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FirstGiving Donate Button


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FirstGiving Donate Button

  1. 1. FirstGiving Online Donate Button and End-of-Year Giving
  2. 2. End-of-Year Giving•  33% of donations made in the year are made in December•  10% of donations made in the year are made in the last 2 days of December!•  Largely tax-related… but holiday giving also comes into play here. Your donors are eager to give to your nonprofit. Do you have a way of capturing this explosion of generosity?
  3. 3. FirstGiving’s Online Donate Button can help.•  It’s helpful to have a way for donors to give directly from your website. •  Having a donation button on your website is for the “impulse buy” of donating!•  Our button lets donors give without leaving your site – their experience with your website is uninterrupted by the donation process.•  For your End-of-Year Giving campaign, using a donate button on your website can make the process swift and simple for your donors.
  4. 4. Specific features of the Online Donate ButtonPersonalization •  Your organization’s logo •  A brief blurb about your organization or campaign •  Your choice of 7 button colors to match your website designOptions for Donors •  Multiple giving levels •  Custom donation amounts •  In Memory donations
  5. 5. How to set up the Button •  Add your logo •  Enter or edit your organization name •  Type a brief description of the mission or goal of this campaign •  Select the color you would like your button to be – you can preview it! •  Choose whether to have multiple giving levels, and enter them if applicable
  6. 6. Advanced features•  Access the Advanced Features by clicking the gear icon •  Allow donors to pay the transaction fee, just like they can on the main FirstGiving site •  Allow donors to make their donation a recurring donation (monthly or other time period of their choice) •  Have donation notifications sent to you at the email address of your choice •  Customize the thank-you message included on the email your donors receive•  When you’re ready, click “Save Settings” to continue.
  7. 7. What would you like to do with your Button?•  When you have clicked “Save Settings,” you will see this screen, where you choose what you would like to do with your Donate Button. •  Install it on your own site by choosing “I will set it up on my site” (the default) or “I have a guy for that” if someone else manages your website •  Install it on your organization’s Facebook fanpage to allow your fans to donate from Facebook •  Print it out as a QR code to allow your supporters to scan it with their smartphones and donate directly from their phone, wherever they are at the time•  To edit your button, click “Update Button” – remember to save again when you’re done, then reinstall the code.
  8. 8. ExamplesUsing the button on your own website #1WalkBoston is using theOnline Donate Button on theirown website.•  They are using FirstGiving’sdefault button image in orange.•  They have set up 3 givinglevels for different types ofmembership.•  Donors are invited to pay thetransaction fee.
  9. 9. Examples Using the button on your own website #2Voices of Hope is using theOnline Donate Button on theirown website.•  They have used their owncustom graphic by replacing theaddress of our image in the buttoncode.•  They are not using givinglevels.•  They’ve installed the button inthe header of their website so thatit appears on every page, alongwith their logo and navigation.
  10. 10. Examples Facebook donate button•  FirstGiving is using our Donate Button for our “Charity of the Month” program – you can create a button for any nonprofit and install it on your Facebook fanpage•  Donors can click the “Donate Now” button and also post a message to share with their friends, so that their friends may be inspired to donate as well!
  11. 11. Examples QR Code•  You can save an image of your Donate Button as a QR code – then, print it out on your promotional materials•  Donors can scan the code with their smartphones, which will allow them to make a donation right on the spot.
  12. 12. Using the Donate Button for End-of-Year Giving•  You can set up fundraising campaigns both for fundraising, on the FirstGiving site, and for donations only, on your own website.•  Create a page on your website dedicated to your End-of-Year appeal, and install the button on that page.•  All donations made through the button will be recorded in your Direct Donations report.
  13. 13. Summary•  The FirstGiving Online Donate Button is useful for a variety of donation-button needs, but it can be particularly helpful for driving end-of-year giving because it is quick, easy, and integrated with your website and your FirstGiving reports.•  No time in the year sees as much or as heavy donation activity as December, particularly the last 2 days of the month – so it pays to get a donation solution in place now.•  Expand the reach of your button by installing it on Facebook and printing it out as a QR code.Harness the power of end-of-year giving with a customized donation button on your nonprofit’s website!
  14. 14. Q&A More burning questions?Visit the Success Center or email us at