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Corporate matching (de)mystified


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Corporate matching (de)mystified

  1. 1. Corporate Matching DeMystified Steps to Maximize your Matching Gift Dollars A FirstGiving Webinar presented by HEP Development Services
  2. 2. Webinar Agenda • About FirstGiving • Matching Gifts • HEP Development Services • HEP Case studies • Questions & Answers * Slides will be posted at the Webinar Archive on our Blog for download next week
  3. 3. Money doesn’t grow on trees… …you must go after it!
  4. 4. Enable and Empower  Create a campaign  Make sure your supporters are raising money, not only giving alone  Provide them with tools and templates for success  Set fundraising goals  Constantly contact your donors AND your fundraisers. Inform them about the real impact of their support  Reclaim Matching Gift donations
  5. 5. PresentingPresenting John Wright & Steve Hafner from:John Wright & Steve Hafner from:
  6. 6. A Guide to Matching Gift Programs 1. What is a Matching Gift Program 2. Ways to Maximize 3. Effective Pages 4. Putting the Pieces Together 5. Small Non Profit’s Experience 6. Integration
  7. 7. What’s a Matching Gift Program? • A way to easily increase donor contributions. • A gift made by a donor’s place of employment to a qualifying charity.
  8. 8. How many companies in the United States offer some form of a matching gift program?
  9. 9. *Statistics from HEP Development Services 2009 How many companies in the United States offer some form of a matching gift program?
  10. 10. 3 Characteristics of a Successful Matching Gift Program • Organizational Commitment • Access to Quality Data • Easily Repeatable Process to Educate/Communicate with Donors
  11. 11. Data Elements the Building Blocks • Donor Names • Address/Phone Number/Cell Phones • Emails • Employment Information (HEP EmployerFind) • Matching Gift Eligible Companies
  12. 12. Some Facts • 1 in 10 gifts are matching eligible. • Exxon Mobil - $1 million to both LSU and Texas A&M. • Approximately 50% of Corporate 500 Companies have matching gift programs. • American Cancer Society quadrupled what they raised in three years from $2 million to $10 million and they believe they can triple that again. • A new matching company is added almost daily.
  13. 13. Tips for Maximizing Matching gifts • Solicitations & Newsletters – Promote – Brochures – Inserts in mailings • Employer Information is Key – Drawings - events – Luggage Tags – Employer Find – finds employer info – Automatch – mine your current data & appends • Use Website – have an E-Match Donor Link Page – Drive donors to the page
  14. 14. Use Your Channels
  15. 15. Double Your Impact • Ad is educating & Creating Awareness • Ad is driving donors to a web page on Matching Gifts (E-Match) • Ad Text is as follows: – “To see if your company will match a gift to the Nature Conservancy visit or contact your company’s human resources department”
  16. 16. E-Match Example – St. Jude
  17. 17. Matching Gift Policies & Procedures • Each Matching Gift Program is different • Types of Non-Profits they will match to • Athletics – Religious • Procedures are spelled for the donor • Double Matching Gifts • Explode
  18. 18. Use Your Channels
  19. 19. Employer Find • Finds Employer Information on 15-40% of a file when no client employer information is available • How it works • We Screen client files against one hundred + databases containing over 70+ million records • Data comes from publicly available data and databases including the internet • We can then run that file using Automatch to – Find more matching gift eligible alums
  20. 20. EmployerFind
  21. 21. AutoMatch • Newly released version of software • Screens client files where client has employer information • Finds Matching Gift Eligible Donors by screening those not previously identified as match eligible against HEP’s database – Hit rates average 4-12% over what they have currently
  22. 22. Best Practices • Make it easy to find the company. • Make it easy access to company forms. • Integrate the Website. • Make it easy to understand eligibility. – Full/Part time employees – Donation amount – Donation threshold – Employee donation payment type – Time restraints – Organization type
  23. 23. Effective pages – The Maryland Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®
  24. 24. Effective Pages – The Maryland Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® • Simple to Use • Integrated Employer Search • Link to forms
  25. 25. Putting the Pieces together Simplicity Donors need to be able to not only access important Matching Gift information and forms, but they need to be able to do so with ease.
  26. 26. E-Match Donor Link Donors need to be able to not only access important Major Gift information and forms, but they need to be able to do so with ease.
  27. 27. Form Lookup Connecting donors directly to necessary forms increases the return rate on completion and submission.
  28. 28. Komen Statistics • 3,857 constituents clicked on the matching gift badge • 78% of these searched for their company • 22% were able to find their company • Last Year • 63 matching gifts from 11 companies • This year • 158 matching gifts from 27 companies confirmed • Additional 352 matches have not been paid yet • 410 total matching gifts from a total of 53 companies
  29. 29. Thank You
  30. 30. Question & Answers • Type your questions through the GoToWebinar “Chat” window • If we can’t get to it now we’ll follow up afterwards
  31. 31. We appreciate you taking the time to join our Webinar today! To learn more about using our services contact us: