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Options for filmingh


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Options for filmingh

  1. 1. Sale water parkManchester M33 2LXWe have chosen Sale water. park as an option for filming as it’s not too far to get tofrom our college and it has all of the necessary places we need for filming. Forexample it has a lake, as you can see above for when our actor is throwing bread inthe lake to feed the ducks. It will also be quiet when we film as everybody will be atwork/in education so people shouldn’t really be getting in our shots.
  2. 2. Heaton ParkManchesterHeaton Park is another one of our options and is also closer to get to so this may bea better location to film at as we could spend more time there. At Heaton Park it isfilled with pathways and is extremely big so we should have lots of options of whereto film.
  3. 3. Monton Florists161 Monton Road, Manchester, M30 9GSMonton florists would be a good place to film as Monton is quite a nice location andisn’t too busy during the day which is when we will be filming. It’s also extremelyclose to college and where we live so it wouldn’t be hard to travel there. It’s specificthat we film outside a florists as in a scene we need the shop in the background. Wewould obviously have to get permission to film there.