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Task 1 different applications of photography


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Task 1 different applications of photography

  1. 1. Task 1. DifferentApplications ofPhotographyBecky Doyle
  2. 2. Advertising IndustryIt is used in this industry becausethe photography and images arethe first thing that the viewer willsee, and also the last thing whichmakes it more memorable.They use advertising images onbillboards, in magazines, onposters and on flyers. This is to adddescription to what is beingadvertised and gives you a morevisual idea instead of just readinglots of writing. If it is a company thatis on the ‘leading edge’ then theymay use special graphics and 3Dimages to express how theywork, and show the viewer whatthey can expect in their level ofwork and ability.
  3. 3. Fashion IndustryUsing photography in the fashionindustry is key for models andmagazines. They rely on shoots tocapture structure and styles, and thefinal product being thephotography, makes it worth it in the endas it’s very exciting.They have to build a team before anypractical work takes place, they have toexplore locations, and be aware ofobstacles, such as lighting, weather andit’s always safe to have a plan B.Photographer Annie Leibovitz’ workinvolves portraits, fashion, music/bandbased, and she has worked with thelikes of John Lennon, The RollingStones magazine and Miley Cyrus. Shecreates stories in her photography and Ithink that is what makes her work sogood to look at.
  4. 4. Music IndustryMost of the time photography being used inthe music industry is for commercial use.Media such as magazines, books andadvertising will hire a photographer to workwith specific artists and bands to producework for stories and to promote their owntalents within photography. Not all of it iscommercial, some photographers have tobuild up portfolios to showcase what theycan do and using music as an examplereflects well on them as a person andshows that they work hard.Kevins Cummins is a perfect example of amusic and portrait photographer. Lookingthrough his work it’s clear to see that heloves working in black and white. I think thecontrast between black, grey and whiteadds more depths to the images. Hestarted his career in Salford where hestudied photography, and moved on toworking for Manchester theatres thengradually travelled all around the countryas he was ‘in demand. He producesimages for magazine covers and has wonseveral awards. You can find his workdisplayed all over the country such theManchester Royal Exchange Theatre orthe National Portrait Gallery.Kevin Cummins
  5. 5. Sports IndustryPhotography in the sports industryis so important. Your capturing aparticular moment in a situationwhere it might or might not happenagain like that. These images arethen remembered for that time andcorrespond to feelings and actionsof those who were there. Aphotographer that I looked at wasBill Frakes, who is a sportillustrated staff photographer. He’sworked across the USA and inmore than 135 countries worldwide.His photography work is usedworldwide too, on televisionnetworks and adverts is wellknown.
  6. 6. Photo journalismPhoto journalism is thecollation, editing and presenting ofnews material for publicbroadcasting. A story is told in astring of images done by aphotographer. It’s distinguished byits strict framework in which thesepeople have to present their storiesin their photography, this is whatmakes it unique to the photographyindustry..Romano Cagnoni is a well knownphoto journalist and has produced alot of work over the years. Lookingat his work, you really see thereasons in why he captures thesemoments and are stories withinthemselves. What makes themmore interesting is that they are allin black and white.