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Fundraising bootcamp class week 4


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Fundraising bootcamp class week 4

  1. 1. FirstGivingFundraising Bootcamp: Week 4
  2. 2. How this webinar works• A link to the slides and a recording will be sent after the webinar• If you’d like to ask a question during the webinar, you can type it in the box on the right side of your screen• Use the hashtag #fgwebinars to tweet about this webinar
  3. 3. FirstGiving: Online Fundraising Solutions Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages and Event Registrations Online Direct Donations Personal Support for your nonprofit, donors, and fundraisers Easy, tested, and secure transaction processes for the donor
  4. 4. About the PresenterDebra Askanase, @askdebraDigital Engagement StrategistCommunity Organizer 2.0
  5. 5. Fundraising Bootcamp OverviewFundraising bootcamp: what’s it all about - Four weeks of discussion, learning, and testing: - The donate now button - The fundraising landing page - Driving donors to the website - Giving Tuesday wrap-upPlus…Answering your questionsOnline Fundraising for Nonprofits Facebook Group (lots ofdiscussion!) videos and content
  6. 6. Week 4: It’s all about YOUBrief survey results included with previous content overviewCheck-in on Giving Tuesday projectsThe Donor View:• One donor’s Giving Tuesday challenge• Drivers to online giving: new research
  7. 7. Did you change yourdonation button?“Before the bootcamp I had the standard FirstGiving donate nowbutton on our side bar. After the first session, I made our rotating picture header into a donate button with a call to action.”
  8. 8. Previously, it was the standard "Paypal" button with credit card logos. Ive changed it to a leaf design to stand out on the homepage.
  9. 9. Donations through Facebook: a “Donate” button to the Facebook Page
  10. 10. Did you make any changesyour donation Page? 0% - yes 12.5% - no 87.5% - not yet, but planning on it
  11. 11. Types of donations
  12. 12. Show impact, preferred type of donation
  13. 13. Most direct donors give in $25, $50, and $100 amounts Total number of direct donations 35% top 3 donation amounts other donation amounts 65%
  14. 14. Breakdown of common donation amounts from $101 to $1,000 Donations $101 - $1,00016000140001200010000 8000 2007 6000 2008 4000 2009 2000 2010 0
  15. 15. Week 3 Review: Driving donors to your site with six key steps
  16. 16. Step 1: Develop your assets• Grow your email list• Identify one to two social media spaces and nurture fans in those spaces• Identify your online and offline superfans and plan to cultivate them• Assess your email communications – are they effective?
  17. 17. Step 2: Build relationships with fans one by one
  18. 18. Step 3: Create an online donation campaign plan
  19. 19. Step 4: Craft the story
  20. 20. Step 5: Cross-promote: socially
  21. 21. Email + social takeaways• Use social media sharing icons in your email messages and calls to action• Enable donors to share their donations socially• Encourage social sharing of the online campaign
  22. 22. Step 6: Thank your donors>> Front Row Foundation
  23. 23. Week 4 Bootcamp Challenges – share your story:1. Have you made any changes to your online giving button, or donation page, as a result of this bootcamp series? Post to the Facebook Group what you’ve changes or optimized as a result of this bootcamp series – add photos, links, before/after photos.2. What did you do for #GivingTuesday? Share your GivingTuesday project to the FB group. Be sure to include a link, what you did, and share how it went!
  24. 24. Giving Tuesday:
  25. 25. Georgia River Network
  26. 26. Lynne Wester’s Giving Tuesday Challenge Test: The Donor View• Donated $10 - $1,000 to 15 organizations.• Tested usability, socialization, responsiveness, and donor attention.• Blogged about it publicly. (My post about it here: 2012-giving-tuesday-challenge-test/)• Made her data spreadsheet public:**Follow her on Twitter @donorguru, and read herblog:
  27. 27. What Lynne found:The Good• Showing the impact: look at charity:water• Sites are starting to be better about where to find them on social media• A good response from those that I tweeted (5 out of 15)• I saw one site’s button that said “Save a Life,” which is much better than “Submit” or “Add to Cart”
  28. 28. The overall winner!
  29. 29. The Bad• Not enough social media exposure• Giving websites were not mobile-friendly• Not enough places gave me the option of giving in honor of someone and even then, only in written format and not through email. The Red Cross told my honoree how much I gave – ARGH!!• I’ve already been solicited again!! (Feed the Children)• There is no excuse for having a “CAPTCHA” hurdle in order to give• Sites are arduous and repetitive, too many sites prescribe the dollar amount to give
  30. 30. All about giving, not about impact
  31. 31. More solicitation with thanks? No, thank you
  32. 32. Research: What prompts online giving? The Campbell Rinker Donor Confidence Survey of 494 adult donors who gave at least $20 in 2011
  33. 33. Research: What’s the best way to ask? Direct mail, actually!• Direct mail prompts online giving more than emails! – 50% surveyed in 2012 say they prefer to give online when receive a letter in the mail, up from 38% in 2010. – 17% who gave online in 2011 did so because of a direct mail letter, vs. 5% who did so because of an online solicitation – Ages 49 – 60 are most likely to give as a result of a direct mail prompt
  34. 34. Research: What’s the best way to ask? Direct mail, actually! • Online mail prompts some segments to give – HH income of $75K+ – 52% of women • Social media drives online gifts of donors under age 40 – 30% of those those < 40 have given as a result of a a social media prompt, up from 24% in 2010
  35. 35. Thank YOU!
  36. 36. Connect with us through our social communities! Facebook: Twitter: @FirstGiving Online Fundraising blog: http://blog.firstgiving.comOnline Fundraising for Nonprofits Facebook Group:
  37. 37. Thank you! Interested in learning more about FirstGiving? Contact: sales@firstgiving.comNonprofit customer of FirstGiving with questions? Contact: