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Turn your Merchandise from Expense to a Source of Fundraising


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Turn your Merchandise from Expense to a Source of Fundraising

  1. 1. Turn Your Event Merchandise from an Expense to a ! Source of Fundraising!   of  GoodThreads  and   Presented  by  Andrew  Urban    Carolyn  Edrington  of  Melanoma  Research  Founda?on  
  2. 2. How  this  webinar  works  •  A link to the slides and a recording will be sent after the webinar•  Please type questions in the box on the right side of your screen, we will be answering them throughout the webinar•  Use hashtag: #fgwebinar to tweet about this webinar
  3. 3. About  the  Presenters  Andrew Urban Carolyn EdringtonVice President of National DirectorBusiness Development Miles for
  4. 4. Who  is  FirstGiving?  
  5. 5. Who  is  GoodThreads?   A solution that makes it fun and easy to create customized merchandise that tells personal stories and supports nonprofit causes.
  6. 6. Who  is     Melanoma  Research  Founda?on?  –  Founded in 1996 by Diana Ashby, a Melanoma patient–  2010 Operating budget of 2.6mil–  Fundraising Expenses – 9% of budget–  Education, Advocacy, and Research – 84% of budget•  Mission Statement –  To support medical RESEARCH for finding effective treatments and eventually a cure for melanoma. To EDUCATE patients and physicians about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of melanoma. To act as an ADVOCATE for the melanoma community to raise the awareness of this disease and the need for a cure.
  7. 7. Webinar  Takeaways  •  How to make merchandise a more effective, streamlined and profitable piece of your existing fundraising events•  How personalized merchandise can increase engagement with your supporters and contribute to a consistent brand identity•  Why merchandise can increase both donations per supporter AND donor satisfaction•  How to create a persistent store presence for your non-profit
  8. 8. The  Merchandise  Problem    
  9. 9. Extra  Upfront  Costs   Here’s  a  cost  breakdown  for  a  hypothe?cal  SmartMoney  fun  run.     Toilets   Online  fund-­‐raising   commissions    Actual  funds  raised  to   Signage  support  organizaCon’s   mission   Pre-­‐  and  post-­‐event  furniture   Entertainment       Event  T-­‐shirts   Water  and  snacks     Race  gear     Fences  and  barricades   Permits  and  security   Net  proceeds  to  charity  
  10. 10. Bulk  Orders  =  High  Costs  
  11. 11. Homemade  shirts    
  12. 12. Free,  un-­‐personalized  shirts  are  less  likely  to  be   worn  again  aMer  the  event  
  13. 13. Case  Study:    Melanoma  Research  Founda?on  
  14. 14. Miles  for  Melanoma  with  FirstGiving  •  2011 Events (3 quarters) –  $533k for run/walk events through September. –  $858k for all registration-type events.•  2010 Events (full year) –  Over 7,500 Supporters –  $705 for run/walk events (but that’s all four quarters of 2010) –  $1.2 million for all registration type events –  Top cities •  Wilmington, DE - $75k; Morristown NJ - $65k; Wisconsin Dells, WI - $45k
  15. 15. MRF  Merchandise  Headaches  Major headaches with event merchandise –  No revenue from registration fees –  Bulk orders/ Leftover T-Shirts –  “Homemade” shirts with pictures of honorees or memorials –  Challenge to meet sponsors needs for branding –  Control over branding for overall event look –  Longevity for branding
  16. 16. FirstGiving  &  GoodThreads  Solu?on   Suppor?ng   Miles  for  Melanoma  
  17. 17. MRF  Results    •  First GoodThreads Test –  Sep 25th 5th Annual Miles for Melanoma New Jersey 5k Run/Walk –  With one weeks notice pre-event 6% of fundraisers purchased an item –  Planning full integration now to pre-event communications cycle for future events. Anticipating 25% of fundraisers purchasing.
  18. 18. Tightening  up  branding  
  19. 19. Increase  Revenue  
  20. 20. Purchase   Fundraise   Donate  
  21. 21. Promote  Sponsors  &  Brand  Consistently  
  22. 22. Longevity  •  Increased Engagement•  Increased Awareness•  Will wear this shirt over and over again•  Won’t end up in the Goodwill bin
  23. 23. Simple  Ordering  Process  
  24. 24. Support  Small  Events  &    Grassroots  Fundraisers  
  25. 25. Bringing  Fundraising  &    Merchandise  Together!  
  26. 26. Upcoming  Webinar  Join  us  for  our  first  webinar  of  the  new  year!     What’s  new  at  FirstGiving    Thursday,  January  5th,  2012  1pm  EST,  10  PST  
  27. 27. Connect  with  us  in  our  social  spaces     FirstGiving GoodThreads  Facebook: GoodThreads blog: http://tumblr.goodthreads.comOnline Fundraising blog: Website: www.goodthreads.comFirstGiving for Runners blog:
  28. 28. Thank  you!     Interested in workingInterested in fundraising online with FirstGiving?   with GoodThreads? Contact: Lee Johnson Amber Williams Email: Email: Telephone: (818) x228Telephone: 617-963-5123 Mention this webinar for free setup (design services possibly extra)