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Take Your Organization Over The Edge


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Published in: Education, Business, Sports
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Take Your Organization Over The Edge

  1. 1. Take Your Organization Over the Edge!Presented by Kevin Meyer, Over the Edge and Taylor Corrado, FirstGiving! @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  2. 2. How this webinar works •  A link to the slides and a recording will be sent after the webinar•  If you’d like to ask a question during the webinar, you can type it in the box on the right side of your screen•  Tweet about this webinar using the hashtag #fgwebinar @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  3. 3. About the Presenters!Kevin Meyer,! Taylor Corrado,!Over the Edge! FirstGiving! @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  4. 4. What  we  will  cover  today  What  is  Over  the  Edge   How  to  incorporate    •  Fast  Facts   online  fundraising   •  Past  Over  The  Edge  •  Event  Planning   events  on  FirstGiving  •  Event  Benefits   •  Upcoming  events   •  Ge:ng  started  •  Safety    •  Ge:ng  Started   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  5. 5. What  is  Over  the  Edge?   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  6. 6. Over  the  Edge:  Fast  Facts   $65,000   58%  Top  fundraiser  Gary  Reid  raised  for   of  all  “Edgers”  have  been     Cancer  League  of  Colorado   new  donors  to  the  hosFng  nonprofit   $91,020   average  gross  revenue  per  event   6   $136,000   months  lead  Fme  to   average  media  value  and  exposure   execute  a  successful  event   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  7. 7. Over  the  Edge:  Fast  Facts   Top  Grossing  Events       Cancer  League  of  CO   $260,000            Special  Olympics-­‐Washington  $240,000                    Respiratory  Health  of  Metro  Chicago  $185,000    Special  Olympics  Texas  $184,000     @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  8. 8. Over  the  Edge:  Event  Planning  •  Four  Phases   Phase  1:  120  Day  Business  Plan   Phase  2:  Internal  Strategic  Development   Phase  3:  120  Countdown  to  Event  Day   Phase  4:  Post  Event  Debrief  and  Planning  for   next  year   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  9. 9. Over  the  Edge:  Event  Planning  Phase  1:  120  Day  Business  Plan    -­‐LeOer  of  Intent    -­‐Deposit    -­‐Two  strategic  planning  sessions    -­‐Sign  contract    -­‐Secure  building   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  10. 10. Over  the  Edge:  Event  Planning  Phase  2:  Internal  Strategic  Development  (30  days)    -­‐Develop  sponsorship  packages    -­‐markeFng  material  &  websites    -­‐assembling  Event  CommiOee    -­‐IdenFfy  potenFal  rappelers(fundraisers)   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  11. 11. Over  the  Edge:  Event  Planning  Phase  3:  120  Countdown  to  Event  Day    -­‐MeeFng  between  your  organizaFon’s  reps  and    Over  the  Edge  Event  Manager  (120,  90,  60,  30,    14,  &  7  days  prior  to  event  date)    -­‐Online  event  planning  calendar    -­‐Member’s  Area  on  website  to  stay  on  track   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  12. 12. Over  the  Edge:  Event  Planning  Phase  4:  Post  Event  Debrief  and  Planning  for  next  year    -­‐Provide  criFcal  feedback  on  event    -­‐CommiOed  to  60  days  post  event  process    -­‐Review  best  pracFces  for  next  year  set  up   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  13. 13. Over  the  Edge:  Safety  •  OTE  team’s  top  priority  is  parFcipant  and  facility  safety   •  Clean  loss  run  history  since  our  first  event  in  2004  •  OTE  Event  risk  is  very  low  despite  perceived  high  risk.   •  $10  million  occurrence  and  aggregate  insurance   policy  •  100+  successful  events  and  tens  of  thousands  of   •  Building  and  key  stakeholders  indemnified   parFcipants   •  Comprehensive  site  safety  and  building  inspecFon  •  Zero  incidents:  building  or  parFcipant  related   plan  •  Every  OTE  site  is  set  up  as  an  industrial  work  site   •  Key  stakeholders  named  as  addiFonal  insured  on  •  Adherence  to  all  NaFonal  and  State  OSHA  laws   insurance  cerFficate  •  Adherence  to  SPRAT  governing  procedures   •  ParFcipant  waivers  and  training   •  References  and  documented  media  coverage  •  Compliance  with  state  workers’  compensaFon  coverage   •  Pre-­‐event  site  inspecFons  by  OTE  technicians   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  14. 14. Over  the  Edge:  Event  Benefits  Public  RelaUons  Benefits  ParFcipaFng  nonprofits  have  experienced:      -­‐Expansion  into  new  donor  bases    -­‐Doubled  summer  camp  enrollment      -­‐Improved  visibility,  regionally  &  naFonally    -­‐Greater  brand  awareness    -­‐Separate  your  org  from  the  rest  of  the  NPO  pack     @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  15. 15. Over  the  Edge:  Event  Benefits   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  16. 16. Over  The  Edge  -­‐  Steps  To  Success  •  Start planning early.•  Incentivize fundraising to encourage high performers.•  Build on sponsorship successes and encourage multi-year sponsorships with corporations.•  Utilize social networking.•  Recruit externally.•  Corporate engagement - Promote team building experience.•  Older "Edgers” raise more money.•  Utilize star power.•  Find one passionate supporter to raise $10k plus.•  Incentivize increased participation – go beyond minimum. @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  17. 17. FirstGiving:  Success  Stories   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  18. 18. Success  Story:  Special  Olympics  Georgia   Top  Team  Raised  $5,503  online   All  raised  above  $1,000  minimum      •  2012:  First  year  •  105  fundraisers  •  52  teams   Total  Raised*:     $83,288   *Totals  only  reflect  online     dona1ons  on  FirstGiving   hYp://­‐the-­‐edge-­‐2012   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  19. 19. Success  Story:  Special  Olympics  North  Carolina  •  2010:  First  event    •  2011:  Held  two  events  with  293  fundraisers  •  2012:  Running  two  events,  with  56  fundraisers  so  far   Total  Raised  since  2010*   Total  Raised  2010   Total  Raised  2011   $64,558   $158,122   $231,220   *Totals  only  reflect  online     dona1ons  on  FirstGiving   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  20. 20. Success  Story:  Special  Olympics  Hawaii  •  2009:  First  event  raised  $105,759  online   Total  Raised  since  2009*   •  125  fundraisers  •  2010:  Raised  $73,947  online  ($22,732  offline)   •  79  fundraisers   $268,362   *Totals  only  reflect  online    •  2011:  Raised  $87,097  online  ($28,804  offline)     dona1ons  on  FirstGiving   •  117  Fundraisers   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  21. 21. Upcoming  Over  The  Edge  Events   September  2012  event;  raised  over  $16,000  so  far  with  27  fundraisers    June  and  October  2012  events;  raised  over  $40,000  so  far  with  89  fundraisers       August  2012  event;  raised  closed  to  $5,000  so  far  with  17  fundraisers     @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  22. 22. " Thank you!! ! ! Questions?!                   @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar  
  23. 23. “How  do  I  get  started?”       Free  applica7on  process   Contact:  Kevin  Meyer   P:  859-­‐359-­‐5269     Apply  online:     @FirstGiving      #fgwebinar