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Film production risk_assessment_2_ig2_


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Film production risk_assessment_2_ig2_

  1. 1. Film Production Risk Assessment*Delete the text in red and complete your own risk assessmentSCENE/LOCATION: Scene 2 - KitchenHAZARD: Open Cooking Surface CutleryRISK RATING (1 = Low 4 3Risk, 5 = Mass Effect):Action to avoid: Make sure the hazard Ensure all cutlery is is switched off awaySCENE/LOCATION: Scene 1 – Living RoomHAZARD: Door (trapped fingers, Standing on chair for etc) over-head shotRISK RATING (1 = Low 2 2Risk, 5 = Mass Effect):Action to avoid: Put a sign on the door Ensure chair is sturdy to indicate when and camera operator is filming wearing appropriate footwearSCENE/LOCATION: Scene 4 – In CarHAZARD: Spatial IssuesRISK RATING (1 = Low 5Risk, 5 = Mass Effect):Action to avoid: Ensure camera operator is far away/not distracting the driverSCENE/LOCATION:HAZARD:RISK RATING (1 = LowRisk, 5 = Mass Effect):Action to avoid: