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How a nonprofit can survive and thrive in the world of crowd collaboration


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How does your nonprofit know when to use peer-to-peer fundraising or crowdfunding?

Join Georgia Wright-Simmons (Senior Business Development Associate, Launcht) and Dan Fonseca (Inbound Marketing Coordinator, FirstGiving) as they explore the differences and similarities between peer-to-peer fundraising and crowd-funding for nonprofits.

Georgia and Dan will cover:

-When each fundraising strategy makes sense to implement
-The differences between peer-to-peer fundraising and crowdfunding
-General guidelines in application
-Case studies examples

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How a nonprofit can survive and thrive in the world of crowd collaboration

  1. 1. How a Nonprofit can Survive and Thrive in the World of Crowd Collaboration February, 20, 2014 #FGWebinar
  2. 2. Presenters Dan Fonseca Georgia Wright-Simmons • Senior Business Development Associate at Launcht • Marathon runner (Boston 2014) • Originally from Iowa • Inbound Marketing Coordinator at FirstGiving • Musician • Thinks trail mix is tasty #FGWebinar
  3. 3. ―What we face now is a pace of change that is unprecedented. Major innovations that used to change our lifestyles maybe once or twice in a generation, we’re seeing that now almost on an annual basis. So what needs to be top of mind for all [non-profits], no matter how established their brand is, is to stay relevant among our [donors]. We have to think about how the lives of our end users are changing, whether that end user is a consumer, a patient, a doctor or anyone else. And to remain relevant we need to be new ecosystem.” — Kim Kadlec Worldwide Vice President, Global Marketing Group Johnson & Johnson Quoted in ZMOT #FGWebinar part of their
  5. 5. Why Multichannel Matters: People Give in Many Different Ways Give Online Checkout Donations 52 53 51 47 Give in Response to Direct Mail 40 42 52 44 40 27 22 10 Generation Generation Y X Boomers #FGWebinar Matures All stats from Blackbaud report unless otherwise noted
  6. 6. Misconceptions • Generation Y is NOT selfish and should not be discounted • Using crowdfunding technology is not a niche restricted to ―hipsters‖ and ―artists‖ • Online fundraising is NOT the end of traditional fundraising • Online fundraising is NOT a panacea #FGWebinar
  7. 7. ONLINE FUNDRAISING Percent Increase from 2011 to 2012 Percent of Total Donations Percent Increase from 2011 to 2012 7% 10.7% Online Giving Overall Giving 1.7% 93% Online #FGWebinar Other Sources *Other sources include major gifts, annual fund, checks, telephone, direct mail, and event
  8. 8. Benefits of Online Fundraising • Online fundraising improves your transparency, showcasing the depth and breadth of what you do • Online fundraising gives donors a sense of agency—they have the power to choose where their money goes • People feel a stronger connection to the projects they fund than to organizations in general • Crowdfunding and Peer-to-peer fundraising create avenues for peer endorsement, which builds trust with new donors • The Cloud creates endless opportunities for donor entry • Fundraisers build engagement beyond donating • Online fundraising is very cost-effective for your organization • It is easily quantifiable and trackable #FGWebinar
  9. 9. What ARE crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising? #FGWebinar
  10. 10. Crowdfunding: Build your base Major Donors Recurring & Annual Donors Occasional Donors & Event Participants #FGWebinar
  11. 11. Crowdfunding Opportunities • Connect members of an existing community • Umbrella organization giving small associated nonprofits access to a larger donor pool Benefits: • Surface new projects, connecting money with ideas beyond email lists • Putting small nonprofits on a big platform #FGWebinar
  12. 12. Crowdfunding Opportunities • Breaking annual fund into more concrete and interactive projects Benefits: • Connect young and new donors with projects they identify with in a very concrete way • Significantly increase clickthrough on email outreach: UVMStart had a 14% clickthrough on email outreach about their crowdfunding platform #FGWebinar
  13. 13. Crowdfunding Opportunities • Initiative-based fundraising • Based around specific fundraising efforts, with the goal of increasing transparency Benefits: • Connecting donors with impact rather than with mission • Giving donors a sense of control over where their dollars go #FGWebinar
  14. 14. Crowdfunding Opportunities • Brands crowdsource where their philanthropy dollars go Benefits: • Philanthropy dollars do double duty, marketing the company and creating positive associations • Brings attention to brand’s connections with non-profits #FGWebinar
  15. 15. Three Steps to Getting Setup 1. Choose which strategy makes the most sense for your organization and initiatives 2. Structure your site and populate it with content 3. Reach out to top supporters—ask them to create campaigns on your site or be your champions: the first to donate and share #FGWebinar
  16. 16. Peer-to-peer Fundraising: Increase Engagement Using a Specific Event Fundraisers Recurring Donors & Event Participants Occasional Donors #FGWebinar
  17. 17. Peer-to-peer Fundraising Blackbaud #FGWebinar
  18. 18. 4 problems personal peer-to-peer fundraising page solve for your nonprofit 1. 2. 3. 4. Lack of engagement on a supporter’s behalf Lack of exposure to new networks Not meeting fundraising goals Poor job marketing the brand #FGWebinar
  19. 19. Peer-to-Peer Screenshot #FGWebinar
  20. 20. Steps for Getting Started A nonprofit ready to take advantage of peer-topeer fundraising will have the following: 1. A strong supporter base 2. A peer-to-peer fundraising worthy event • • Traditional endurance events “Thons” – Bowl-a-thon, dance-a-thons, etc. 3. Information to arm the fundraiser with • Logos, email templates, best practices, mission updates, etc. 4. The right peer-to-peer fundraising platform #FGWebinar
  21. 21. Crowdfunding / Peer-to-Peer? Making a Decision Crowdfunding: Peer-to-Peer: • Cause and Project Based • Event Based • Bring in new donors • Increase engagement of top supporters • Provide depth and breadth • Focused on a single cause • You control your message • Supporters share your message #FGWebinar
  22. 22. PLANNING FOR SUCCESS What was once a message is now a conversation between funders and the organizations they support #FGWebinar
  23. 23. Equal Thought, Not After Thought: Creating a Holistic Strategy • Integrate with your current marketing plan #FGWebinar
  24. 24. Equal Thought, Not After Thought: Creating a Holistic Strategy Crowdfunding ≈ 1-3 months of preparation Identify top supporters Choose a worthy event and build a platform Equip your campaigns with useful materials Help Initial campaigns plan outreach Reach out to donors before launch Peer-to-peer fundraising ≈ 2-4 months of preparation #FGWebinar Go Live
  25. 25. Equal Thought, Not After Thought: Creating a Holistic Strategy Be Dynamic: Perfect is the Enemy of Good Collect Data Start with an ―MVP‖ #FGWebinar Iterate based on Data
  26. 26. Equal Thought, Not After Thought: Creating a Holistic Strategy • Follow Up Thank you! #FGWebinar
  27. 27. Online fundraising has the potential to turn small victories into big wins ―The average donor gives $50 while the average fundraiser raises about $500‖ Donor $ Network #FGWebinar
  28. 28. Wrapping it all up! • Multichannel approach is key • Crowdfunding is great for project based initiatives • Peer-to-peer fundraising works well with event based initiatives • Planning is key. Budget 1-2 months for crowdfunding campaigns and 3-4 months for peer-to-peer campaigns • Keep them engaged. Thank them and keep in touch. #FGWebinar
  29. 29. Questions? #FGWebinar
  30. 30. Be a part of our communities Facebook: Twitter: @firstgiving Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @launcht Blog: #FGWebinar
  31. 31. Interested in learning more? FirstGiving Contact our Online Fundraising Consultants • Email: • Telephone: 617 542 0010 x 4 Launcht Contact our team for more information • Email: • Telephone: 617 765 2000 #FGWebinar
  32. 32. Thank you! • Georgia Wright-Simmons – Senior Business Development Associate – Launcht – • Dan Fonseca – Inbound Marketing Coordinator – FirstGiving – #FGWebinar