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FirstPartner Automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment IVI Market Map 2013


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This new Market Map provides an essential visual overview of the Automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) market landscape. It includes a review of IVI System Components, OEM Platform Suppliers and Service and App suppliers. It describes typical business models with differences between In-Vehicle platform formats and Human Interaction Interfaces.

The Market Map gives a concise overview of the Automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) value chain and the roles played by Mobile Network Operators, Automotive Brands, App stores, Content Providers and technology vendors. Key players are named and important trends and figures are highlighted.

FirstPartner is an independent research and proposition development company specialising in areas including Payments, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Value Added Services and M2M. For more information click on the “Get in touch” button or visit

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FirstPartner Automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment IVI Market Map 2013

  1. 1. 2013 Automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) FirstPartner Dealer Funded Vehicle brand provides specific vehicle information from on board vehicle diagnostics and push messaging facilities to dealers to provide proactive maintenance engagement. Value Services Access to value paid for services such as managed security,concierge,& breakdown services delivered in a personalised format. Location aware advertising presented in formats to minimise driver distraction.Automotive information available to advertisers includes fuel / charge level, location,traffic conditions & driver alerteness level Ad funded Revenue Models Infotainment service and any embedded connectivity costs are included for a fixed period in the vehicle purchase price.,with subscription option after.Regular OTA updates may also be included. BundledSubscription IVI supplier provides access to basic functionality with options to access additional levels of functionality by paid subscription.Access rights are managed through the OTA connectivity of the IVI platform. The map includes information compiled from interviews and information available in the public domain. As information sources are outside our control, FirstPartner makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. Responsibility for any interpretation or actions based on this map lies solely with the reader. Copyright FirstPartner Ltd 2013 Prepared by +44 (0) 870 874 8700 FirstPartner find us atcall us on email us at @firstpartner Automotive IVI in Numbers follow us Contactless Acceptance Terminals Influencing Trends Reduced Time to Market Product Differentiation & Brand Identity Design & Finished Cost Reduction Increasing Levels of Functionality Time To Market Increasing use of Automotive Infotainment to differentiate and sell vehicles. Increases pressure to to adopt new technologies and bring them tio market within model lifetimes Propriatary development moving to adoption of standards based platforms and open source software modules Cost Optimisation Malware Security Safety Increased functionality requirements drives adoption of standards based hardware modules or complete platform solutions with reuse ability Integration of infotainment into main car system bus requires security firewalls to prevent malware introduction from connected devices, services or apps into critical control or security system modules Potential product liability through unexpected or faulty operation of vehicle systems Driver distraction issues have resulted in US Federal guidelines that Drivers should not need to look away from the road for more than 2 secs or 12 secs in total to use entertainment or communication features OEM Platform Suppliers 2012 Market Ranking:1 Market Share:8.5% 2012 Market Ranking:2 Market Share:7.6% 2012 Market Ranking:3 Market Share:7.5% 2012 Market Ranking:4 Market Share:7.0% 2012 Market Ranking:5 Market Share:6.9% Source:Strategy Analytics 04/2013 Influencing Trends Cross Brand alliances IVI Developer APIs & Tools In car centric operation OptimisedtoInCarenvironment Information prioritisation Influencing Trends Rich & relevant user functionality Localisation & service deployment In life updates ClosedoropenIVIplatformrenvironment Brand engagement Control of app use in vehicle Connected device support Local regulation conformance Services • Automatic crash response • Stolen vehicle location • Vehicle entry control • Roadside assistance • Maintenance & recall scheduling • Concierge Entertainment ContentService Delivery Information Content Social Media Sources (1) ABIresearch 03/2013 (2) Strategy Analytics 04/2013 (3) IHS Automotible 03/2013 (4) Juniper Research 03/2012 (5) IHS Automotible 03/2013 (6) SBD / GSMA 2012 (7) IMS Research 02/2013 62Million IVI system shipments worldwide in 2018, rising from 9 million in 2013 (1) 92Million Vehicles will feature technology to integrate the smartphone into the IVI head unit by 2016 (4) $36Billion Total market value of OEM & Aftermarket IVI systems in 2020, rising from $37.4 billion in 2012 (2) $8.5Billion Semiconductor revenue worldwide from IVI systems in 2018, rising from $6.48 billion in 2013 (5) 55% Of all new vehicles sold worlwide in 2019 will be fitted with voice recognition. (7) 70% Of the 600 million vehicles by 2025 fitted with embedded telematics will be located in USA, Europe & China (6) $1.8Billion Revenue of OnStar type embedded systems in 2018, rising from $480 million in 2012 (3) Introduction Infotainment systems combine entertainment, multi-media and driver information functions in one in-car platform,delivering key services of connected navigation,multimedia streaming,social media,and Wi-Fi hotspots.Platforms deliver brand differention whilst exploiting common code and hardware modules to dramtically reduce time to market. Influencers Intelligent Car Coalition App Stores AutomotiveOEM Smartphone Industry Associations / Standards Connectivity provided through existing carrier contract of connected device and managed by user Automotive brand holds customer relationship and provides connectivity & subscriber management through regional carrier M2M / Telematics service contracts Embedded Connect A fully contained IVI platform which requires no connectivity provision by the user. Users may signup and provision services directly from the in car screen,with connectivity managed by the brand.Connectivity functionality is generally shared with the telematics and emergency functions.Connection of external handsets may be supported to enable hands free calling functionality only.Dual connectivity is emerging in luxury secure high standards of user experience. BMW are to provide music streaming service using an embedded Vodafone SIM in the 5 series range in UK,Germany,France,Italy & The Netherlands. This is part of the BMW Connected Drive package which includes satnav and entrtainment.Payment by subscription to BMW,with free roaming included between any of the launch countries. Audi America have partnered with T-Mobile to offer an embedded SIM hybrid connectivity option for Audi Connect to access: •Goggle Earth,Google Voice Local Search,news, weather & fuel prices •WiFi connection for up to 8 devices in vehicle Owners can Audi pay either: •$450 for a 30 month plan ($15 / month equivalent) •Monthly charge of $30 Provides a variety of value services to subscribers including: •Hands free calling,Weather,Traffic & Stocks updates •Blue button to speak directly to a live OnStar Advisor 24/7.Includes Turn by Turn direction requests. •Emergency button for priority connection to trained Emergency Advisors Chrysler has changed from previous smartphone only connectivity offerings to introduce a hybrid offering for 2013 model releases which uses a partnershup with Sprint to control which 3rd party apps can run on the IVI platform. Service is paid by a subscription fee to Chrysler. Aftermarket •Audio & video content & playlists inc YouTube, Pandora,Aupeo •Email & social network updates Cloud connected A/V Navigation units connecting by WiFi to a smarthphone or mobile hot spot.Cloud subscription services include: •Turn by turn navigation & real time traffic information •Simultaneous navigation & streaming AV , •Android app install & ODB2 support. •Wireless connection via handset. Android 2 DIN platform supporting: •iGo navigation app •Wireless connection through smartphone,USB dongle or WiFi access point •Audio and video media support •App download from Asteroid app store Android 2 DIN platform supporting: •Automatic crash response •Turn by turn navigation •Stolen vehicle location •Hands free calling Access for non GM cars to OnStar services including: Packaged as a clip on interior mirror for aftermarket fitment Intended to access the existing base of vehicles to provide in life platform upgrades. These upgrades may be supported by original vehicle brands and installed by their dealer network. Externally Connected External connectivity is provided by a smartphone connected to the IVI system.which adopts the smartphone identity and data plan. Operation of apps installed on the smartphone can be extended to the IVI providing user portability & potential build cost savings. Car Connectivity Consortium standard for interoperability •Hands free calling •Bluetooth connection to user’s handset for connectivity Delivery of services including: •Navigation using images from Google and Audi traffic information •Audio streaming •In car WiFi hotspot •MINIMALISM Analyser providing driving data & style information •Context aware audio driver information •Hands free calling Offers a tight iPhone & App integration only offering: •Navigation with Google powered local search •Google Send to Car to transfer routes from PC •iPhone App access including Web radio,RSS News, Twitter & Facebook (standstill only) MINI Connected •Data connectivity using either smartphone or USB 3G data dongle Delivery of services including: •Voice activated navigation with Navteq & TeleNav •Audio streaming from Spotify or Pandora •Vehicle Health Report •In car WiFi hotspot Available in Japan,China and Thailand Included for 3 years with US new car purchases App & Data Services: +44 (0)870 874 8700 Tim Ellis Voice command and speech for both control and communication Voice Control Gesture Control of functions using face or hand movements Joystick / Rotary Wheel Combined mechanical navigation and selection of IVI functions Touch Screen Control of apps and settings combined with media & information display Projection Display Information projected onto a surface such as a windscreen as a head up display Human Interfaces Developers IVI System Components Local Connectivity Bluetooth - Audio and control NFC - Reader & Tag modes WLAN - WiFi Access Point Location - Autonomous & Assisted GPS USB - External media storage and transfer ProcessorsOperating SystemsSecurity Interconnect Bus LIN Supports low speed (up to 20kps) single wire connection to communicate with remote sub functions of the IVI system High Speed CAN Up to 1Mbps 2 wire fault tolerant differential bus connecting a variety of different electronic modules MOST Synchronous network to transport audio,video,data & control information between plug & play devices. Provides physical layer for Ethernet implementation LVDS Used to transfer large amounts of data (e.g.HD video data) via a high speed serial connection to an external location such as a video screen FirstPartner EVALUATION COPY