Best Practices in Social Media Fundraising


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Best Practices in Social Media Fundraising

  1. 1. Best Practices inSocial Media Fundraising Presented by: Ehren Foss of HelpAttack! @helpattack
  2. 2. How this webinar works•  A link to the slides and a recording will be sent after the webinar•  If you’d like to ask a question during the webinar, you can type it in the box on the right side of your screen•  Use the hashtag #fgwebinar to tweet about this webinar
  3. 3. Who is FirstGiving
  4. 4. Online Fundraising Solutions Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Pages and Event Registrations Online Direct Donations Personal Support for your nonprofit, donors, and fundraisers Easy, tested, and secure transaction processes for the donor
  5. 5. About the presenters Ehren Foss Vanessa Swesnik @ehrenfoss @helpattack
  6. 6. Who is HelpAttack!?HelpAttack! turns Facebook updates,Tweets, #hashtags, blog posts...intomicrodonations. @helpattack
  7. 7. Social Media FundraisingIn this webinar we will discuss social media fundraising and best practices for approaching, building, and maintaining support online. @helpattack
  8. 8. Topics we will cover•  How is social media fundraising different from online fundraising or email? How is it the same?•  Case studies and best practices: What goals are realistic, and what effort is needed?•  How can smaller organizations find success? @helpattack
  9. 9. Social Media vs. Email•  People share - you can forward a fundraising email, but do you? •  Friends asking friends- peer to peer fundraising•  Causes, Crowdrise, CauseVox, FirstGiving, Greater Giving, HelpAttack!, etc NOTE: its up to you to grow a relationship with those donors outside of the particular tool they are using. @helpattack
  10. 10. Social Media vs. Email Why is sharing important? Response and conversion rates. Here are some average response rates. from Sarah Durham of Big Ducks presentation media-for-nonprofit-ceos Check it out! @helpattack
  11. 11. Social Media vs. EmailSharing may boost response rates. Take a FreeArtsNYCHelpAttack! ampaign for example: Unique Visitors 291/1,700 or 28x better than 17% email FreeArtsNYC had around 1,200 Facebook fans and Pledges 26/1,700 or 19x better than around 500 Twitter followers 1.5% email for a total of around 1,700 in their social media audience. @helpattack
  12. 12. Social Media vs. Email Other differences:Instant: respond to the news with social media Kony 2012Dialogue: Komen and Planned see and interact with actual people "Social media is a space where the individual reigns, relationships are required, and conversations are public." @helpattack
  13. 13. Social Media and Email: The Similarities •  Grown the same •  starts with zero people •  takes time and effort •  Cost resources at first •  more than donations produced •  Worth it!Where would you be without your email list today? @helpattack
  14. 14. Social Media and Email: The Similarities Return on Investment (ROI)Like email, the ROI of social media should be measured as a long term investment with compounding growth, rather than a short term balance sheet. @helpattack
  15. 15. Social Media and Email: The Similarities•  Audience is crucial o  How big? o  Who are they, and what do they care about?•  Experiment, test, and improve•  Move donors up engagement ladder People give to•  "house file" is crucial faces and heartbeats, not•  People give because: statistics! o  People they know give o  Theres an immediate need o  They are asked @helpattack
  16. 16. Social Media and Email: The Similarities•  Not everybody sees each message.•  Not everybody responds. o  Conversion rate•  Each step in a process reduces response. o  Conversion funnel o  10% x 10% x 10% = 0.1%! (need 1,000 people to start)•  Part of every community is dead weight. o  Abandoned accounts, bots, spam folders.. @helpattack
  17. 17. Best Practices in Social Media Fundraising•  set realistic goals•  grow your presence•  reward participation•  leverage a special event, celebrity ambassadors, corporate sponsors•  thank donors @helpattack
  18. 18. What are realistic goals?•  Get 10 new donors*•  Learn who they are•  Thank them personally•  Stay in touch with them Ten donors giving $25 per month all year is an extra $3,000. Not bad! @helpattack
  19. 19. What time and effort is needed? About* 6 hours of work over 6 weeks. •  1 hour to brainstorm the right kind of campaign for your cause, and the supporters you want to reach •  1 hour to invite other stakeholders •  1 hour to tell partners or super-supporters and ask them to help spread the word •  30 minutes to write a blog post •  30 minutes to include in an email to your list •  2 hours of social media monitoring •  1 hour to download reports and upload into your supporter database*can vary immensely depending on you and your organization @helpattack
  20. 20. What should I expect? 2,500 followers ≈ 5-10 donorsHow do you figure?If you have around 2,500 followers,you’ll probably get 25 hits to thepage to which youre linking, and fiveor ten people finish the action(donate, like, etc.) @helpattack
  21. 21. Leverage a special event•  Earth Day, Valentines Day, event•  …or create one! #oceangiving @helpattack
  22. 22. Partners, Advocates, and Celebrities•  Celebrity ambassadors•  Corporate sponsors (JetBlue/FreeArts) @helpattack
  23. 23. Reward Participation•  Reward participation•  “Like” for a chance to win…•  Submit a picture for a chance to win…•  Nonmonetary gifts (feature your picture, story, idea, etc) @helpattack
  24. 24. Grow Your Presence•  Borrow an audience•  Reach out to 10 people with 500 followers•  Volunteers, other nonprofits, media, activists @helpattack
  25. 25. Grow Your Presence•  Ads on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin•  Advertise on Google, Bing•  Special programs (Google Grants, YouTube nonprofit program, Hope140) for nonprofits @helpattack
  26. 26. Case Study: Facebook Ads Beth Kanter and AXIS Dance Company, check it out! @helpattack
  27. 27. Case Study: Facebook AdsWho: AXIS Dance Company and Beth KanterGoal: get local likesMethod: 2 kinds, one general and one specificCost: $5/day for the general, $8/day for the specificand decided to go for pay/click because we wanted tothem to click through to our AXIS Facebook page and‘Like’ us on Facebook, check it out! @helpattack
  28. 28. Case Study: Facebook AdsResults: •  24 hours •  67 Page Views •  28 Unique Page Views •  17 new likes •  10 of those due to the ad, check it out! @helpattack
  29. 29. Real World Example: NPCA @helpattack
  30. 30. What’s a free and easy wayto keep your donors happy?Thank supporters/donors right away on social media. Its free and powerful. @helpattack
  31. 31. Thanking Donors: Best Practices •  provide inspiring stories about what donors are accomplishing with their giving •  be personal •  be specific For more ideas visit: @helpattack
  32. 32. Real World “Thank yous” @helpattack
  33. 33. Real World “Thank yous” @helpattack
  34. 34. Best Practices for Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest Find your "inner Picasso” from Noland Hoshino guest post on John Haydons blog, check it out! @helpattack
  35. 35. Best Practices for Flickr, Tumblr, PinterestWhat NOT to post•  "Company logos•  Long paragraphs•  Tweets from Twitter•  Small images•  Enormously long Infographics. Instead, cut out sections that’s interesting•  Anything that violates Pinterest’s terms of agreement @helpattack
  36. 36. Small to Medium Size NonprofitsFind your ideal supporters•  Friend them or Follow them•  They will likely follow back if you engage them with questions or content•  Personalize the account with a picture, a voice and even a brief bio of the person posting•  Use tools like HootSuite @helpattack
  37. 37. Smallness as an Advantage •  You can really know your supporters •  Grow the right audience •  Easier to ask them for things Try this: Choose a random hundred and look at their profiles. How did they find you? Who are they? Why are they following you? What value can you provide? @helpattack
  38. 38. Questions?
  39. 39. Connect with us in our Social Community!Facebook: Twitter: FirstGiving Insights blog: Online Fundraising blog: FirstGiving for Runners blog:
  40. 40. Thank you!Interested in learning more about FirstGiving? Contact: Amber Williams Email: Telephone: 617-963-5123Interested in learning more about HelpAttack? Contact: Vanessa Swesnik Email: Twitter: @vswesnik @helpattack