pages or in specialty areasThorsten Firzlaff Page 720/10/2011
  8. 8. Smartphone Business ApplicationPotential  Employees get access to their data at anytime and anywhere  Smartphones are less expensive than notebooks  Additional sensors allow new applications  Data could be displayed filtered by context  Limited functionality makes easy to use apps possible Thorsten Firzlaff 8 20/10/2011
  9. 9. Why do I need a native App?Advantages Disadvantages Hardware optimized  Own development for each Access to device capabilities platform Complete access to software  Partly restrictions by platform resources (databases, phone books)  Complex development Availability of offline content Complete options for application development Thorsten Firzlaff 9 20/10/2011
  10. 10. SharePoint Perfect platform for collaboration and applications Documents, image galleries Calendar Calendar, ToDo‘s Documents Members Custom lists Team Forms Discussion Surveys Workflows Access control Tasks Contacts Blog Easy standardized access via web services Wiki Thorsten Firzlaff 10 20/10/2011
  11. 11. Events Event website Flyer PDF Feedback form Twitter YouTube Facebook Thorsten Firzlaff 11 20/10/2011
  12. 12. Events – SharePoint Custom lists – Agenda – Speakers – Exhibitors – Feedback Image library – Event photos Document library – Presentations Thorsten Firzlaff 12 20/10/2011
  13. 13. Events – SharePoint – Smart Phone App Agenda  Presentations  Feedback Speakers Exhibitors Feedback Event photos Social Media  YouTube  Twitter  Facebook Thorsten Firzlaff 13 20/10/2011
  14. 14. Forms Forms – On-site survey – Workflows and evaluation via SharePoint Business scenarios – Feedback forms – Order sheets – Travel Expenses Thorsten Firzlaff 14 20/10/2011
  15. 15. Location-based information Custom liste for evaluation of location – Locations can be displayed at the Smartphone – Route planner Business scenarios – Agency finder – Route planner for field staff Thorsten Firzlaff 15 20/10/2011
  16. 16. Image databases Saving images via Smartphones with additonal information – Location – Date and time – Author Business scenarios – Recording defects by field staff Thorsten Firzlaff 16 20/10/2011
  17. 17. Apartment booking on the roadiPhone solution gives customers a easy andconvenient way to book an apartment• List of all apartments• Detail view for each apartment – pictures in a gallery – availability query – Overview of "my" reservations 1 Booking request 2 Booking confirmation Thorsten Firzlaff 17 20/10/2011
  18. 18. SP-Dashboard for iPhone easy access to your SharePoint dataFavorites CalendarSelect lists as favorites for fast and easy Intuitive monthly overviewnavigationLists Document librariesAnnouncements, calendar, tasks lists, Access to documents in commoncustom lists formats (doc, docx etc.) Thorsten Firzlaff 18 20/10/2011
  19. 19. SmartPads Larged Display – Better navigation – Better representation of the content spectrum New target group Substitute for notebooks Thorsten Firzlaff 19 20/10/2011
  20. 20. How often do you use your devices? 35% 30% 31,8% 31,0% 25% 20% 21,1% 15% 10% 15,2% 5% 0% Computer Notebook iPad Smartphone Quelle: Business Insider Thorsten Firzlaff 20 20/10/2011
  21. 21. Events – SharePoint – SmartPad Feedback App  Agenda  Presentations  Feedback Thorsten Firzlaff 21 20/10/2011
  22. 22. Simple approval workflownew For approval approvedThorsten Firzlaff 2220/10/2011
  23. 23. Product catalog for field services Product information Booklets Product images Videos Feedback/order forms Thorsten Firzlaff 23 20/10/2011
  24. 24. SharePoint Community on iPadConnection to Sharepoint Connection to Social Media- Blog - YouTube- Appointments - Twitter- Videos - Facebook Social Media Thorsten Firzlaff 24 20/10/2011
  25. 25. SP-Dashboard for iPad and iPhoneEasy access to your SharePoint contentSP-Dashboard for iPad allows you to browse yourSharepoint data easily. You can create a dashboardwith information from different lists and libraries toget the information which is important for you onthe first page of the app. You can define yourfavorite lists and libraries for quick access. 
For using this app you need no additional softwareon the server. Just enter the URL of yourSharePoint Site, username and password. Thorsten Firzlaff 25 20/10/2011
  26. 26. FeaturesDashboard CalendarSelect lists and libraries on your landing page Intuitive monthly overviewFavorites Document librariesSelect lists as favorites for fast and easy Access to documents in commonnavigation formats (doc, docx etc.)ListsAnnouncements, calendar, tasks lists,custom lists Thorsten Firzlaff 26 20/10/2011
  27. 27. Thank youThorsten FirzlaffManaging directorAdolf-Kaschny-Str. 1951373 Leverkusen0171 - 55 66 555