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What is the difference between content curation and content creation and how can it impact your nonprofit's communication strategy? Learn ways to leverage social media to connect with longtime supporters in new ways and activate new supporters.

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  1. 1. Social Media for Nonprofits:Killer Content in 10 Minutes a DayPresented by:@scoopit @sm4nonprofits
  2. 2. How this webinar works• A link to the slides and a recording will be sentafter the webinar• If you’d like to ask a question during the webinar,you can type it in the box on the right side of yourscreen• Tweet about this webinar using the hashtag#fgwebinar@FirstGiving#FGWebinar
  3. 3. Who is FirstGiving?@FirstGiving#FGWebinar
  4. 4. Online Fundraising SolutionsPersonal Support for your nonprofit, donors, and fundraisersEasy, tested, and secure transaction processes for the donorPeer-to-Peer Fundraising Pagesand Event RegistrationsOnline Direct Donations@FirstGiving#FGWebinar
  5. 5. Who shouldI listen to?How can I beheard?The Problem: Information Overload
  6. 6. The Challenge: Cutting Through the ClutterYouGoal
  7. 7. YouVisibilityThe Path:ContentStrategyThe Challenge: Cutting Through the Clutter
  8. 8. The Solution: Become a Curator
  9. 9. Content Curation
  10. 10. ResearchCreateApprovePublishPromoteMeasureRefineThe Content Cycle
  11. 11. What is good content, anyway?Pop Quiz:
  12. 12. 12 Valuable to your audience
  13. 13. 13 Consistent with your focus
  14. 14. 14 Dynamic: fresh and frequent
  15. 15. Whatyouconsume• What content do you already read? What do you share onTwitter and other social networks? What do you email?Type ofcontent• Articles, blog posts, events, videos, presentations, etc.Curationformat• Magazine, story, pin board, multimedia channel, etc.Start with what you already do.1Content Curation Strategy
  16. 16. Start from what you already do.1Organize your sources.2Content Curation Strategy
  17. 17. 3 Identify a content hub.From to the rest of the social web!Content Curation Strategy
  18. 18. Start from what you already do.1Organize your sources.24 Filter with purpose.Identify your content hub.3Content Curation Strategy
  19. 19. 4 Filter with purpose.Add your point of view.5Content Curation StrategyStart from what you already do.1Organize your sources.2Identify your content hub.3
  20. 20. Content Curation StrategyAdd your point of view.5Measure your impact.64 Filter with purpose.Start from what you already do.1Organize your sources.2Identify your content hub.3
  21. 21. Content Curation StrategyAdd your point of view.5Measure your impact.64 Filter with purpose.Start from what you already do.1Organize your sources.2Identify your content hub.37 Build your communities of interest.
  22. 22. Content Curation in ActionExample: Breast Cancer OrganizationPatients &SurvivorsDonors & BODMediaCompetitors& CollaboratorsLegislatorsCommunities of InterestRelevant ContentSuccess StoriesCoping TipsStoriesImpactBig NewsBreakthroughsEventsGrantsNew PoliciesFDA Approvals
  23. 23. Beth social media guruAuthor of “Beth’s Blog: HowNetworks and Data forSocial Change” &co-author of NetworkedNonprofit and Measuringthe Networked NonprofitContent Curation in Action
  24. 24. Curated Topic LineupSocial Media forNonprofits:MeasurementContent Curation for Nonprofits InformationCoping SkillsVisualizationTechniquesandPracticeGoogle+forNonprofitsFailureandLearningNonprofitCapacityBuilding andTrainingNetworkedNGO’s
  25. 25. Content DiscoveryContent Sources:Blogs, Nonprofit MediaGoogle ReaderContent SuggestionEngineActive Nonprofits
  26. 26. Adding A Unique Perspective•Context•Opinion•Human Touch!
  27. 27. Social Sharing+
  28. 28. Finding the Time to Thrive
  29. 29. • It’s Not About You: Think 50/50• Just Ask: ? vs. .• Carve it Out: Schedule 20 Minutes a Day• Find Your Drumbeat: Post Consistently• Facebook: < 3/Day• Twitter: 1+/DayTop Tips for Killer Content
  30. 30. • Timing is Everything: The Burrito Principle• Mornings: 8-9AM• Lunch: Noon-1PM• End of Day: 4:30-6PM• Nights: 9:30-11PM• Email: Tues/Weds/Thurs 11AM, 2PMTop Tips for Killer Content
  31. 31. • Divvy it Up: Create a Social Committee• All Staff, Board, & Key Allies• The Ask: 5 Minutes/Week1. Facebook: 2+ Like/Comment/Shares2. Twitter: 2+ Retweets/Remixes3. Fill in the BlankTop Tips for Killer Content
  32. 32. 32Create an Editorial CalendarTop Tips for Killer Content
  33. 33. Simple Spreadsheet with:•Author•Focus/Content•Platform•Date & Time•Media (Photos, Video)•Free Template: Ritu@SM4NP.orgTop Tips for Killer ContentCreate an Editorial Calendar
  34. 34. Use Scheduling ToolsTop Tips for Killer Content
  35. 35. Top Tips for Killer ContentUse Scheduling Tools
  36. 36. ListsTop Tips for Killer Content
  37. 37. Top Tips for Killer Content
  38. 38. Top Tips for Killer Content
  39. 39. Top Tips for Killer ContentEmail Integration
  40. 40. Thank You!