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Survivor: Fundraising Mountain - Strategies, Tactics, and Tips to Survive Year End Giving


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Join Jeremy Haselwood as he presents Survivor: Fundraising Mountain. The digital fundraising landscape is riddled with traps, wild animals, and random elements. This webinar will explore digital strategies, tactics, and tips to survive year-end giving. Make it through the important holiday season and set your organization up for fundraising success into the next year.

Come January 1, will your strategy get you voted off Fundraising Mountain? In other words, will donors give to another organizations instead of yours? Don't let that happen. Find out how your organization can acquire and cultivate more passionate donors and finish this year strong.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Survivor: Fundraising Mountain - Strategies, Tactics, and Tips to Survive Year End Giving

  1. 1. SURVIVOR FUNDRAISING MOUNTAIN photo by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker
  2. 2. SURVIVOR FUNDRAISING MOUNTAIN by glenn Introduction Strategies Tactics Traps Now What? #FGWebinar
  3. 3.       Partnerships with more than 1,400 nonprofits in North America Raised $4 billion 200 associates nationwide We help clients improve results by building passionate and loyal donors. We do that through better messaging, digital integration, and multi-channel fundraising strategies by glenn 3 #FGWebinar
  4. 4. SURVIVOR FUNDRAISING MOUNTAIN Adventure Awaits.... by glenn #FGWebinar 4
  5. 5. STRATEGIES photo byAfghanistanMatters 5
  6. 6. strat-e-gy: noun. a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually for a long period of time photo by paulhami 6 #FGWebinar
  7. 7. Strategy at 10,000 Feet See the big picture Identify overall goals Ask: What will you do that will set you up for sustainable success? photo by paulhami 7 #FGWebinar
  8. 8. Strategy is NOT... Email Facebook SEM Retargeting Content Etc... photo by paulhami 8 #FGWebinar
  9. 9. AWARENESS ENGAGEMENT DONATION RETENTION photo by paulhami 9 #FGWebinar
  10. 10. Prepare for Fundraising Mountain External: Identify your donors Identify potential donors Identify trends Internal: Identify clear roles Establish KPIs Document photo by Al_HikesAZ 10 #FGWebinar
  11. 11. TACTICS photo by neil alejandro 11
  12. 12. Considerations: Humans Technology Tactics Tools Scorecard photo by stanchow 12 #FGWebinar
  13. 13. Campaigns: Giving Tuesday Holiday Appeals Year End Appeals photo by stanchow 13 #FGWebinar
  14. 14. Tactical List: Email Mobile Giving Social Media Retargeting Website Donation Pages Integration photo by stanchow 14 #FGWebinar
  15. 15. Start the trek! FUNDRAISING MOUNTAIN photo by moroccan_spirit 15 Less Risk More Risk
  16. 16. Less Risk Email Home Website Banners Social Media Search Marketing Considerations: Content Frequency Segmentation Acknowledgement photo by JefferyTurner 16 #FGWebinar
  17. 17. Pros: Battle Tested Historical Data Expected Cons: Money Left on the Table Limited Reach Ignore Donor Prefs photo by JefferyTurner 17 #FGWebinar
  18. 18. More Risk Mobile Giving Retargeting & Display Content Marketing Considerations: Content Learning Curve Segmentation Revenue Tracking photo by Rich Moffitt 18 #FGWebinar
  19. 19. Pros: Omni-Channel Presence Early Mover Advantage Campaign Reinforcement Cons: Time Less Historical Data Higher Entry Barrier Tricky Tracking photo by Rich Moffitt 19 #FGWebinar
  20. 20. Holiday Appeals Start Early Holidays to Cultivate and Convert Peer to Peer Reinforce Campaign Across Channels photo by subflux 20 #FGWebinar
  21. 21. December 31 FUNDRAISING MOUNTAIN Send or #Fail Test for Frequency Express Urgency Mention Tax Break photo by 21 #FGWebinar
  22. 22. TRAPS photo by 22
  23. 23. Trap 1: Ignoring Data Daily Time Spent Online By Age: 50-61: 5 hours, 42 minutes 62-75: 4 hours, 36 minutes 39% used mobile devices to access digital content Source: McAfee, “Fifty Plus Booms Online,” 2013 photo by benedict.adam 23 #FGWebinar
  24. 24. Preferred Nonprofit Communication Channel Mix (Ages 18-29) 5% 7% 6% 14% Email Mail Social Network Telephone Text Message Other 47% TM 22% photo by benedict.adam Source: DonorGraphics, 2013 24 #FGWebinar
  25. 25. Preferred Nonprofit Communication Channel Mix (Ages 65+) 1% 6% 4% 1% Email Mail Social Network Telephone Text Message Other 31% 57% photo by benedict.adam TM Source: DonorGraphics, 2013 25 #FGWebinar
  26. 26. Trap 2: No “And Then What” Thinking Send Email Get Facebook Likes Get More Donors Create Memes photo by _rockinfree Ok..and then what? 26 #FGWebinar
  27. 27. Trap 3: Tactics that Don’t Support Strategy Photo by Michael Hodge 27 #FGWebinar
  28. 28. Trap 3: Tactics that Don’t Support Strategy Example: A strategy to acquire more mobile donors, but no mobile optimized website or donation page Photo by Michael Hodge 28 #FGWebinar
  29. 29. photo by Smabs Sputzer 29 #FGWebinar
  30. 30. Keep to Strategy, Change Tactics photo by Smabs Sputzer 30 #FGWebinar
  31. 31. NOW WHAT? photo by mckaysavage 31
  32. 32. The End is Really the Beginning! photo by Paxson Woelber 32 #FGWebinar
  33. 33. Continue Relationship Converting to Sustainers Get Ready for Next Year Create 12, 24, and 36 Month Plans photo by akunamatata 33 #FGWebinar
  34. 34. Look at Where You’ve Been Celebrate Your Success Learn Document (because people change jobs) photo by jonathanpercy 34 #FGWebinar
  35. 35. SU VOR RVI D! RE UE NQ G ISIN RA UND F CO IN UNTA MO photo by overgraeme 35 #FGWebinar
  36. 36. SURVIVOR FUNDRAISING MOUNTAIN @FirstGiving @GrizzardComm Jeremy Haselwood @JeremyHaselwood 36 Images used in presentation are authorized under creative commons of the credited Flickr users.