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Fundraising Bootcamp week 2


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Fundraising Bootcamp week 2

  1. 1. FirstGiving    Fundraising  Bootcamp:  Week  2     Presented  by  Debra  Askanase,     Community  Organizer  2.0  
  2. 2. How this webinar works •  A link to the slides and a recording will be sent after the webinar•  If you’d like to ask a question during the webinar, you can type it in the box on the right side of your screen•  Use the hashtag #fgwebinars to tweet about this webinar
  3. 3. FirstGiving: Online Fundraising Solutions Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages and Event Registrations Online Direct Donations Personal Support for your nonprofit, donors, and fundraisers Easy, tested, and secure transaction processes for the donor
  4. 4. About  the  Presenter  Debra  Askanase,  @askdebra  Digital  Engagement  Strategist  Community  Organizer  2.0  hFp://  
  5. 5. Fundraising  Bootcamp:  Overview  Fundraising  bootcamp:  what’s  it  all  about   -­‐  Four  weeks  of  discussion,  learning,  and  tesMng:   -­‐  The  donate  now  buFon   -­‐  The  fundraising  landing  page   -­‐  Driving  donors  to  the  website   -­‐  The  plan  for  Giving  Tuesday!  Plus…  Answering  your  quesMons  Peer-­‐supported  Facebook  Group  (lots  of  discussion!)  hFps://  Follow-­‐up  videos  and  content  
  6. 6. Online  Fundraising  for  Nonprofits:   Facebook  Group   Join  the  group!  hFps://   Purpose:  discuss  your  challenges,  share  successes,  ask  quesMons  online  fundraising  
  7. 7. Week  1  review:    DonaGon  BuHon  
  8. 8. Six  ways  to  make  your     donate  buHon  rise  to  the  top  •  Color  is  crucial:  30%  greater  conversion  with  red   than  grey  (Network  for  Good).  Use  color  contrast.  •  2-­‐second  test:  can  visitors  find  it  in  2  seconds?  •  CreaMve  verbiage:  go  beyond  “Donate  Now”  with   specific  asks  •  Incorporate  an  image  with  the  buFon  •  Test  website  posiMoning  and  buFon  size  •  Is  the  buFon  placed  in  a  “disMnguished  area?”  
  9. 9. DonaGons  through  Facebook:    hFp://  
  10. 10. Facebook  donaMon  customizable  text    
  11. 11.  
  12. 12. hFp://­‐account-­‐ promoMon/  
  13. 13. Bootcamp  Challenge:   Report-­‐backs  1.  Decide  on  a  Giving  Tuesday  campaign  2.  Install  a  donaMon  buFon  (if  you  don’t  have  one),  and/or   opMmize  your  donaMon  buFon  (if  you  have  one)  3.    Post  your  biggest  challenge  within  the  Facebook  group  4.    Answer  someone  else’s  quesMon  within  the  Facebook    group  
  14. 14. Highlights  from  our  Facebook   discussion  group  •  Helping  each  other  with  dona1on  bu4on  text,   feedback,  thoughts  •  Sharing  what  we’re  working  on  •  Thanks  to  Big  Brother/Big  Sister  Miami,   Gallant  Few,  and  La1n  America  Working  Group   for  great  ques1ons  
  15. 15. Week  2:    OpGmizing  Landing  Pages  
  16. 16. OpGmized,  and  always  1-­‐click  away  
  17. 17. DonaGon  page  opGmizaGon   Examples  and  ideas  
  18. 18. Use  engaging  photos  
  19. 19. Survey:  System  allows  for  donaGon   category  configuraGon  
  20. 20. If  yes,  for  what?  •  80  responses  •  Most  popular:   Memory,  in  honor  of,  recurring,  monthly,  annual  •  Other:   Project-­‐based,  specific  programs,  matching  gie   opMon,  special  occasions,  geographic  designaMons   for  funding,  sponsor  someone  or  an  event  
  21. 21. Recommended  giving  levels,  mulGple   online  giving  opGons  
  22. 22. Give  something  away   hFps://  
  23. 23. Tell  a  story  
  24. 24. Types  of  donaGons    
  25. 25. Show  impact,  preferred     type  of  donaGon  
  26. 26. DonaGon  page  giving  opGons  
  27. 27. Show  where  the  money  goes  
  28. 28. Invisible  Children:  donaGon  page  
  29. 29. Show  the  steps  in  the  giving  process  
  30. 30. Social  sharing  +  clear  process  +  story  
  31. 31. Nine  ideas  for  opGmizing  your     donaGon  page  •  Eye-­‐catching  headline    •  Offer  different  online  giving  levels  •  Offer  different  types  of  donaMons  (in  memory  of,   in  honor  of,  etc.)  •  Tell  a  story  •  Communicate  payment  security  •  Give  something  back  (t-­‐shirt,  sMcker)  •  Equate  giving  to  solving  a  specific  need  •  Show  where  the  money  goes  •  Include  social  sharing  buFons  
  32. 32. Most  common  quesGons  from  YOU   -­‐What  is  Giving  Tuesday  and  what  is  FirstGiving  doing  for  it?*   -­‐How  do  you  opMmize  the  donate  buFon,  page,  and  giving   levels?*   -­‐Is  there  a  way  to  donate  through  Facebook?*   -­‐How  should  we  effecMvely  drive  donors  to  the  website  to   donate?   -­‐What  is  the  best  way  to  drive  donors  to  make  donaMons?   -­‐How  many  Mmes  should  you  ask  for  donaMons?  
  33. 33. What  are  the  best  giving  levels?  
  34. 34. Survey:  Recommended  giving  levels  
  35. 35. Most  direct  donors  give  in  $25,  $50,   and  $100  amounts   Total  number  of  direct  donaGons   35%   top  3  donaMon  amounts   other  donaMon  amounts   65%  
  36. 36. Breakdown  of  common  donaGon   amounts  from  $101  to  $1,000   DonaGons  $101  -­‐  $1,000    16000  14000  12000  10000   8000   2007   6000   2008   4000   2009   2000   2010   0  
  37. 37. DonaGon  giving  levels  +  impact  
  38. 38. Giving  amounts  based  on  what  you   need  
  39. 39. DonaGon  amount  takeaways  •  Encourage  fundraisers  to  ask  for  specific   donaMon  amounts  of  $25,  $50,  and  $100  •  Consider  semng  up  projects  that  can  be   funded  for  these  amounts  ($50  buys  a  week’s   worth  of  food  for  one  person)  •  Don’t  be  afraid  to  ask  for  higher  amounts:   $200  is  the  most  popular  amount  over  $100  
  40. 40. Determining  donaGon  levels  1.  Look  at  overall  donaMon  history:   a.  Your  low-­‐level  gies:  start  slightly  higher  than  a   majority  of  your  low-­‐level  gies   b.  Your  high-­‐level  gies:  end  slightly  higher  than  a   majority  of  your  high-­‐level  gies  2.  Offer  4-­‐  6  opMons  3.  Cluster  opMons  closer  together  at  the  lower   end  4.  Always  offer  an  “other”  value  opMon    
  41. 41. Week  3:  Driving  donors   to  your  giving  page!   What  is  the  best  way  to  drive  donors  to  make  donaMons?   How  many  Mmes  should  you  ask  for  donaMons?   What  is  your  biggest  success  thus  far?   Follow-­‐up  from  Facebook  group  conversaMons   Check-­‐in  on  meeMng  your  bootcamp  challenge  
  42. 42. Connect with us through our social communities! Facebook: Twitter: @FirstGiving Online Fundraising blog: http://blog.firstgiving.comOnline Fundraising for Nonprofits Facebook Group:
  43. 43. Thank you! Interested in learning more about FirstGiving? Contact: sales@firstgiving.comNonprofit customer of FirstGiving with questions? Contact: