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FirstPartner 2015 Automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment Market Map


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Download a free copy from our website at The 2015 Automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment Market Map addresses the rapidly evolving role of the Infotainment systems, moving from a role focused on media delivery to supporting access and presentation of a wide range of information and services linked to journey management.

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FirstPartner 2015 Automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment Market Map

  1. 1. Automotive IVI in Numbers Services • Automatic crash response • Stolen vehicle location • Vehicle entry control • Roadside assistance • Maintenance & recall scheduling • Concierge Entertainment Content Social Media Sources (1) ABIresearch 02/2014 (2) Strategy Analytics 01/2015 (3) Touch Display Research 10/2014 (4) Juniper Research 06/2014 (5) ABIresearch 08/2014 (6) ABIresearch 08/2014 (7) ABIresearch 10/2014 66 Million Streaming music enabled infotainment systems shipped globally by end 2019 , 93% of all connected systems (1) 269 Million In-vehicle apps in use by 2018 (4) $40 Billion Total market value of OEM & Aftermarket IVI systems in 2020, rising from $36.3 billion in 2013 (2) $1.9 Billion Automotive head-unit processor revenue worldwide in 2013, rising from $680 million in 2013 (5) 34 Million Infotainment systems will ship globally with multiple OS architectures. Secure container types will account for 57.3% & VM 42.7% (6) $6 Billion Size of automotive touchless sensing market in 2020, including gesture control, voice recognition, eye tracking, proximity touch & motion sensors. (3) Introduction Infotainment systems combine entertainment, multi-media and driver information functions in one in-car platform, delivering key services of connected navigation, multimedia streaming, social media, and Wi-Fi hotspots. Platforms deliver brand differention whilst exploiting common code and hardware modules to dramtically reduce time to market. Influencers Intelligent Car Coalition App Stores Smartphone Automotive OEM Industry Associations / Standards OEM Platform Suppliers Multimodal Travel Planning Route & Travel Method Planning & Booking Real Time Navigation Payments Tolls Parking mCommerce Streaming Media Real time & catch up Audio Video on Demand to Passengers Gaming to passengers Docking for stored media devices WiFi Hotspot Extension of connectivity to all devices used in cabin without need for device docking Car to Car Information Real Time local Traffic Information Eco Driving Information Car to Smart Home Control of Smart Home functions Car to Work Extension of BYOD functions to Car Car to Smart City Intelligent Transporation Information Congestion Management Smart Parking Vehicle Functon Display Climate / Phone / Apps status display Vehicle energy conservation status Vehicle safety video camera display Dealer Funded Vehicle brand provides specific vehicle information from on board vehicle diagnostics and push messaging facilities to dealers to provide proactive maintenance engagement. Value Services Access to value paid for services such as managed security, concierge,& breakdown services delivered in a personalised format. Location aware advertising presented in formats to minimise driver distraction. Automotive information available to advertisers includes fuel / charge level, location, traffic conditions & driver alertness level. Ad funded Infotainment service and any embedded connectivity costs are included for a fixed period in the vehicle purchase price, with subscription option after. Regular OTA updates may also be included. BundledSubscription IVI supplier provides access to basic functionality with options to access additional levels of functionality by paid subscription. Access rights are managed through the OTA connectivity of the IVI platform. Service Revenue Models Voice Assistance Information Content Traditional In-Vehicle Navigation Systems: 24.4 million worldwide in 2020 (Source IHS 10/2014) Display Audio Infotainment Systems: 25.4 million worldwide in 2020 (Source IHS 10/2014) IVI system formats are changing: Principle change drivers: - US NHTSA requiement for all new vehicles to be fitted with rear view visibility systems in 2018 - Feature enhancement to stimulate customer selection IVI System Components Interconnect Bus LVDS Used to transfer large amounts of data (e.g. HD video data) via a high speed serial connection to an external location LIN Supports low speed (up to 20kps) single wire connection to communicate with remote sub functions of the IVI High Speed CAN Up to 1Mbps 2 wire fault tolerant differential bus connecting a variety of different electronic modules Local Connectivity Bluetooth - Audio and control NFC - Reader & Tag modes WLAN - WiFi Access Point Location - Autonomous & Assisted GPS USB - External media storage and transfer Voice command & speech for both control & communication functions Voice Control Gesture Control of functions using face or hand movements Joystick / Rotary Wheel Combined mechanical navigation & selection of IVI functions Touch Screen Control of apps & settings combined with media & information display Projection Display Information projected onto a surface such as a windscreen as a head up display Human Interfaces Developers Operating SystemsSecurity Processors 30% Of all new vehicles in 2019 will have smartphone integration, either mixture of all standards or by car makers choice. (7) Smartphone integration is forecast to reach 30% of new vehicles by 2019 (ABIresearch 10/2014) Embedded Connect A fully integrated IVI platform which requires no connectivity provision by the user. Connection of external handsets may be supported to enable hands free calling functionality only. Users may signup and provision services directly from the in car screen, with connectivity managed by the brand. Connectivity functionality is generally shared with the telematics and emergency functions. QNX & Windows Embedded Automotive market share forecast to drop to 69% with Open Source Linux/GENIVI increasing to 20% of shipments by end of 2018 (ABI research 07/2013) Externally Connected External connectivity is provided by a smartphone connected to the IVI system, which adopts the smartphone identity and data plan. Operation of apps installed on the smartphone can be extended to the IVI providing user portability & potential build cost savings. Connectivity is provided through existing carrier contract of the connected device. and managed by user Fully Integrated Platforms Tim Ellis +44 (0) 870 874 8700 @firstpartner hello@firstpartner.netContacts Authors Copyright FirstPartner Ltd 2015 Like what you see? Contact us for in-depth insight into your target markets! Influencing Trends Rich & relevant user functionality Localisation & service deployment In life updates ClosedoropenIVIplatformenvironment Brand engagement Control of app use in vehicle Connected device support Local regulation conformance Influencing Trends Reduced Time to Market Product Differentiation & Brand Identity Design & Finished Cost Increasing Levels of Functionality Time To Market Increasing use of Automotive Infotainment to differentiate and sell vehicles. Increases pressure to to adopt new technologies and bring them to market within model lifetimes. Proprietary development moving to adoption of standards based platforms and open source software modules Cost Optimisation Malware Security Safety Increased functionality requirements drives adoption of standards based hardware modules or complete platform solutions with reuse ability Integration of infotainment into main car system bus requires security firewalls to prevent malware introduction from connected devices, services or apps into critical control or security system modules Potential product liability through unexpected or faulty operation Driver distraction issues have resulted in US Federal guidelines that drivers should not need to look away from the road for more than 2 secs or 12 secs in total to use entertainment or communication Service Delivery Influencing Trends Cross Brand alliances IVI Developer APIs & Tools In car centric operation OptimisedtoInCarenvironment Information prioritisation Increasing levels of integration & feature richness from OEMs is driving market share away from Aftermarket suppliers Aftermarket Platforms Intended to access the existing base of vehicles to provide in life platform upgrades. These upgrades may be supported by original vehicle brands and installed by their dealer network. The Aftermarket Infotainment sector will need to become agile in its approach to providing in-life upgrades at competitive price points as replacement hardware installation costs increase rapidly. Functionality upgrades using existing ports e.g. USB FirstPartnerMarket Insight Proposition Development Product Launch Customer Engagement 2015 Automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment FirstPartner EVALUATIO N C O PY