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FirstGiving Fundraising Bootcamp week 3


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FirstGiving Fundraising Bootcamp week 3

  1. 1. FirstGiving    Fundraising  Bootcamp:  Week  3     Presented  by  Debra  Askanase,     Community  Organizer  2.0  
  2. 2. How this webinar works •  A link to the slides and a recording will be sent after the webinar•  If you’d like to ask a question during the webinar, you can type it in the box on the right side of your screen•  Use the hashtag #fgwebinars to tweet about this webinar
  3. 3. FirstGiving: Online Fundraising Solutions Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages and Event Registrations Online Direct Donations Personal Support for your nonprofit, donors, and fundraisers Easy, tested, and secure transaction processes for the donor
  4. 4. About  the  Presenter  Debra  Askanase,  @askdebra  Digital  Engagement  Strategist  Community  Organizer  2.0  hFp://  
  5. 5. Fundraising  Bootcamp:  Overview  Fundraising  bootcamp:  what’s  it  all  about   -­‐  Four  weeks  of  discussion,  learning,  and  tesMng:   -­‐  The  donate  now  buFon   -­‐  The  fundraising  landing  page   -­‐  Driving  donors  to  the  website   -­‐  The  plan  for  Giving  Tuesday!  Plus…  Answering  your  quesMons  Peer-­‐supported  Facebook  Group  (lots  of  discussion!)  hFps://  Follow-­‐up  videos  and  content  
  6. 6. Online  Fundraising  for  Nonprofits:   Facebook  Group     Join  the  group!   hFps://     Purpose:  discuss  your  challenges,  share   successes,  ask  quesMons  online  fundraising    
  7. 7. Week  3:  Driving  donors   to  your  giving  page!   Brief  review  of  weeks  1  and  2   6  steps  for  driving  donors  to  your  website   What  is  your  biggest  success  thus  far?   Check-­‐in  on  Giving  Tuesday  projects      
  8. 8. Week  1  review:    DonaIon  BuJon  
  9. 9. DonaIons  through  Facebook:    hFp://  
  10. 10. Week  2  review:    OpImizing  Landing  Pages  
  11. 11. OpImized,  and  always  1-­‐click  away  
  12. 12. Types  of  donaMons    
  13. 13. Show  impact,  preferred     type  of  donaMon  
  14. 14. Most  direct  donors  give  in  $25,  $50,   and  $100  amounts   Total  number  of  direct  donaIons   35%   top  3  donaMon  amounts   other  donaMon  amounts   65%  
  15. 15. Breakdown  of  common  donaMon   amounts  from  $101  to  $1,000   DonaIons  $101  -­‐  $1,000    16000  14000  12000  10000   8000   2007   6000   2008   4000   2009   2000   2010   0  
  16. 16. Giving  amounts  based  on  what  you   need  
  17. 17. DonaMon  amount  takeaways  •  Encourage  fundraisers  to  ask  for  specific   donaMon  amounts  of  $25,  $50,  and  $100    •  Consider  secng  up  projects  that  can  be   funded  for  these  amounts  ($50  buys  a  week’s   worth  of  food  for  one  person)  •  Don’t  be  afraid  to  ask  for  higher  amounts:   $200  is  the  most  popular  amount  over  $100  
  18. 18. Bootcamp  Challenge   Polls  1.  Are  you  running  a  Giving  Tuesday  campaign?  What  is  it?  2.  Have  you  made  any  changes  to  your  online  giving  buFon,   or  donaMon  page,  as  a  result  of  this  bootcamp  series?      
  19. 19. Most  common  quesIons  from  YOU   -­‐What  is  Giving  Tuesday  and  what  is  FirstGiving  doing  for  it?*   -­‐How  do  you  opMmize  the  donate  buFon,  page,  and  giving   levels?*   -­‐Is  there  a  way  to  donate  through  Facebook?*   -­‐How  should  we  effecMvely  drive  donors  to  the  website  to   donate?*   -­‐What  is  the  best  way  to  drive  donors  to  make  donaMons?   -­‐How  many  Mmes  should  you  ask  for  donaMons?*        
  20. 20. Driving  Donors  to  your  site:  6  steps  
  21. 21. Step  1:  Develop  your  assets  •  Grow  your  email  list  •  IdenMfy  one  to  two  social  media  spaces  and   nurture  fans  in  those  spaces  •  IdenMfy  your  online  and  offline  superfans  and   plan  to  culMvate  them  •  Assess  your  email  communicaMons  –  are  they   effecMve?  
  22. 22. Step  2:  Build  relaMonships  with  fans  one  by   one   Importance of identifying key action takers and influencers online eNonprofit-Benchmarks-Study.aspx
  23. 23. Step  3:  Create  an  online  donaMon   campaign  plan  
  24. 24. Your  online  donaMon  plan  •  Set  a  goal  for  the  number  of  donaMons,  types   of  donaMons,  total  amount,  number  of  new  vs.   returning  donors  •  Crak  the  story  •  Develop  the  communicaMons  strategy  (iniMal,   campaign,  post-­‐campaign/donaMon)  •  Cross-­‐promoMon  •  Start  talking  about  your  campaign  3  months   ahead  of  Mme    
  25. 25. Step  4:  Crak  the  story  
  26. 26. Step  5:  Cross-­‐promote:  socially  
  27. 27. Use  Facebook  to  promote,  do  it   engagingly  
  28. 28. Email  +  social  sharing  =  higher  CTRs  Study  from  GetResponse:    “NewsleFers  that  included  social  sharing  buFons…had  an  average  click-­‐through-­‐rate  (CTR)  115%  higher.”   hFp://­‐sharing-­‐boosts-­‐email-­‐ctr-­‐up-­‐to-­‐115.html  
  29. 29. CTRs  for  emails  shared  on  social   networks  
  30. 30. Fundraisers  using  social  media  raise   more:  40%  increase  
  31. 31. Email  +  social  takeaways  •  Use  social  media  sharing  icons  in  your  email   messages  and  calls  to  acMon  •  Enable  donors  to  share  their  donaMons   socially  •  Encourage  social  sharing  of  the  online   campaign  
  32. 32. Step  6:  Thank  your  donors  >>    Front  Row  FoundaMon  
  33. 33. Donor  thank-­‐you  ideas  •  Personalized  thank-­‐you  notes  (think  hand-­‐ wriFen!)  •  Segmented  email  thank  you  •  Shout-­‐outs  in  your  social  spaces  •  Create  a  thank-­‐you  tab  on  Facebook  •  Create  a  thank-­‐you  video:  hFp://  •  Pick  up  the  phone  
  34. 34. Orchids  of  Light:  Team  Camino   hFp://­‐ odd-­‐couple-­‐team-­‐camino/  
  35. 35. Pucng  it  all  together:  Orchids  of  Light  •  Raised  $20,000  in  small  donaMons  in  first  9   months,  35%  of  it  online  •  Developed  3  specific  campaigns,  each  with  a   story  •  Have  about  100  engaged  sponsors  (called   “roots”)  •  To  date,  relaMonship-­‐based  giving  •  A  LOT  of  cross-­‐promoMon  on  social  media  
  36. 36. Orchids  of  Light:  Giving  Tuesday  
  37. 37. Orchids  #GivingTuesday  projects  
  38. 38. Orchids  of  Light:  Giving  Tuesday  
  39. 39.  
  40. 40. Week  4:  It’s  all   about  YOU!  Brief  review  of  weeks  1,  2,  &  3  How  many  Mmes  should  you  ask  for  donaMons?    Bootcamp  stories:      -­‐  what  you  put  into  acMon    -­‐  what  you  sMll  want  to  learn  Report-­‐backs  from  your  Giving  Tuesday  campaigns      
  41. 41. Week  4  Bootcamp   Challenges  –  share   your  story:  1.  Have  you  made  any  changes  to  your  online  giving  buFon,  or   donaMon  page,  as  a  result  of  this  bootcamp  series?    Post  to  the  Facebook  Group  what  you’ve  changes  or    opMmized  as  a  result  of  this  bootcamp  series  –  add  photos,    links,  before/aker  photos.    2.  What  did  you  do  for  #GivingTuesday?   Share  your  GivingTuesday  project  to  the  FB  group.  Be  sure  to   include  a  link,  what  you  did,  and  share  how  it  went!          
  42. 42. Connect with us through our social communities! Facebook: Twitter: @FirstGiving Online Fundraising blog: http://blog.firstgiving.comOnline Fundraising for Nonprofits Facebook Group:
  43. 43. Thank you! Interested in learning more about FirstGiving? Contact: sales@firstgiving.comNonprofit customer of FirstGiving with questions? Contact: